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  1. After today mate, morale is low.
  2. Great waste of a wage
  3. who appointeed Warburton and Pedro you mug?
  4. Are you counting o'halloran scoring again while on loan?
  5. With Season ticket money.
  6. Wake up, it's King that needs to go.
  7. Or our last few managers have been clueless
  8. He's a fucking failure already
  9. He's shite. Leagues over all ready and I await the next shitey manager getting wheeled in........
  10. fixed that for you mate.
  11. your happy to have limited options in an already depleted squad and see us get fucked over this season again, says it all about you Francis. maybe concentrate on your unemployment. all it'll take is a few 0-0 draws because we can't score worth a fuck with what we have and we're facing 3rd/4th but aye you carry on wi your UVF avatar and believing everythings ok with the demolition job pedros carrying out, we did score a fuckload against Dunfermline after all.......
  12. thats what i'm saying. but i don't think we'll see one coming in.
  13. agreed - but we should be bringing in more attacking options rather than another midfielder.
  14. great, lets hope the opposition don't figure out which player they need to cancel out in matches...............
  15. that's still not addressing the lack of goal scorers we have. Forrester may not be flavour of the month but he looked like he could score a few if he screwed the nut. The current new signings look like they'll be serving me at Nandos next year. wouldn't surprise me if he brings naismith in now.
  16. I've said before that Pedro is looking at midfielders to score goals - much like Warburton. Currently - we don't have the midfield players to do this (from what i've seen), we don't have any attackers and our defence is still a shambles. If Forrester goes and we're left with what we currently have to produce goals from midfield then we're looking at a very few goals being scored.
  17. you were told to stop taking crack francis.
  18. i don't think the cost of safe standing is necessarily the issue - it's that you need to reseat some folk who don't want it in the area they currently have a ticket in and i think most would agree the administration staff at Ibrox are hardly the best and probably not up too this.
  19. if true Pedro better have an other attacker coming in as i get the feeling Miller will be out injured by January and that new Midfield isn't going to produce the goals he thinks they will.
  20. This Alex guys a wanker anyway, "one must say" and "chaps"? cunts gayer than a pool party at michael barrymores.
  21. i don't think he should get charged by the police but if Andy Halliday gets done for a fist pump in celebration of a goal then this wee prick should be gettig penalised.
  22. Police Scotland declare no criminality and the Managers Union chief has expressed sympathy for Lennon. you couldn't make it up.
  23. agreed. Sitting back slightly worked when he had Boyd in front of him - Miller basically did the donkey work for Boyd to tap the ball in the net - but he won't get any goals playing like that.
  24. regardless of Millers ability at this stage of his career, and i do agree that he's not the player he used to be; who exactly is replacing him in our current squad to get us the goals we need? We need a proven and decent attacking option but i can already see Pedro is going to look to goals from midfield - an old Warburton tactic - so we won't get anyone in to replace him.
  25. mayweather will knock the living fuck out the wee gypo.