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  1. Fat Mike puts Newcastle up for sale: thoughts?

    He'll be back in for us, guaranteed
  2. McInnes- is it now or never?

    😂 😂 😂 😂
  3. Signed & Framed Barry Ferguson Rangers Shirt

    £100 is good mate
  4. McInnes- is it now or never?

    😂 one game and we get this pish.......
  5. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    the post match karaokes would be tremendous if McCoist got in.
  6. Forum activity.

    just from FF then?
  7. Forum activity.

    people will think i'm reading too much into this but this is indicative to whats happening to our support in the next generation. There is nothing exciting about our club at the moment, we're just plodding along in the doldrums of scottish football without any trophies or european football, season after season and that is turning them away to the EPL etc. until we get a decent cash injection to challenge, our support are essentially watching football at the same level of Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen rather than the title challenging teams of old. never mind though, certain folk got a blazer out of all this fucking atrocity......
  8. Football Lads Alliance

    The name of the group is tragic
  9. Scotlands national set up can fuck off. Andy Murray can fuck off too. One sport, one fuck given and thats for Rangers.
  10. Gazza tonight

    Calm down some of you, gazza was great up here because of the service he got. That is what I judge him on and I feel lucky to have seen him in our shirt but he was never at the peak of his career with us
  11. If you won the lottery...

    £1 to buy the club from all the invested owners who have over 3% because they are currently doing absolutely fuck all.
  12. Goalkeeper Top

    hopefully their wearing Cech like headwear for the penalties. Dem bitches would go full retard and we all know you never go full retard.
  13. Goalkeeper Top

    In the crowd? that is one fucking retarded goalie if he's in there.
  14. Goalkeeper Top

    if i saw someone in the crowd wearing a goalkeeper top at a game, i would instantly think they were retarded.
  15. January window pre contracts

    the next manager probably will.
  16. muslims are going to take over the world with their philosophy of having as many kids as possible. best get those feet washed and a rug rolled out for prayers wi the grandkids............
  17. St. Johnstone - Players Banned (for them)

    sad truth is, if they were full strength with MOH playing we'd probbaly come away with a draw at best.
  18. sooner we get rid of the freeloading essenpee the better. Cunts are doing nothing to help the country, they go on their wee tours spewing hatred for the english and blaming the tories for everything, take to social media to froth at the mouth about catalans and let the country fall into ruin. Where are all the jobs and income they prmised? Where are the partnerships with other countries apart from a deal for dodgy steel? They are fucking the country constantly and get away with it due to their pals in the mhedia. Army regiments disbanded, schools built on the cheap that then fall apart, an NHS propped up by student nurses on placemnet that is akin to slave labour and a dwindling oil economy. The cunts have a cheek - we've banned fracking but we'll continue with oil, just lets not talk about that.
  19. Wee Vladimir

    what actual fanny "Boo's"? it's no a fucking panto ya big queers.
  20. KM back training with 1st team

    the shit some on here have accused Miller of and subsequently abused him for was well out of order.
  21. Third Kit..

    like it but aye, looks cheaply made.
  22. Banners on staircase

    Probbaly just being anchored tighter to the building due to high winds.
  23. have we seen any evidence that it's Kenny Miller leaking stories?