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  1. HashPizza

    FIFA 18

    I’ll claim my weekend league rewards tomorrow and probably pick him up then ?
  2. HashPizza

    FIFA 18

    Just need that inform miller to replace Cummings, he’s rare though, only a few on the market and he was sitting at 38k last night.
  3. He’s just put these up on Instagram, he’s staying IMO ?
  4. HashPizza

    FIFA 18

    I had prime icon Hernandez but traded him in to an SBC for a 100k pack, desperate for a TOTY haha. Now trying to get the Bergkamp SBC done, anyone tried him?
  5. So we find out on Monday I believe if we’ve won, if nacional drop points today and Barcelona tomorrow then we win, is that correct? allegedly 350k got the winners
  6. Just watched the Rangers instagram story from today, looks like spirits are high! Really looking forward to see how these games go.
  7. Maybe I’ve missed it but is Wallace fit? If so I would put him in and maybe push John further forward.
  8. It was a random blog that posted he was injured not seen anything else, would take it with a pinch of salt.
  9. HashPizza

    FIFA 18

    Aye he’s amazing, would love to get his inform!
  10. HashPizza

    FIFA 18

    Played 21 games in online seasons and yet to be beaten ? really enjoying the game this year, managed to finish silver 2 in the weekend league just past, still had about 20 odd games left ?
  11. HashPizza

    FIFA 18

    Morelos got a TOTS so there's no way he ain't getting a higher rating!
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