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  1. Played alright, it was good seeing him blend in rather than stand out amongst the team
  2. Shite performance but a wins what matters. Having said that, the scum will rack up goal difference today.
  3. If Morelos doesn’t go I’m expecting more Liverpool loans
  4. What did they have planned that didn’t happen? What happened to transparency and the 5 year plan? Has anything been fulfilled from it? Im not necessarily blaming the board for all the money woes but their business dealings with the SD legal case has been a fucking disaster mate.
  5. Everyone seems resigned to the fact that we have no money unless we sell Morelos. not one person on here questioning why that is after all these years with the board that are running us. I’ve gave up banging that drum on here but the facts are that we are being run by fools who have no idea how to sort us out.
  6. I’m expecting to win the league and for that we need to spend. if we don’t win it this season a lot of people will be done with the board.
  7. That'll be that transparency King promised causing "condition" problems I guess......
  8. What’s that work out as , 2 pint and a pie?
  9. Hmmm, could be mate, definitely one for the watching......
  10. when is the press for this, is it today?
  11. He’s going nowhere apart from aberdeen so aye, he plays.
  12. If they start the season poorly they will just spend in January to recover.
  13. Would want a holding midfielder against the cattle molesters, they will be up for this game. If their shite sub him at half time, better to have him on the pitch and not need him than wait to bring him on much later to control the game if they are pressing.
  14. Need to press on these cunts and show them who is in charge from the off. I’d start Davis in this one for a bit of experience in midfield.
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