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  1. All the best, decent player and will probably only last a season over there
  2. Brian Fantana


    Should get the armband if tavernier goes
  3. Some goal. Honestly don’t know who should start between Defoe and Morelos when the league starts. Both are outstanding.
  4. As grey as most of the scum tops you see around Glasgow.
  5. Will be genuinely sad if we’ve seen the last of Candeias.
  6. Will there be lion brand on sale next to it?
  7. Why watch this kind of thing if he’s just giving news available in the msm?
  8. Revise on some historic postings in the boardroom thread, they have indirectly affected our retail greatly
  9. You want us to forget about the problems that are causing the issues your complaining about??
  10. forgot about Dodoo. will probably forget about him again after i post this.
  11. Aw it’s wee mad denya fae Kenya back again!
  12. One year rolling contract. Shows how much faith they have in him......
  13. celtic in the shit for being paedo cunts so they launch counter measures to deflect and focus people’s attention elsewhere by releasing this pish. Better propaganda than hitler had.
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