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  1. I guess it was just while the servers were overloaded / down. Lets me login and view fine now.
  2. Is this game not included in the monthly overseas sub? I'm trying to log in at https://europa.Rangers.co.uk but it says 'Sorry, your user doesn't seem to have access to this product. Please use the buy button below.'
  3. No worries at all fella - no need to apologise. When you have an account like mine that's been active for 10 years (check the site 4-5 times a day) but you never post, it's always going to arouse suspicion.
  4. @Rambo1872 Thought it would have been pretty obvious, but I'm guessing not, https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11788/11363651/Rangers-chairman-dave-king-warns-celtic-will-fold-like-a-pack-of-cards
  5. Just a thought, but would any agreement with D&P be voided since BDO have been appointed as liquidators?
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