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  1. A wee bhoy did it and ran away.. ..before he got a bheasting.
  2. How about one of the follow followers post that Gersnet article on ££, then come back and tell us how it went down? 🙄
  3. Link please?
  4. It's not. I joined up and was immediately banned.
  5. There ye go. Stay here, give yer opinion, and enjoy. But don't call us tarriers.
  6. The posts on ff are chopped mate, and on most occasions, the poster banned.
  7. But we can't all be the same mate. There would be no point in having forums. The point I'm making is, because the majority on here use string language when discussing Craig, I don't. And I'm allowed to have that opinion. If I posted the exact same "mild" post on ££ I'd be banned.
  8. The boycott nearly closed us down again. It's not the Rangers way to boycott your own club. Especially when filling the coffers of all other clubs.
  9. ***Shuffles off tae Google. Aggrandizing? WTF is that?
  10. He was shit for more than 2 fukkin seasons!
  11. Yer oan the wrang forum mate. 🙄
  12. Have you not seen similar criticism on Facebook and Twitter? And it is similar. So ££ posters are correct, and just about everyone not on ££ are wrong? Have I got that right?
  13. Not true. I've already posted today that despite Craig's failings, I've always had replies to questions, and even if he has been a bit evasive at times, he's never resorted to banning me or being rude towards me. I don't know the guy personally therefore I won't hate him. Happy?
  14. I'm still of the opinion CG was planted into our support by King in late 2011. Go check all his blogs etc on Rangers, and when they all suddenly started.
  15. I wasn't quite as bad. I got 5 days in Benidorm All Inclusive fae Prestwick.