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  1. Aye I'm fine mate. Thanks. Seriously though, thinking about packing the car and fucking off for as long as it takes. Nae hurry there or back. Stop where I want.
  2. Oh well, I might just drive.
  3. Whit a fukkin thread. 😣
  4. Hmmmmm. Need to have a think about this. Wheelchair etc.
  5. You're fukkin at it surely?
  6. I've still not had money taken for next week. Is there a direct line I can call tae get this checked? Don't anybody give me the SLO's number!
  7. Fuck me. Is this guid, or bad?
  8. What's the maximum points now?
  9. Brilliant mate. Can I put this on my Facebook?
  10. I want it copied and pasted IF it's going to be on here at all. Simples.
  11. Aye, and you were insistent on what ye wouldn't write for them, so my feelings remain the same about the rhag and anything that's written in it. Links to it shouldn't be allowed on any Rangers forum. Copy & Paste.
  12. Nothing yet. 😣
  13. Why the fuck are we even paying any attention tae anything that's in that rhag of a fukkin paper. I'd suggest we don't even mention it on here.
  14. Has anybody else not had their bank charged for the ticket yet on CCCS?
  15. Same here mate. Stay in Benidorm for Valencia, Istanbul for Bursaspor, Albufeira for Lisbon, and so on.