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  1. I musta missed the vote when CG was voted on. Don't think D'Art went back but could be wrong.
  2. Do you know who the board now consists of mate? I've never seen anything about replacing the ones that resigned.
  3. My Google account puts everything on. Fixtures, weddings, holidays, etc.
  4. I no longer give any of them my money. If others did the same, we may get that move to the English Leagues as there won't be enough club's left up here to form a league.
  5. Does Chris Graham not write the 1872 statements?
  6. Who's he D'Art?
  7. I hate to say it, but he does have a point. In my opinion, the statement only diverted a lot of the flak from the highly incompetent referee.
  8. And therein lies the problem - it's been ignored for years - not just when a SS Area is being touted.
  9. Then we don't compete in Europe if we don't have them. Simples.
  10. How about the Club sell flags, scarves, hats, etc for the SS Area? How about the Club charge you an extra £10 to be in the SS Area? How about the next generation it attracts, and the one after that, and so on? There's just 3 examples.
  11. We could get a Kevin Kyle for £500k.🙄
  12. Ffs gies a fukkin break you ya fukkin eejit. I started the thread to find out what this Twitter thing was all about. I'm glad I did as I now know. Away back tae the Louden and suck the guys dick if he means that fukkin much tae ye.
  13. They'll get them as ALL stands must have disabled viewing areas by 2019.
  14. How can you know that before tickets are sold? It's also other revenue streams I meant. Not just ticket sales.
  15. Surely improving the match day experience will increase income?