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  1. Anyone bought it? Any good?
  2. Loved it but i don’t think I could give up 40+ hours of my life to it again 😂
  3. so why should we have kept quiet?
  4. why should they? the scum came out with their senseless pish, unchallenged it would have became the SPFL solution.
  5. nice idea but the NHS isn't a charity so can't accept donations.
  6. Another press conference from the wee rat cunt. If he waits long enough for Hibs to go to the wall he can split the cost wi his pal Plug Whittaker again.
  7. "The £1.5m shared by the Scottish football authorities among clubs is just a "drop in the ocean" for what is needed, says MP Ian Murray. The money, originally due at the end of the year, has been distributed to help stem the financial effects of the coronavirus outbreak. However, Labour's Murray says more will be needed during a lengthy crisis. "There isn't enough resourcing in Scottish football to sustain it through this crisis," he told BBC Scotland. "When you shine a light on Scottish football it's quite clear it has no sustainable resourcing, it isn't bringing in sustainable resourcing, and that needs to be looked at. "£1.5 million is a drop in the ocean in terms of what you would require to keep clubs going through a lengthy crisis." £1.5m to be shared among clubs by Scottish football authorities Scottish clubs to meet to discuss financial impact of coronavirus outbreak Hearts ask players and staff to take 50% wage cut Senior Scottish football figures are to scrutinise the government's Coronavirus White Paper before deciding on next steps in dealing with the pandemic. However, Murray believes clubs will eventually find themselves in a situation where government intervention is necessary to avoid going out of business." Remember how the government helped us out a times of need in a tax case? nope, me neither. they can all get tae fuck.
  8. Anyone thinking he’d plough multi millions into Scottish football needs their head looked at. If he buys in it will be for controlling interest and prudent investment.
  9. looked on the clyde ssb twatter and see they have constantly been posting popcorn teeths claims the league is theirs, nothing like trying to peddle their lies for them eh?
  10. there's trying to prove a point and then there's this.
  11. If the clubs were asked to vote (which I think they will) then most would give the title to the scum. the board should be starting to build their legal arguments now.
  12. Aye cos the spfl never just make rules up as they go......
  13. Symptoms, not tested positive. There’s no legal basis unless he does
  14. Ffs. It’s a strain of flu, not aids.
  15. They won’t void it, they either reconvene at some point or extend next season to encapsulate the games left and the new title race.
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