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  1. Wondered what fellow Bears think the club should use EH for? Heard some good ideas like a museum and pub. Should the club investigate possible uses, or should it be left as is for now, until we've got a decent team sorted out?
  2. How about one of the follow followers post that Gersnet article on ££, then come back and tell us how it went down? 🙄
  3. Link please?
  4. It's not. I joined up and was immediately banned.
  5. There ye go. Stay here, give yer opinion, and enjoy. But don't call us tarriers.
  6. The posts on ff are chopped mate, and on most occasions, the poster banned.
  7. But we can't all be the same mate. There would be no point in having forums. The point I'm making is, because the majority on here use string language when discussing Craig, I don't. And I'm allowed to have that opinion. If I posted the exact same "mild" post on ££ I'd be banned.
  8. The boycott nearly closed us down again. It's not the Rangers way to boycott your own club. Especially when filling the coffers of all other clubs.
  9. ***Shuffles off tae Google. Aggrandizing? WTF is that?
  10. He was shit for more than 2 fukkin seasons!
  11. Yer oan the wrang forum mate. 🙄
  12. Have you not seen similar criticism on Facebook and Twitter? And it is similar. So ££ posters are correct, and just about everyone not on ££ are wrong? Have I got that right?
  13. Not true. I've already posted today that despite Craig's failings, I've always had replies to questions, and even if he has been a bit evasive at times, he's never resorted to banning me or being rude towards me. I don't know the guy personally therefore I won't hate him. Happy?
  14. I'm still of the opinion CG was planted into our support by King in late 2011. Go check all his blogs etc on Rangers, and when they all suddenly started.
  15. I wasn't quite as bad. I got 5 days in Benidorm All Inclusive fae Prestwick.
  16. Are you in the right thread? 🙄
  17. I said on another thread mate that I think he feels let down by the club after all the work he's done, and KingCo ain't delivering on their (possible?) promises to see him okay. He may have blown it for himself with some of his behaviour, and Greg's sat back, said nothing, and hey presto, the gigs his. Greg was always going to get it over Craig, and tbh, I don't know why Craig was even interviewed other than to keep him onside.
  18. I see big Rab talking shite on ££. He says I tell "people" he's my mate, yet he's never even met me. Lies. Here's the real story......... A friend of mine was working at the Louden (building a wall I think) and I said to him to tell big Rab thebooler was asking for him. I was winding my mate up! It worked, cos my mate got back to me saying he did it and big Rab said "I'd rather not talk about him". That's a perfect example of him telling lies - it was ONE person! 😂 Oh aye, says he wishes I had money as he'd sue me. How does he know whit I've got?
  19. So are mine. 🙄
  20. Could it be possible that King or Murray promised they'd see him okay if he led the boycotts of ST's and SD, etc, and now they're finding it difficult to fulfill their promise for some reason or other? I sense a little bitterness in that statement toward the club, and the fact he never got the SLO post, and it may be due to him stating that JB shouldn't be on the club1872 board as it was a COI? As an aside, I don't think it was fair or just that he was cropped out of the photograph that appeared trying to smear one of the girls who resigned. It's also unfair to make it clear in that statement which one of the resignees it was he spoke with. Other than that, I think he's trying to reach out to the support with his statement, which has obviously had the opposite effect.
  21. The grassing episode aside, which I only found out about a few days ago on here, I don't know the guy personally. For that reason, I may criticise some of his actions eg I don't think it's the Rangers way to boycott our own club whilst travelling away to fill the coffers of others, but I don't feel the need to describe in some of the ways I've seen online. I've had a good few discussions and debates with him, in public and by PM, and to be fair, he's at least tried to answer any questions I've asked. I've disagreed with him often, but more the way he does things, rather than the result he's trying to achieve. This, I feel, is his downfall.
  22. I've tried it and canny be arsed wae it. I'd rather go tae the GYM. 😉
  23. It's obvious the skools are on holiday when you're up this late. 🙋
  24. Another cunt! 😨