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  1. dande101

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    Expand our Brand....not a bad thing and never will be. One of our stand out players is the Canadian national team captain, can't hurt to have a young Canadian kid aspiring to be the next Morelos or Tavernier, good work from the club in expanding our name and brand.
  2. dande101

    Semi final allocation

    Same for my boys mate, fuck it West stand loyal🇬🇧
  3. dande101


    Sure is and I'm sure Mcauley is a decent back up also 👍🏼
  4. dande101


    Feel a little sorry for him, he's been a stand out performer and a warrior at the heart of our defence until Worrall signed and hasn't really featured since. Just wondering if the Worrall deal maybe has a stipulation that he has to start games or the recall him, I know his last 2 games have been great but Katic beside Goldson got us to the group stages of the Europa.
  5. dande101

    Those Around You At Ibrox

    Didn't realise Super Ally had a season ticket to slate Morales!!!
  6. dande101

    Europa League team of the week

    Aye Morelos is bang average and done fuck all apart from score and win a penalty before his explosive run and killer finish not to mention his overall performance. Guy in my work showed me his article the day, what an absolute fucking walloper Leckie is. If the thumb had put a performance like that in last night the cunt would be creaming himself. Leckie you are an absolute fucking retard......on 2nd thoughts that's an insult to any poor retard out there.
  7. dande101

    Magnificent Morelos

    Superb performance but to a man the team as a whole were magnificent tonight.
  8. dande101


    Amazing.......Simply The Best 🔴⚪🔵
  9. dande101


    Umar Sadiq......the only thing Stevie G has got wrong(minus the tactics at the disco dome, least said the better).....send the cunt back to Rome. I was actually excited at the prospect of him signing.....major let down. Thanks but no thanks, goodbye.
  10. dande101

    On this day 62 years ago.

    Here's the pics in your description mate👍🏼🇬🇧
  11. dande101


    Who the fuck you trying to kid?
  12. dande101


    Superb keeper, miles ahead of Foderingham and will make a massive difference this season, I for one am glad he's home.
  13. dande101


    Changed the game and I love how direct he is, knows what he wants to do and gives it everything, great wee player.
  14. dande101

    Alexandria balloch

    Get yourself into the Glenroy bar in Balloch mate.
  15. dande101


    Massive improvement in his game, i put this down to The Gerrard effect and also playing in a better team with better quality around him, chuffed for him and long may his improvement continue.