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  1. The tims will be staging a protest about this result. Good to see though, after the game at the weekend we seem to be finding our feet at the crucial stage of pre-season.
  2. A guest of Ryan Jack today.
  3. I get this when I click, anyone else?
  4. I'd take him, what he did will never be forgotten but he would undoubtably add something upfront, he's proven in this league and I'm sure if he fires in a 90th minute winner against the yahoos then I'm sure he may change a few people's opinions.
  5. Probably get more out of the Guinness.....
  6. No Dalcio in those photos or am I just not seeing him?
  7. Well Cardoso and Dalcio are cruising about with tunes blaring according to Fabio's instagram. Wherever they are it's pishing it doon.
  8. May as well just hand the titles over after that...games up
  9. Do we not play killie tomorrow? Or is it Tuesday?
  10. Aye that's true. They will have some squad come the end of the window I think.
  11. I'm not sure, just there was a picture put on Facebook last night and it looks like there's a display set up.
  12. Any word on what the display is tonight?