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  1. Was superb today, just what's needed when injuries kick in, hats off to him.
  2. Superb 1st half, hope we destroy these wooly penetrating bastards in the 2nd half, give us 5 or 6 Rangers.
  3. dande101


    Centre forward masterclass, simply majestic.
  4. RIP Fernando, forever in our thoughts 💙
  5. Totally agree mate, we turned a loss and a bad performance into 3 points today and we struggled so much to do that last season, I love when we play "sexy football", but I love 3 points and a win even more.
  6. These are the games we were dropping silly points last season, this and the Killie game at the start of the season could be defining moments on our way to winning the league.
  7. https://youtu.be/C3C8RV_Tmjo JondStreams working but shite commentary
  8. Another 3000 fans to miss next home euro game according to Sky. This can't be true as the second charge relates to away game v legia.
  9. Sorry to hear mate, hope your wife gets well soon, good luck.
  10. Now C'mon now....... Now 😂😂😂
  11. Sad news for both men, RIP and condolences to all friends and family 💙
  12. Hats off my friend you truly are one of "THE PEOPLE", I wasn't always able to donate but with little pressure gave what I could, you done your absolute best and gave your time to an amazing cause. Happy retirement and I would say from everyone associated with Rangers, good luck with the future and wishing you all the best in health and happiness mate.
  13. Going on this, Big Katic cost us a goal fucking about, Ojo and Jones were lacking creativity, Jack was non existent and although it's only a friendly it lacked in something our manager is looking for..... High tempo and aggression.
  14. Good luck, he's one of us, wish the lad well, just never made the grade for one reason or another.
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