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  1. dande101

    Halliday going nowhere

    Would love to see the Halliday from the semi final when he played a blinder but unfortunately he never had another game like that. Likeable lad though and hope he can kick on from the managers comments and realise he is probably on his last chance.
  2. dande101

    Ibrox display tomorrow, Our City, Our Club!

    My boy was part of this and swore me to secrecy so why does some wee knob feel the need to be the big I am and spoil it for the lads who put in the hard work? Absolute disgrace and fenian behaviour, grow up wee man and think of what it means. Ps, well done to all the lads who made this possible, I'm sure it will be worth it 👍🏼🔴⚪🔵🇬🇧
  3. dande101

    Farewell Josh Windass

    Good Luck to him.
  4. Fantastic result and the togetherness is their to see, we have been missing that attitude where the players are fighting for each other. SUPER Rangers 🔴⚪🔵
  5. Ejaria is lost in there, we haven't defended well at all and giving the ball away to cheaply. Hope Gerrard goes right through them .
  6. dande101

    Out?: James Tavernier

    Maybe Gerrard made him Captain so it would bump his price up should anyone want to buy? Shrewd move if so, would rather he stayed though.
  7. dande101

    Is Thursdays game on TV

    Can see a system crash when the servers get overloaded tonight. Hope they have prepared for the amount of people who have purchased the stream.
  8. dande101

    Barisic signs

    Is he eligible at any point in Europa league now? Pretty sure I read somewhere you can play for 2 clubs after certain stages.
  9. dande101

    The Red Card

    Morelos is a petulant little cunt at times and needs to cut that shit out, even if red was harsh he shouldn't even be giving the ref a decision to make. Cost us 3 points in my opinion. That said the ref was a cheating cunt.
  10. dande101

    U20’s Win Over Newcastle U23’s

    Good result and thanks Elf for your report as usual, great to see.
  11. dande101

    Glenn Middleton

    Boy looks talented and actually looks like he knows what it means to pull on the jersey and give a fuck, promising young talent, good luck to him.
  12. dande101

    Non Scottish teams you’ve seen Rangers play

    Some of you lot obviously don't have sky or virgin or the internet for that matter hahahaha. Quite a few anyway but the ones that were up there with the best are Villarreal, Valencia, Bursaspor and Parma just for the Champions League atmosphere, they were electric, gutted I missed out on Leeds tho.
  13. dande101

    The Negativity On Here

    Currently reserving judgment as my opinions change game by game but i guess thats what happens since being sold short and fucked over too many times in recent years, however i do feel a bit more positive for the forthcoming season .
  14. dande101

    Kyle Lafferty

    Good player in a shite Hearts team, scored a few against the tarriers because he up's his game due to the hatred but simply not what we need and not good enough.
  15. dande101

    Squad number XI

    Swap McCoist and Hateley then but Super Ally is always no.9 in my eyes.