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  1. Would you take winning the league....

    Hate this hypothetical shite, not a fuckan chance I want them winning anything plus they are nowhere near good enough for Europa . Desperate for us to win the league tho.
  2. Craig Mulholland

    McCrorie is growing in confidence and stature every game he plays, he's running the midfield and controlling games for us, cracking young player and hope to see him in a Rangers jersey for many years to come. Obviously these guys in the background are doing something right.
  3. Junkies vs Rangers

    Big performance needed but if the players show the same desire as they did against the wooly penetrators then we should be fine. It's only Hibs ffs, We are Rangers and We should be fearing no cunt and I hope Murty is instilling that into the players.
  4. Derek McInnes

    Mcinnes clearly lacks ambition and desire and will be happy too settle for a worse team in a shite league. Maybe he just didn't fancy it in case he made an arse of it, either way a clear lack of ambition. We dodged a bullet but our board are nothing short of a fuckan shambles and somethings got to give soon. Anyway fuck the shitebag, close and delete this thread and move on.
  5. Derek McInnes

    Actually not fussed about his assistant and there is no law to state he is part of a package, would rather he came alone and although Murty is an integral part of our youth system maybe it's time for a step up as DM's assistant.
  6. Sheep

    Fuck the wooly penetrator 👨‍⚕️❤🐑, sheep shagging mutton molesting bastard.
  7. Ryan Jack Red

    Amazing the difference of opinions. Thought he won the ball and didn't intentionally follow through or intend to hurt May more that May actually bottled out and ended up with his ankle in the wrong place. I like the fact that Jack went in to win the ball and didn't hold back. Never a sending off just a bit off bad luck on Mays part, hopefully we appeal and win. Ps, Collum is a cunt and couldn't wait too punish us.
  8. Bad time for me mate, moving house just after Xmas so every penny a prisoner but will get something donated once im settled
  9. *** The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    C'mon Rangers intae these wooly penetrators and give us something to cheer about. Hopefully big Alves can steady the ship at the back and we can start scoring again. Tell you one guy praying for a win, Dave is desperate so it eases the anger at the AGM.
  10. Allan McGregor

    Would like to hear his side, surely he could come out and tell us now? Time has passed but he needs to set the record straight and come out and explain what happened or would rather always be known as a Judas.
  11. Bears in the family stand.

    Fuck mate I'm 40 now and my son and nephew sit in the Govan corner and I've used either ticket many times 😉 but if u really want to you can upgrade at a cost via the ticket office 👍
  12. Ohhhhhhh you'll always heat us roaring

    Oooft @Rfc52 that's some 1st class bigotry in here.......and I fuckan love it. Fuck the paedo master and fuck the tim's.
  13. Well done Ryan Jack

    Probably get sent off.....oh wait a minute should be a foreign ref so will be ok !!!
  14. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Even after the club dismissed this?