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  1. He also posted it 15hours ago and hardly any cunt acknowledged it 😂😂😂
  2. No seen any bar Rangers fans saying they wanted him tbh
  3. No really sure how a Turkish journo would know this what with the boy being Danish and playing in the Italian league but he seems quite highly rated so I'll go with its defo happening 😂😂. But I think the Turkish journos have seen how much traffic Rangers fans can generate for their twitter So pinch a salt with it for now
  4. Good to see @SirWalterSmithLegend@flecky1 @theother cunt that was in here not long ago that loved discussing the taigs is back
  5. Cause a cunt lay down in the centre circle mad actress
  6. Liam is a cunt ae a name for a proddy btw
  7. Was gonae vote covid btw but he wasn't there
  8. Btw @Gascoigne8was at one of these after papes hunoed us to win the league at their midden and he said even they didn't want to be there. I know from even the levels I played at being voted for after a piss season means fuck all
  9. No bad for the wombles 😂😂😂
  10. Don't think esky claimed he was a superstar?
  11. Naismith is on 10k a week down there, I know wee kal personally and he's a good boy and a Rangers fan but fuck paying him anywhere near that tbh
  12. Some don't seem to happy with you on FF and claim you're attention seeking, obviously they don't know about your pm to me a couple of weeks back confirming who the player was but they seem to think youd defo say support werder to make it look like you're in the know 😂😂😂😂. You also like to look itk as well. Couple of posters have backed you up but apparently you're no h&h or 4lhad so you're fucked 😂😂 Some bunch tbh
  13. Why would agents be at stadiums the now? I'd imagine any meetings etc like that will be done via zoom, Skype or telephone. Rather than agents going all over the country meeting all different people in a week risking their health significantly
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