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  1. The wee ginger rhat at number 10 tonight

    Had a look on his Facebook there Fortunately for him it's private, no mutal friends Nathan Gerard blockley
  2. ***The Official Rangers v Arbroath thread***

    wonder if hes still got that blue mini?
  3. ***The Official Rangers v Arbroath thread***

    wonder if hes still got that blue mini?
  4. he did say it or something very close to the op
  5. he did say it or something very close to the op
  6. Filip Sebo Twitter tonight

  7. Next Saturday

    the skull shut down after londonderry mate they wont be on parade untill March next year.
  8. Next Saturday

    No probs wocester. Train from central to cambuslang takes 12mins then back to central for underground but if you pm me your details I can arrange to get you on 1 of the supporters buses which leave from cambuslang mate
  9. Next Saturday

  10. Next Saturday

  11. Next Saturday

    Aye mate its always a good parade. Bands done well raising that amount so far. Enjoy the game.
  12. Next Saturday

    Hello fellow bears if your looking for something to do before the game next week. Why not head over to cambuslang where a cultural day will be taking place. 23 bands will be on parade and a sash bash in the holepark social club till late. cambuslang volunteers blackridge thistle andrew murphy memorial imperial Bellshill Airdrie grenadiers camlachie loyal star Rutherglen bluebell East Kilbride covenanteers Neatherton road jimmy steele memorial dennistoun rangers Newtown defenders Lanarkshire loyalists camelon loyalists sons of william glenmavis Saracen truth defenders ayrshire bluebelles Dalry young citizens Sandy road renfrew adrossan winton Glasgow grenadiers castlemilk protestant boys clyde Valley. These bands will be on parade. Starts at new road cambuslang 11.45am parade will finish at Somerville st home of cambuslang rangers. Indoor event running from 11.30 am till midnight all welcome at £3 entry and £1 for kids. The band are currently raising money for macmillan cancer research and have raised over £5000 this season for the fund. The total amount will be after this event so it would be great to have your support. Cheers lads watp ns
  13. Am I the only one happy for Ally?.....Naw

    We've definitely turned the corner and playing some good stuff.
  14. Nacho Novo

    Hes signed for cambuslang rangers