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  1. Bruno concerned by excessive physicality here.

    And the cry was please don't hurt us..... Ffs.
  2. Worrying Stat for Brenda from today

    Aren't half of their scumbags from defence injured?
  3. Millers Agent

    the leak was about him giving caixinha a mouthful FFS, keep up. there is a leak - fact they said about miller giving pedro abuse - fact Miller is the leak - bullshit.
  4. Millers Agent

    are folk still thinking Miller is the mole "just cause"? who the fuck needs enemies of the club when our own support are believeing some rumour that our mouthpiece of a manager seems to be insinuating. Miller gave Pedro a mouthful afte a agame in the dressing room - rightly so as we are fucking dog shit with no plan B, exactly what we were under Warburton. If the manager loses the squad, he loses his job and if he keeps up with his pish and bluster when results aren't going our way then he'll find that out the hard way.
  5. Keith Jackson and The Ratio

    why not? they are a form of media, can they not apply for a press pass an dsend a contributer? really, who from?
  6. Keith Jackson and The Ratio

    do you still write for the rhebel?
  7. Keith Jackson and The Ratio

    the other article on Kenny Miller is an absolute pile of shite and shows how much the Rangers Observer tow the party line the board and it's wee puppets feed them. why don't they ask the manager at a press conference or internally what has happened with Miller instead of this "he's dropped for form - we think" pish?
  8. Fat Mike puts Newcastle up for sale: thoughts?

    He'll be back in for us, guaranteed
  9. McInnes- is it now or never?

    😂 😂 😂 😂
  10. Signed & Framed Barry Ferguson Rangers Shirt

    £100 is good mate
  11. McInnes- is it now or never?

    😂 one game and we get this pish.......
  12. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    the post match karaokes would be tremendous if McCoist got in.
  13. Forum activity.

    just from FF then?
  14. Forum activity.

    people will think i'm reading too much into this but this is indicative to whats happening to our support in the next generation. There is nothing exciting about our club at the moment, we're just plodding along in the doldrums of scottish football without any trophies or european football, season after season and that is turning them away to the EPL etc. until we get a decent cash injection to challenge, our support are essentially watching football at the same level of Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen rather than the title challenging teams of old. never mind though, certain folk got a blazer out of all this fucking atrocity......
  15. Football Lads Alliance

    The name of the group is tragic