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  1. we're probably waiting to get him in for a picture before it's officially announced.
  2. Best I’ve had is 4th in quads and 6th in solos, only started playing last week but you can tell the cunts who’ve been at it for months
  3. Going with cold blooded, ghost and spotter today, see how this goes
  4. PS 4 still has a few years left in it I reckon. Some recent PS4 games look like their on a brand new system compared to games a few years ago
  5. The ridicule of my dinners drove me to it. that and getting killed after 20 fucking minutes in war zone
  6. Think I still prefer multiplayer than war zone
  7. There’s always wankers with a shit hot sniper rifle within 10 minutes the cunts
  8. Are the weapons always in the same places or spawned randomly?
  9. Aye right ye are action Jackson, take yer lies elsewhere, your username doesn’t show when you get told your position.
  10. Anyone claiming they’ve won on war zone without a picture as evidence is a taig ridden lying mess.
  11. I have a worry that we’ll get a lot off the payroll just to be replaced by more loans and shite players who can’t cut it here never mind down south. we need to start building a long term team, not rotating pish players in and out each season
  12. i dont buy papers but i assume the headline will be coming soon of "Bigoted Rangers Fan attacks bystander" for this wee dick.
  13. Shite for Fod. Was never a fan but he’s stuck with us and I wonder if proper coaching would have seen him become our next number 1
  14. Glasgow is happening you fucking mess. They’ve been allowed to take the lead in the media, fucking shambles.
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