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  1. We'll continue to stumble from one bad manager to another as any manger coming in has to use the shite Pedro's bought. There's no more money and there doesn't appear to be any end in sight with regard to the ongoing NOMAD issues. We need investment and i can't see any signs that the board are tackling this. Ultimately they have to go.
  2. Sound plausible mate
  3. The proof of this post is showing by the goals scored by players who left us.
  4. The reality under Pedro is that we finish third and battle Aberdeen and Hibs all the way. In all honesty I would not be surprised if Pedro's ousted and McCoist comes back, this board are fucking clueless.
  5. After today mate, morale is low.
  6. Great waste of a wage
  7. who appointeed Warburton and Pedro you mug?
  8. Are you counting o'halloran scoring again while on loan?
  9. With Season ticket money.
  10. Wake up, it's King that needs to go.
  11. Or our last few managers have been clueless
  12. He's a fucking failure already
  13. He's shite. Leagues over all ready and I await the next shitey manager getting wheeled in........
  14. fixed that for you mate.
  15. your happy to have limited options in an already depleted squad and see us get fucked over this season again, says it all about you Francis. maybe concentrate on your unemployment. all it'll take is a few 0-0 draws because we can't score worth a fuck with what we have and we're facing 3rd/4th but aye you carry on wi your UVF avatar and believing everythings ok with the demolition job pedros carrying out, we did score a fuckload against Dunfermline after all.......