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  1. new manager anyone

    He's shite....end of!
  2. Cardoso

    Get this imposter to fuck asap, he's bollocks and should be nowhere near pulling on the famous royal blue.
  3. Bates injury

    Was a laboured attempt at defending a shot but unfortunately rogic landed on his ankle without malice. I fuckin despise those cunts but was never intentional and the big wan was unfortunate. Looks like a bad one though and wish him a speedy recovery as he will be missed.
  4. Two Centre Backs + Goalkeeper

    My sentiments exactly. Wes is poor and concedes goals with poor positioning, don't get me wrong he has made some vital saves but to put it bluntly he is simply not good enough. Cardoso is pish. Alves played well but is done. Our defence lined up the 3rd for them and Goss had a shocker. Piss poor result in a game we should have won.
  5. Sunday is going to be more emotional for me...

    Sorry for your loss mate, may your dad Rest in Peace.🇬🇧
  6. jack,dorrans, goss and docherty

    Think your talking shite mate, Halliday is a Loyal servant but I know off no cunt that wants him anywhere near the team, I agree Martin is better than Alves but Bates although he is no nonsense (if in doubt kick it out) he can be suspect at times and his passing can be shite, that said I would play him alongside Martin on Sunday. Ps, Wallace will do well to dislodge a fit John from the team.
  7. jack,dorrans, goss and docherty

    Would love to get Goss permanent, Docherty has been great so far and Dorrans is better than Jack, Wee Holt gives us 100% everytime he plays so this is a hard one but i would be tempted to keep it as it is until injury strikes or someone fucks up (provided we keep Goss) if not the Dorrans and Docherty.
  8. Best film scene ever?

    What's the film?
  9. They say it's not obsession....

    Can't imagine my son ever wanting to go to the piggery and watch a team other than Rangers play. I'm baffled by the obsession these cunts have for us, they really do hate us more than they love their own so called club. I blame the parents.
  10. How far we have come...

    Miles ahead of where we were 2/3 seasons ago, better quality players with an up and coming manager who has the perfect assistant in place, the optimism is growing game by game.
  11. Alves ahead of Martin

    Russell Martin is far better than Alves, faster, more power and clearly a better option, Alves has done fuck all and is injury prone (especially when he's been heavily relied upon). Sooner Alves fucks off the better imo. Edit, didn't mean to quote you mate, fuck knows how that happened lol.
  12. "He's my player, nobody else's" Think you'll find he's our player on loan ya fucking roaster. Holloway is a fucking fruit cake and hopefully gets the sack soon.
  13. Playing great and not troubled. That 2nd goal was sublime team play. Yet again officials are fucking awful, the cunts are getting away with being piss poor and blatant cheating week after week, total joke.
  14. Why doesn't Cummings start?

    Due to the system Murty is playing and the work rate Morelos puts in then its clear he is 2nd choice. Can bother be partnered in the same starting line up against a better quality of opposition then the system would have to change. As it stands I'm happy with the way things are going.
  15. In The Words Of A Certain Mr Andrews....

    We can do This, we are looking more like a team that gives a fuck with players like Murphy and Docherty who know what it means along with the inspiration of Candeias and Morelos. WATP and we are closer to our rightful place at the top than most would like to believe.