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  1. Allan McGregor

    Certain posters on here think you could sign the 2008 squad back on next season and win the league. Blinders on loyal.
  2. Allan McGregor

    He off to hibs or hearts? that rat fuck.
  3. Scott Arfield

    it is his remit but i don't believe we have targeted a manager yet. what if a manager coming in wants a heave defensive set up and we go for attacking players? it would be pointless unless Murty is to be in charge again.
  4. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    post it on twitter and FB and ask if anyone else has been offered that ticket
  5. Scott Arfield

    targets to be signed before we even have a new manager?
  6. A reality check....

    Can we stop with this pish that we are only "2 or 3 players away from challenging". People say that like the beasts won't be recruiting players this summer ffs. We are miles away, we can't go on a decent run of wins and our old firm results have been embarrassing.
  7. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    Game has draw written all over it.
  8. Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    Scotrail spivs oot!
  9. Re-opening the Ibrox Railway station

    Will just lead to confusion as to what to shout at people leaving early, you can't simply assume they are the subway loyal anymore
  10. read AJ's pish this morning - he might as well have said "who the fucks Rangers and why you asking me??" cliueless bastard. "ahead of the curve" FFS
  11. Hummel

    where is the orange top being "widely reported"? what a load of utter shite.
  12. 49 years

    the other teams have always been shite. We have one of the biggest budgets and history but instead get the fucking Ringling brothers running us. All we need is a big top erected over the stadium FFS.
  13. My letter to the Directors.

    2017/8 - we deserve better 2018/9 - we deserve better 2019/0 - we deserve better 2020/1 - we deserve better ad infinitum under this current board.
  14. VB Article

    After all the bullshit King has fed us and got away with, with no fear of reproach from anyone cos he bought of fmost fan groups - it's fucking galling that it takes 2 plyers seemingly calling the manager for what he is - not up to task - for all these groups to raise a statement. King has been making us all look like cunts since he got in the transparent potless lying bastard, why the silence before? Cause no players have pointed out that he's not up to task?
  15. Hummel

    who needs champions league money............