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  1. They wouldn’t have known who they were playing till after the split, or even if they were at home.
  2. Don’t buy. Club can send them all back. One loser. Killie.
  3. He referred to Popcorn Teeth as “Neil”!!
  4. One thing SG hadn’t got right is our defence, and that’s where all good teams excel. Great goalie, good midfield, and good strikers. Not confident in our RB, who isn’t a very good RB, or Captain! Barisic or Halliday or Flanagan at LB? None are that great, despite Barisic showing promise. Worrall at CB is woeful, and I think he drags Goldson down to his level. Sort out our defence, add a quality striker, and play McCrorie, and we’d do okay in this shitey league against shitey teams, including celtic.
  5. When did he get “Ricksen is a” added?🙄
  6. Can’t they sell them privately for a bit more than 20p? Will McCoist and Club1872 not have their percentage diluted when we hold another share offer?
  7. Hearts will pump the Nappy Rippers IMO, and we’ll beat the Sheep.
  8. Fucked if I know how we never scored at least one goal in that game! Could have gone top of the section tonight. Still, 11 unbeaten in Europe, and still only 2 defeats since Stevie G arrived. We keep going.
  9. Just that he claimed victory over Ashley, yet Ashley is still around. FFS Some people on ff wanted him knighted as they believed all the hype.
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