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  1. What version of football manager did those valuations come from?
  2. Tim's in my work don't even relish in it anymore, they just expect a win. That said, they know I'd rip them to fuck about their "history" if they started.
  3. still undecided, does he own a briefcase?
  4. i would however sign Kyle Bartley again just to knock fuck out the tims.
  5. people need to face facts, the last few years have seen club values almost disappear within Ibrox. We have lost a lot of what we stood for and in some cases it won't return as those in charge don't give a fuck. We absolutely do not need the rats, we need new, experienced and proven players. Celtic are still shite, yesterday showed that, a few stand outs in the form of Dembele and Gordon but other than that they're nothing special and are beatable. The fact all other scottish teams are utter shite has made them look better than they are and i thoroughly expect us to up the game, bounce back and beat them this weekend.
  6. hmmm, colours his brogues?
  7. A poor mans Joe Swash.
  8. King doesn't give a fuck. Even if he had a pocket full of fuck, and all you needed was one fuck, he still wouldn't give you one.
  9. can we have this banner hung up at Ibrox please?
  10. said at the time it wasn't going to happen and here we are.... far more important positions on the park are needing filled this moment in time.
  11. Worst OF game in a long time
  12. this is the most boring old firm i've seen in years, FUCKING MOVE!!!!
  13. sitting far too deep.
  14. the religious side of the OF is slowly being eradicated it will be almost non-existant in 40 years time due to political correctness.
  15. very sad news. RIP Ugo.
  16. Fuck sake - can someone summarise what happened and which bawbag was threatening people with a banning order from Ibrox, read a few pages and it's descended into shit.
  17. Absolute bollocks. No one would go to thee lengths to post the shit you did, they would just post up one liners. You also would have been on through a pc or tablet while your phone was gone if it had been nicked or whatever. Biggest riddy on here since Lutongate.
  18. all they've done since they came in is blame Ashley, fans are slowly waking up to that fact.
  19. because they've not done anything since they came in and have gave no sign that heir capable of doing anything about it.
  20. they would sell if King did, think they know they made a rip roaring cunt of the Ashley situation and have nowhere left to turn. What they won't admit to is that they have no clue of what to do next and would happily sit out the next few years till the retail deals are finished living off fan income via ST sales.
  21. I honestly believe he'll ask fans to buy him out and walk away.
  22. aye ok craig.
  23. not surprising that a player rejects the first offer of a contract extension for a better one.
  24. you say that as if he's someone to be trusted.
  25. Yer a grass, you forgot to address that.