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  1. How can your job be on the line if nobody knows what you work as or what your name is? Surely if you know something big then someonelse somewhere would know the same thing.
  2. Sectarian and racist chanting? Fenian does not equal catholic and irish is not a race. The 'chanting' was not reported by the uefa match official or the police, so it's obviously came from someone in Scotland. Being against the pope isn't a crime either If were getting hammered for this(allegedly)why don't uefa go full hog and clamp down on the chants in support of terrorist organisations at the piggery?
  3. Ness is struggling for the game on Sunday , but I agree with the OP's Team.
  4. Aye we can take Valencia at Ibrox i reckon

  5. Would love to see Wade Barrett batter the fuck out shaemus
  6. Although , does Naismith deserve to be dropped? Lafferty should keep his place after his performance last week.
  7. McGregor Whittaker Weir Bougherra Papac Wylde Davis Edu Lafferty Beattie Miller 5-0 Optimistic as fuck for tomorrrow!
  8. You really dont have a clue about our history and to be honest you are part of why our club and fans are attacked all the time. Our history. What a cheek. You pertain to be this old timer fan. It's people like you who are so set in their ways and have screwed our club over with your 'protestant' shite No its fans like us which have helped make our club so great,and then along comes handringers like you that try to destroy it. What have you done then Probably 100x more than you will ever do.
  9. Your questions are? Did I say my questions? , I said peoples. Still avoiding D'arts .... Ok. Which questions? are you blind? or just stupid...
  10. Your questions are? Did I say my questions? , I said peoples. Still avoiding D'arts ....
  11. He keeps avoiding answering peoples questions , he's just here for a wind up.
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