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  1. thebooler

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    Am no doin anyhin that week. 🙄
  2. thebooler

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    ***Puts calculator away. 🙄
  3. thebooler

    Bristol Bar, Duke Street. Looking good.

    Nice tae see a proper Rangers pub doing charity work for a great cause.
  4. thebooler

    Jason Cummings; Why did we take him on Loan?

    Mark Allen signed him.
  5. thebooler

    Kirkwood/Murty problem

    This ^^^^^ ........and he’s a taig who spent the night after our 5-0 drubbing by the bheast with his taig family.
  6. thebooler

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    You’re confident. 😳
  7. thebooler

    Hummel Training Centre?

    Does this mean a return for SoS? 😫
  8. The SLO’s father said on Twitter something like “and they wonder why the club won’t give them safe standing” a few weeks back. I took this to be we wouldn’t be getting it, and he had inside info, possibly from his son?
  9. thebooler

    Travel Club

    It was a bargain last year.
  10. thebooler

    Dave king statement

    The Rangers - plural. A Ranger - singular. 🤒
  11. thebooler

    SPFL Chairman

    You did mean “ashes” there?
  12. thebooler

    Dave king statement

    Thanks for posting this. It’s helped me understand it a bit better.
  13. thebooler

    Dave king statement

  14. thebooler

    SPFL Chairman

    Turn spellchecker off!
  15. thebooler

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    A thousand empty seats is better than another thousand bead rattlers.
  16. thebooler

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    And that bigger club is all that matters now pal. Fuck the Old Firm. Fuck the biggest derby in the world. Fuck the SFA. Fuck the SPFL. And most of all.............Fuck the Pope.
  17. I’m collecting a kitten when I come from my holidays, so she’ll probably stick a fiver in for every tenner I donate.
  18. thebooler

    SPFL Chairman

    Calm doon ffs.
  19. thebooler

    SPFL Chairman

    These dirty, rotten, stinking, bead rattling, nappy ripping, fenian bastards are running everything here now. Just like the magic carpet men are doing in England. We’ll soon have Mozzie Kathliks in positions of importance!
  20. No! FFS We’ll have the Marshalls wanting proposed! 😲
  21. thebooler

    How do you get to Ibrox on match day?

    Does she come often? 🙄
  22. thebooler

    How do you get to Ibrox on match day?

    Ooft. I’m car and wheelchair or crutch. Depends on how I’m feeling on the day whether I can manage on the crutch or not. Canny get into the Louden on the wheelchair though. 😪
  23. thebooler

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    I love seeing cunts like this hurting so bad. It must be terrible when you have to get through each day with so much hatred in your body. I hope it’s doubly painful for this no mark useless bastard.