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  1. This.........absolutely. When people drop hints on Rangers related online pages, it doesn't sit right with me.
  2. Does this mean we're into next week again without a manager? 😉
  3. And who exactly had this brief discussion?
  4. That statements a bit like me phoning my mother tae tell her I've got fuck all tae tell her. 😂
  5. He also drove our club close to a 2nd administration when he asked his paid hands to organise a boycott of ST's, starving our club of much needed finances, which meant more loans from Ashley & Co. Ye couldnae make it up.
  6. And we can forget the Europa League.
  7. Come on. That woulda meant spending money.
  8. I'd love tae see ye post that on FF or the SoS pages. It would nae last 10 minutes. The paid hands have spun everything to be MW's fault, as expected. Anybody asked club1872 what they're doing about our situation, which looks grim once again.
  9. Yer obviously no fussy. 😣
  10. It was working a couple of days ago............unless you're drinking ma money. 🤔
  11. Pics.
  12. I believe their agent "intimated" they'd probably leave but never actually put in written resignation.
  13. I think Warbs and Co were quite right to look for another job if the board weren't backing them. We all look for another job when unhappy. I also think they were being helpful by asking that all compensation agreements be waived - theirs to allow them to leave, and the clubs to save the club a whack of money - fair enough on both sides. They never actually wrote letters of resignation, or even stated it verbally, and the club thought this was a way of getting rid of them easily and at no cost. The club issued their statement and the Forest job fell through, Warbs & Co were unaware, and they're now unemployed. Now it WILL cost the club money as I believe they've fucked up big time here.
  14. Any potential investor googling King would run a fukkin mile.
  15. All 3 are suing for over a million between them.