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  1. That Craig guy surely knows folk are ripping the cunt out him?
  2. He must have had a hard fuckin paper round man, cunt looks about 50.
  3. Cracking B&M art up on the wall there....
  4. He’s leaving, Thats a given. It’s not good for us, but no player’s bigger than the club. I hope the money is used to secure long term contracts of players with sell on value and not wasted on loans but I doubt it will be. The money will be the making or breaking of Gerrard’s legacy at Rangers, let’s hope he spends wisely.
  5. Useless or not, if the car park shite is true then it just shows what a fucking disgrace the clubs become. King doesn’t do professionalism.
  6. Lennon is a cert to get banned from the touch line after this game. Wee prick will be acting up for the paedos to try and cement his contract next season.
  7. Great player, shite manager. The money doesn’t matter, if he never took it, what do people think would have happened too it? would some rather that we slashed all wages, refused TUPE and became a lower division club? We were to maintain our level, unfortunately standards have since dropped and people expect less from the club than they should.
  8. love the way all the raging tims are saying that we started this - actually Hibs started all the reduced allocation talk by reducing our allocation to try gain an advantage against us but as they are such a tinpot club, none of the paedos recall this, it's a better rant for them just to blame us.
  9. Who is actually running the shop? An individual or a few people?
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