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  1. thebooler

    stadium tours cancelled tomorrow ?

    Louden RSC getting their 3 buses delivered for away games. 🙄
  2. thebooler

    Emails out for extra Kilmarnock tickets

    Club should tell them tae ram their tickets.
  3. thebooler

    Steven Gerrard is a kingaling

    “We can’t have anyone around the place who is negative or not doing their job properly. We can’t have it”. That’ll be Graham, Houston & Marshall away then. 🙄
  4. thebooler

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    He never took over their pension scheme mate.
  5. thebooler

    Ashley gone?

    Is it possible SD still have retail contract, but NOT the right to advertise inside the stadium? On that note, why isn’t this prime space being taken up by major advertisers?
  6. thebooler

    Ashley gone?

    Ach well. He was close. 🤪
  7. thebooler

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    You’d need to boycott plenty if it’s cos of Ashley.
  8. thebooler

    Another day, another Daily Record humiliation.

    Their columnists aren’t any fukkin better. 🙄
  9. thebooler

    SLO & Fans Forums

    Glad you agree. Have a nice day.
  10. thebooler

    SLO & Fans Forums

    Lol. Never thought of it like that before.🤪
  11. thebooler

    SLO & Fans Forums

    Oh FFS - Secondary ticketing is supposed to be for your ticket to go on sale if you’re not using it, and be rewarded with a discount on your ST the following year. You think it’s in the T&C’s that they can just be given away to staff, and your discount withheld? Away tae fuck and try somebody else for an argument. And to answer your post above, as far as my OP goes, he only shares on ff. He’s been asked specific questions on here and never responded. Thats what the threads about - not you trying tae be a smart cunt as usual. What part don’t you get ffs?
  12. thebooler

    SLO & Fans Forums

    I’m not a fan of his, but that’s for another day. I genuinely believe all forums should be treated equally by our club SLO. You make a good point though regards lurking - although I’d say that was more childish than harmful for any official club SLO to be doing so.
  13. thebooler

    SLO & Fans Forums

    I like this as well.
  14. thebooler

    SLO & Fans Forums

    Pack it in wae yer controversial shite. As I said, after being wrong on one issue, you’d come back and have a go with another. Sorry tae burst yer bubble, but he’s been asked specific questions on here as well. It’s nice you’re highlighting my point though - only one forum gets the courtesy of info.
  15. thebooler

    SLO & Fans Forums

    I just don’t see why all forums are not afforded the courtesy of club information.