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  1. Derek McInnes

    Are you serious? A ton for Nothing?
  2. Vanguard Bears - an absolute credit

    100% mate. 100%.
  3. Vanguard Bears - an absolute credit

    Surely you know someone to vouch for you?
  4. McLeish & Ferguson

    I should have been informed though. In writing. 😎
  5. McLeish & Ferguson

    I was scared "Big Rab" would appear again telling me I talk shite. 🤣
  6. McLeish & Ferguson

    No mate. I'd assume all other board members minus King, but not been told anything concrete.
  7. McLeish & Ferguson

    I canny work Twatter. 😣
  8. McLeish & Ferguson

    Thats my belief, and why I believe what i was told about Park.
  9. McLeish & Ferguson

    Who is Gallus Pioneer mate?
  10. McLeish & Ferguson

    It came from one of Eck's family, so it's definitely been explored in my honest opinion. Whether it comes to pass is anybody's guess mate. As for King, I posted last week that Park was in talks with a consortium possibly getting involved, but NOT with King. Again, I'd say there's a high chance of this being true, especially since there seems to be a problem employing a manager.
  11. Interesting take on things

    I liked him. 😣
  12. McLeish & Ferguson

    I heard this tonight. No reason to doubt it. Also, as I've posted in the appropriate thread, King could be on his way on Thursday, as I said last week. 👍
  13. McLeish & Ferguson

    Aye, here.
  14. McLeish & Ferguson

    Do you think any new manager should get rid of Miller, and not run the same risk as Pedro did in trusting Miller with far too much responsibility?