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  1. dande101

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Good riddance ya scummy prick.
  2. dande101

    Welcome Goldson

    Superb, 2 young , athletic tall centre backs in front of Mcgregor, now we need a digger in the middle and notorious goalscorer who doesn't miss sitters then a few more finishing touches and roll on the season ahead.
  3. dande101

    The Old Lady - FF

    I Have The Power....yes indeed, the good guys, now the old lady has probably took a bit of a pounding in her day and im sure most old ladies have, however the San giro attracts loads of smelly wife beating paedo cunts. Thank fuck we can take pride in Ibrox...a glorious site to behold 💙
  4. dande101

    Ovie Ejaria

    Naw the style of play, think they are fuckan Messi but to gangly and dunno where the ball is.
  5. dande101

    Ovie Ejaria

    Another Dodoo type player, One is enough, no thanks from me.
  6. dande101

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    Here Stan ya fanny what u gotta say about this?
  7. dande101

    Dave king statement

    Glad as a club we are now standing up to corruption within the Scottish game, it's about fucking time something was done.
  8. dande101

    Neale Cooper

    RIP Neale, condolences too his family.
  9. dande101

    New kit delay ?

    Mate sent me this, maybe away top?
  10. Any cunt but The Dude as he is a real cunt that sold his soul for the money!!! Dunno if Gregco is on here but he would be a fantastic addition to our board. But as it goes D'art.
  11. dande101

    Who’s going to Turkey this summer?

    Kenny Miller's wife's best pals neighbour said that is the template for the 3rd strip, I met her in Aldis and she is tight with a guy on Follow Follow whos in the know so this is genuine.
  12. dande101

    Rangers tactics - on FM handheld

  13. dande101

    Jordan Thompson leaves Rangers

    Looked good for Livingston, good luck to the lad.
  14. dande101

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Absolute scummy cunt.
  15. dande101

    Permanent Deal for Murphy

    Good player but needs to up his consistency levels and not go missing during games.