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  1. New Tops On Sale

    If anybody can find a Sons Of Struth Football Academy on Companies House, let me know please. 🙄 Or who takes the cash for these tops even?
  2. New Tops On Sale

    https://store.sonsofstruth.co.uk/products/sons-of-struth-celebration-union-flag-jersey SORRY!
  3. Allan McGregor

  4. New Tops On Sale

    Or the club's still not in safe hands?
  5. New Tops On Sale

    CH himself said he would walk away once the club was in safe hands. 🙄
  6. My granny would be an improvement on Foderingham, and she's been deid for 15 years.
  7. Club statement

    By the time we play the spoon burners again, this'll all have been forgotten about...........by King.
  8. Allan McGregor

    Why do we keep going backwards? We'll get 1 or 2 seasons from him, then we're back to square ONE! Forget Walter, John Brown, McCoist, Naismith, Lafferty, and everybody else from the past. We've had 6 fukkin years tae start over and rebuild, and we're no further forward than Auchinleck fukkin Talbot. We've even got a Board with guys who were there when Murray turned us over ffs. Forward is the way - not back.
  9. New Tops On Sale

    Him and Graham know too much about the takeover. They'll have King by the baws.
  10. Club statement

    It's Season Ticket sales time.
  11. Mr King his team

  12. Rangers culture retweets neil simpson

    This has tae be the worst post ever for actually saying fuck all. 🙄
  13. Warning for bears

    It's easier just not tae go. I wouldn't give them a penny from my pocket.
  14. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Aviemore ain't such a big place.
  15. Morelos warm up today.

    That was my first thought.
  16. Murty after game

    No watching it. Uses too many fancy fukkin words for me. It's only a game of fitba ffs. He may have been thrown in at the deep end by the Board, but since then he's chased the job full time, and actually described himself in another interview as a "young manager". Fuck um.
  17. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Wow! Follow Rangers members were astonished to read today's interview with director and former chairman Alastair Johnston. AJ seems desperately out of touch and Follow Rangers would be happy to help appraise him of the feelings of our members. Alastair lives a long way from Ibrox, just like our lesser-spotted Chairman, and perhaps that explains why both seem to be so out of touch with the average Bear in the stands. Although Alastair was at Hampden on Sunday, it seems he has made no attempt to take the pulse of the support. Follow Rangers has an idea - Alastair, why don’t you divest yourself of the brogues, the blazer and the club tie for an afternoon? Come and sit in the Broomloan or Sandy Jardine Stand - in fact have 45 minutes in each!? Sit with Union Bears, then sit with some of the older generation and just listen. We promise you, Alastair, you will hear views and answers that will dispel the fantasy in the bilge you spouted to a newspaper which most Rangers fans wouldn’t hang on a nail in the smallest room. If you accept our challenge, come back and tell us what you think. Oh and don’t worry - in the grand tradition of blazer and brown brogues, we will pay for your tickets so it will be a freebie courtesy of Follow Rangers.
  18. Takin it to the car park

    Would you trust King wae yer cash?
  19. Murty speaks

    Typical fenian bastard. Fuck off tae the Bheasts where ye belong ya fly, sly bastard. We won't win another fukkin game wae you in charge ya fukkin fanny.
  20. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    You're obviously not in the know if you think there's even the slightest chance of that happening. Infact, I actually laughed when I read that mate. Not at you, but at the thought of it.
  21. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    He probs got the info from CH mate.
  22. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    So...........FYL? 🤔
  23. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Whits FYF mate? 🙄
  24. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Mate. Don't play yer fukkin journalist games wae me. If ye can't tell the truth, then it's best tae say nothing. Noo for the last time. Fuck off back among yer fenian fucks at the Rhetard.
  25. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    At a very fast rate.