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  1. Junkies vs Rangers

    Maybe I’ve missed it but is Wallace fit? If so I would put him in and maybe push John further forward.
  2. Derek McInnes

    An absolute mess is what this whole process has been, I like the shape murty has adopted so hopefully we get this hoodoo of three wins in a row out of the way on Saturday and get a nice win streak going. The sooner we have a manager in the better, I still think the situation with McInnes isn’t over, however I won’t be too upset if he doesn’t join. Im also rather concerned at how we have to wait till the new year for an appointment, surely there must be someone out there suitable for the job right now?!
  3. ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    It was a random blog that posted he was injured not seen anything else, would take it with a pinch of salt.
  4. Rangers training

    Also what’s the latest on Dorrans?
  5. Rangers training

    What’s the latest on Rossiter, no one say 7-10 days please....
  6. McCrorie's Challenge

    Haha does the steward who’s at the top of the stairs on the right start celebrating when we score?
  7. 3-3 v Morton

    Someone said jack got asked to leave the field after Morton scored from a free kick but the ref hadn’t blown the whistle and Jack was sorting the wall, no idea how true this is like...
  8. Dougie Gary was brought up in the house across the road from me in Alford.
  9. Aguero as captain today, jumped 32,000 places in the whole of Scotland league table 😂 And from 26 to 2 in our league here
  10. *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    First home game of the season for me, hopefully an easy one. 3-0 Morelos hat trick...
  11. Decent enough start for me currently sitting with 122 points which puts me in 14th place.
  12. Watford v Rangers

    The tims will be staging a protest about this result. Good to see though, after the game at the weekend we seem to be finding our feet at the crucial stage of pre-season.
  13. Training Pictures

    Probably get more out of the Guinness.....
  14. Training Pictures

    No Dalcio in those photos or am I just not seeing him?