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  1. Don't see the big deal with the Barca top tbh, looks like last seasons
  2. Genuinely feel gutted for Liverpool, would rather they won it than City
  3. Anybody have an idea when the World Cup DLC for Fifa will be released?
  4. First game I've felt nervous for in ages, buzzing for this!
  5. PS3 is getting PES 14 but we're getting that pish? What a joke. Been disappointed with all the free games on PS4 so far compared the ones on PS3.
  6. What is it with all the fucking alien zombie games
  7. Got a PS4 & I'll probably buy a XB one when it hits £300-£350
  8. Add me I'll give you a game mate, x_sir_wilbert_x
  9. Started downloading outlast there to see what all the palava is about
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