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  1. Foderingham is terrible with the ball at his feet, he's a heart attack waiting to happen, too heavy a touch and spends to much time with the ball before releasing it causing him to just kick it anywhere, his distribution is shocking.
  2. Not bother one bit about Liverpool or if the win, its all about the Rangers.
  3. Keep walking and you just might fall off the edge.
  4. Got to agree with most, never really rated him, simple player who does simple things, good luck to him but he either need to up his game or evidently we need better.
  5. dande101


    Shocking, lightweight and slow, hopefully sell him on soon.
  6. dande101

    Jamie Murphy

    He's too slow to play on the wing however I do like Murphy and think he still as something to offer, really hope he comes back strong.
  7. Probably too big mate.
  8. Jd sizes were totally different from The Gers shop, tried on the xl in JD and it was fucking massive but went into the Gers store and perfect fit.
  9. I would have him ahead of Jon Flannagan although he's been decent last few games but give him a wee run in the last few games to assess how he gets on.
  10. If they are good enough then they are old enough, look at players like Rooney, sometimes the youngsters need a chance to progress at a higher level or they lose confidence and end up in the lower leagues. Nothing wrong with sticking them on the bench and giving them 20 or so minutes, young Middleton came on and absolutely changed the game against Villareal, I do agree a bad game at the top can knock their confidence but if they have the correct attitude then they will bounce back.
  11. Haha the so called hard man will be greeting in his cell everyday whilst his mates pumping his wife. Fucking idiot got what he deserves.
  12. Kamara is everywhere, playing really well, looks a cracking prospect.
  13. Was in the town yesterday and went in to the shop, didn't know they were reduced but got both home and orange tops. Tried these on in JD Sports last week and large was tight but xl was like a fucking tent however got both xl in the shop and they are perfect fit. Is JD flogging different stock as its deffo different sizes?
  14. A living Legend, hero worshipped him as a child, will always be a "TRUE Rangers LEGEND" in my eyes. A failed stint as manager will never cloud my judgement, far too many too quick to jump of the hate Ally bandwagon.
  15. Aye working mate but still fucking baseball, hope to fuck it changes soon.
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