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  1. Hearts will pump the Nappy Rippers IMO, and we’ll beat the Sheep.
  2. Fucked if I know how we never scored at least one goal in that game! Could have gone top of the section tonight. Still, 11 unbeaten in Europe, and still only 2 defeats since Stevie G arrived. We keep going.
  3. Just that he claimed victory over Ashley, yet Ashley is still around. FFS Some people on ff wanted him knighted as they believed all the hype.
  4. I understand that, but Craig Houston has been claiming victory over Ashley, which is certainly not the case mate.
  5. Quite simply, our club are abusing the loyalty of the fan base once again. Its not good enough, and we need a statement informing us of these latest issues. Why isn’t our SLO demanding answers on behalf of the fans? Why isn’t our official fan group demanding answers on behalf of the fans?
  6. Once I’m there my data will be switched off. I’ve had a crazy bill before - never again.
  7. Aye, but that Feel At Home doesn’t include Dubai. It’s mainly for the cheapos going tae Spain etc. ?
  8. Lol. You know I never post gobbledegook. Im off on holiday so let’s see what Wednesday brings. ?
  9. Anybody heard JD have pulled all their stock? ?
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