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  1. Just sent a tenner. Don't want tae hear from yeez again till after Christmas! 😥
  2. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    Alves is our best CH, but he has no right to refuse a place on the bench, if true.
  3. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    I still shake my head in dismay that the SOS allowed that to happen without as much as a boycott of our own stadium, whilst lining the pockets of our enemies at away games. I really, really struggle to understand this.
  4. When's the march to get rid of the board?

    I'm getting to the stage where, sadly, i hope Ashley comes back, and gets rid of this Board and it's hangers on. Every fukkin one of them.
  5. gers bar in paphos

    Irish Pub will show it. My mate owns it. There's fukk aw Irish aboot it other than the decor.
  6. Protests?

    I'm still waiting to see the evidence of this deal that gave us nothing. Not saying it was good or bad, but I'm not judging it either without the proof.
  7. Kenny Miller > Pedro Caixinha

    Pedro thought that by filling the team with his own players, and banishing the established Scottish players, he'd be unsackable. Fly bastard.
  8. Protests?

    I said the same when SOS were asking fans to boycott, yet they never bothered too much about fans going to away games. Fukkin crazy if ye ask me, and it could have put us into admin again.
  9. These guys ARE the problem. The guy you wish for may just do your job. 🙄
  10. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    I believe it's Millers fault we are where we are. He spent most games running around pointing and shouting at other players - a ploy to undermine Pedro - possibly with his job in mind.
  11. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Hate tae say this, but Strachan did well wae the Nappy Rippers and was only chased because he wasn't sellik minded. He's also done okay wae the national team. For me though, it would be McInnes, but he turned us down before Warburton was appointed, so I doubt we'd get him now considering King is still here.
  12. Mr King v Our Club v Our Fans.

    I've said it for years. We're victims of our own loyalty, and King & Co know it.
  13. Ticket office queue now

    Aboot time he did something worthwhile. Maybe other Rangers employees will like him a wee bit better noo than they already do?
  14. Ticket office queue now

    Yet still wan o mine. 😚
  15. Ticket office queue now

    It's no funny
  16. Ticket office queue now

    I nearly tripped ower that cunt! 🤣 I thought he was for in in front o me. 🤔
  17. Ticket office queue now

    ...........and sword and shield.........
  18. Millers Agent

    Tell his agent tae GTF, and take Mhiller wae him. Once wan o them, always wan o them.
  19. Ticket office queue now

    Update There's nae queue the noo. 😣
  20. Ticket office queue now

    No for me it wisnae. 🤗
  21. Ticket office queue now

    Went in Disabled Access door that I never noticed before.
  22. Ticket office queue now

    Ticket collected. 5 minutes flat. Good luck chaps.
  23. Ticket office queue now

  24. Ticket office queue now

    Is it so fukkin difficult the have 4 windows for collections only, and 1 or 2 for general sale? We're getting to the stage where having a ST doesn't have any fukkin benefits!
  25. Ticket office queue now

    Whit are ye? A fukkin monkey? 🙄