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  1. benbmyers

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    5 mil for Vermaelen is a proper steal imo, does he have a big injury or something? Would take him at Chelsea but then again doesn't really solve his problem of wanting to be played every week.
  2. Scum shouting during the minutes silence at aston villa
  3. Belter of a finish, that touch on the chest oooft!
  4. Spurs game kicks off at 3 today aye?
  5. benbmyers

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Merieles (sp) away from Chelsea, one of my favourite players at the club as well
  6. benbmyers

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Aston Villa halt their interest in Clint Dempsey. For the sake of his career, thank fuck.
  7. benbmyers

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Bombscare?! Only time I've seen Luiz make poor decisions was the game against Benfica in the champions league (might be wrong, the game where Mereiles (sp) scored the screamer on his own at the end) where he seemed more eager to take the ball around former team mates than he did to clear or pass
  8. benbmyers

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Can't believe Cesar is close to going to QPR, although they do look to be building a good team for mid table premier league standards. Miles above the likes of teams such as Wigan, Norwich, Sunderland etc
  9. benbmyers

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    I thought 30M sounded a bit too good to be true..
  10. benbmyers

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Chelsea reject 30m pound bid for David Luiz from Man City!
  11. Trust me to go for a shite the second an injury and a penalty come aboot
  12. Wait I went away from the telly for 2 mins, what did I miss? Aguero got taken off? Talk of a penalty?!
  13. benbmyers

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    De Gea :: Sczesney is miles ahead of De Gea imo, I thought when sczesney first came about that he was terrible, but this season he really changed my mind