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  1. So he's signing then? 😳
  2. Go have a lie down ya dafty.
  3. Apparently Rob wasn't training at this time on Sunday and the story is bullshit, this from GregCo on twitter.
  4. As with others I'm really torn on this, there's no doubt he would be an improvement on what we have at the moment but that interview will always shadow whatever he achieved with us. Could he come back and fire us to 55 and redeem himself in the process? It's an interesting one....
  5. I thought it would be someone Spanish but surely they have played with Ramos and then thought it must be someone German but not many of them haven't played in Germany, maybe someone Jose managed at Porto?
  6. May as well hand us that Cup now! In all honesty I'm absolutely buzzing to see how we play in these next few games, also who he plays. Exciting times indeed!
  7. Surely he would have seen the stadium when he was here before?
  8. Actually quite excited by this appointment and hopefully he can bring us back to the level we belong at!
  9. Much more like it, just need to grab a few more goals now!
  10. Jesus, didn't expect that one!
  11. Our away record is nothing but diabolical, I've stood by Warburton up until now but taking off Hyndman has really changed things for me, Windass was honestly hopeless when he came on and offered us nothing. Hearts were playing around and through us as if we were an amateur side. The need for change has never been more apparent, I hope he rings the changes for Saturday if he's still in charge, Senderos should be allowed to prove himself and Hodson MUST start ahead of Tav. Lost for words right now and can only hope things get better otherwise we can kiss second and potentially 3rd goodbye, tonight was a reality check, we are simply not good enough.
  12. Why hyndman was taken off I will never know, midfield was lost once that happened. Rossiter can't come back soon enough, absolutely shocked at that second half, one of the worst performances I have ever seen. A change is defiantly required.
  13. He gave us something we've been lacking in midfield, was a joy to watch.
  14. Medical in the morning according to Jim White.
  15. All gone very quiet on this front, thought it would have been done by now.