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  1. Club 1872 had to do something positive for a change. This statement is that something. They're still a shambles.
  2. Kitchen. 🙄
  3. Excellent post. 👍
  4. Building bridges. Who decides on the displays? Is it the club?
  5. What's all the moaning about on Facebook about today's card display?
  6. Mmmmm. I might know you. 🤔
  7. Eh?
  8. “It’s clear the club want this – they wouldn’t have appointed me otherwise" Is he so far out of touch he doesn't know the club MUST have an SLO under European Rules, whether they want it or not?
  9. I've a feeling we'll be told the EH CIC is for the extension at the back of the Louden. Unless it's for the new wheelie bins.
  10. Why shouldn't full points be carried over? Lots of us have spent thousands travelling away in Europe. Surely we shouldn't have our history scrubbed, or even reduced? The taigs would have a field day if they knew we were starting all over again, claiming we were admitting we were a new club when we're clearly not. I think I'm on maximum. 🙄
  11. It was only previously convicted hooligans that had to do that. 🙄
  12. The Dude's getting more free exposure than The Louden Twosome ever got! 😂
  13. Yes, to attack those peadophiles across the city. There's enough reports on the games for those who dont/can't attend.
  14. And I thought Bears R Us was a fukkin nuisance! 😃
  15. That's a busy schedule, and I'm sure you must be earning a few bob if that's yer workload. Surely turning down a blog in one newspaper wouldn't have seen ye starve?
  16. You're at the fukkin wind up here. Club1872 defend the fans? It'll never catch oan. 🙄
  17. Anybody joined our SLO's Facebook page, The Rangers Family? I'm awaiting my membership being processed, which I'm sure won't be a problem. 🙄
  18. You buy the Record? 🙄
  19. Brilliant. 😂😂😂😂😂
  20. I hope I'm wrong, but I feel he'll go back to normal soon. Be a shame if he did, especially for his son, who's got a difficult job on his hands. 😉
  21. I'm sure we'll be told the EH CIC is the extension to his pub. 🙄