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  1. Surely you don't think everybody's gonny start pishing themselves cos they get tae stand? 🙄
  2. I left on 87 mins on Saturday and hobbled to the Albion wae a crutch. I was sitting in my mother's eating ma Broth at 5.35pm. I have tae admit though that if I pass any cop cars, I'd be a wee bit later than that.
  3. I get in car, switch on SuperScoreBoard for a laugh, open ma Diet Coke, roll ma window doon, and chill. It's never taken me any more than 20 minutes tae get oot, and the biggest problem I encounter is inconsiderate fellow bears showing no respect tae other drivers.
  4. There was one time yesterday the Copland drowned the UB's out. Can't remember what they were singing. Maybe someone else noticed?
  5. Does Club1872 not have a Projects Budget? Why not get the members there to request they use some of this Budget? Only problem is, it'll be for ALL fans, and Club1872 only have around 8,000 fans signed up. Therefore it creates exactly the problem many suggested a long time ago. I'd ask the question anyway. At least then nobody can say cost is a barrier.
  6. I already asked that. Answer was..........they won't. 😲
  7. Fuck off. I've enough stairs tae climb! 😣
  8. Why does SS costs have to be met by the club?
  9. This all day long.
  10. It's not possible to have everyone in agreement from 50,000 fans. There WILL be some disappointed if this goes ahead, which is a shame, but like everything else in life, the majority will prevail. IF the Club have any sense. I won't be able to use it myself, but good luck to those who do.
  11. John Greig, although he did come close to having a great season. I remember a midweek game against Dundee Utd, think it was a Tuesday, crowd was about 9,500!!!
  12. I keep saying it............he actually brings our breaks to a halt.
  13. Looking forward to the flag getting it's first airing. 😉
  14. The funny thing is, he's banned from different forums, and he's certainly not the most popular of people. Yet I'm neither. Kinda makes ye wonder if someone does actually have mental health issues, which by the way, isn't something I'd joke about.
  15. He did. It just didnae reach. 🙄