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  1. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Why hold back mate? Just come out and say what ye really mean. 🙄😂
  2. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Only cos it's convenient mate. It's not even open through the week, unless there's a home game. The club should be taking advantage of all these thirsty Bears at every home game.
  3. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    For me, the biggest problem with Club1872 is the fact that it was borne out of a "joining up" of RF and the RST. This was after we were guaranteed it WOULD NOT & COULD NOT happen. One of the people guaranteeing this, and who subsequently proved himself wrong, is now our club's SLO. It still remains to be seen why EH CIC was formed, and why he became a Director of aforesaid CIC a few weeks ago. I think he was a Director previously, and resigned. Maybe he resigned until his position as SLO was achieved? Craig Houston was also a Director of Club1872, and before that, he was used as their spokesman. Now he's also employed by the club, apparently involved in security. Chris Graham is also involved in several guises, and he is another who was suspected to be aiding the merger in the background. He's certainly not on Jobseekers Allowance. So what exactly is his role? Until the above issues Are cleared up, I won't give a penny of my money to Club1872. And I know for a fact there are many like me. Very many.
  4. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    It makes ye wonder if some of these bloggers are actually Rangers fans, or placemen from the darkside, like that other fan who started supporting our club in 2012. 🤤
  5. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Who writes that blog?
  6. Always part of the plan. Sell him in Jan the fans demand a decent replacement. Sell him in Feb the fans can't demand a decent replacement. King gets to keep the money, and doesn' have to pony up the £7.2m he said we need to get through to the end of the season.
  7. Our home form

    I've said it for years, and I'll say it again..........its no good having players at Ibrox on a Match day only. They need to go in through the week and get a feel for the place, even if it is empty. And Murty ain't the answer..........unless we're playing Aberdone every week.
  8. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    Money would be better spent on the proposed Standing Section at Ibrox.
  9. Auchenhowie extension work set to commence

    I'd like the club to publicise the numbers of fans using this stand. Then we'll know if it's been a waste of money.
  10. John, Wilson, Bates, Tav - our best defence?

    I'm not sure Candeias could expend that amount of energy on a weekly basis as he covers for Taverniers runs forward. Wilson can be great or garbage. Fuck knows why, but his inconsistency is terrible.
  11. Rangers supporter or Rangers-minded: what's the difference?

    Dave King would be described as Rangers minded.
  12. Murty until the end of the season

    Murty won't last till the end of the season.
  13. www.rangersmegastore.com

    How many pence in the pound goes to the club?
  14. More than happy. Well done mate, and to everyone who made this possible.
  15. Vanguard Bears - an absolute credit

    100% mate. 100%.
  16. Vanguard Bears - an absolute credit

    Surely you know someone to vouch for you?
  17. Interesting take on things

    I liked him. ?
  18. Questions for the AGM

    I think there's going to be a few surprises at this AGM...........like King being ousted, or agreeing to be ousted more like..........and Big Eck & Wee Baz being announced. ?
  19. Sons of the Sloth, Why the Silence?

    He's had his 20m and more back from his fraudulent schemes and tax dodges in SA. I'm sure an immoral guy like King won't be too bothered about where he lost and where he gained.
  20. Sons of the Sloth, Why the Silence?

    Fuck knows.
  21. Sons of the Sloth, Why the Silence?

    I say we ALL block him. Starve the cunt out.