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  1. Brian Fantana

    Andy Little - Video

    this, seems to get better in people memories as the years pass .
  2. Brian Fantana

    Smell the fear.

    if they get a few defeats early on after the winter break their fans will turn against rodgers and/or the board. the fact they still have a game in hand is keeping some of the ugly cunts at bay imo.
  3. Brian Fantana

    We now have "4 quality forwards to work with"

    aye, he's some gambler.
  4. Brian Fantana

    Reflection on the Warburton era

    This thread should be purely about warburton era, not a comparison to Gerrard. It is far too early for that.
  5. Brian Fantana

    Hands up

    Signings are looking good but I'll reserve judgement till we're back playing again, think everyone should have learned lessons from previous "marquee" signings that didn't perform for us.
  6. He'll walk in the summer when he doesn't get whatever figure he asks for. He won't be sacked as its the jewel on their crown. If he left, lennon would be back and they'd be fucked for years.
  7. Brian Fantana

    Craig Gordon at minutes silence anyone see it

    Absolute cunt, pisses me off that we let him use the facilities when he was fucked.
  8. Brian Fantana

    The bbc at Ibrox

    A story from May just reappearing isn't a coincidence mate.
  9. Brian Fantana

    The bbc at Ibrox

    Their fucking at it, go onto bbc news and look at what they have as the third most watched story.
  10. Brian Fantana

    Massive step forward for Connor Goldson

    Still don't rate him, decent yesterday but I miss the days when our defence wasn't a worry.
  11. Brian Fantana

    Sportscene again

    Someone corrected me mate, I thought they were completely banned but apparently not
  12. Brian Fantana

    Sportscene again

    Thank fuck tbh. Can imagine the spin the commentators would put on it.....
  13. Brian Fantana

    Are there any players in the Spfl worth buying?

    That and another attacker and we could still win the title.
  14. Brian Fantana

    Sportscene again

    He can get retrospective action I think.
  15. Brian Fantana

    Sportscene again

    BBC aren't allowed at our pressers mate