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  1. Actually eejay the dj check the website whatdotheyknow as people post up their foi responses from councils, police etc, might be there already
  2. No that should probably be available on their website. HR departments in government or public services usually gather this data so will be readily available
  3. They have to respond and explain why they won’t give you information if they refuse. Their reasons must be within FOI regs.
  4. Aw it’s wee mad denya fae Kenya back again!
  5. One year rolling contract. Shows how much faith they have in him......
  6. celtic in the shit for being paedo cunts so they launch counter measures to deflect and focus people’s attention elsewhere by releasing this pish. Better propaganda than hitler had.
  7. "no SPFL clubs are currently showing signs of serious distress" can tell scumdee utd never made it back up eh?
  8. Unfortunately your right. It will all slip away again
  9. You can hope mate but they won’t be. How can you perform an investigation without speaking to the victims over a 2 year period? The first question from liewell would have been “how do we defend ourselves” and the fact they paid to try and dissassociate the boys club from them shows you that their first thoughts were of covering up and trying to bat it away. They will only pay compo when and if the solicitors of the victims go after the club for a paedo ring as opposed to individual cases.
  10. His lawyer will be building a defence against all charges, nothing more, nothing less.
  11. They announce an internal investigation and that will satisfy most of their appeasers who are claiming to be troubled by all of this. They’ll all let it slide - AGAIN - unless someone pushes for a full investigation by the police which for some reason they appear reluctant to do
  12. Joshua took a dive if you ask me, they weren’t big punches that Ruiz was dealing out.
  13. back in the news today, wrecked out his nut. guy wont see xmas at this rate, its tragic.
  14. Wake up FFS, Dornan is giving them an easy way out which they will relent and take. They'll eventually pay small compo under the restriction that the deals they make are sealed from the public and all this gets swept away again. Anyone thinking Dornan is being morally sound in his approach here is a fool, he's being complicit in helping them weasel out of all this.
  15. griffith raring to go following "personal issues" Nae bother, he'll be snorting the sidelines eh the pitch the junkie bastard.
  16. surprise surprise that wee rhat clare whyte was behind the escalation of a brutality charge. how the fuck can they claim to be impartial??
  17. Nothing wrong with going to Ibiza, players can go where they like. there are scumbags everywhere wanting to be a have a go hero. Hopefully they get tanked by the spanish police.
  18. Just realised Dornan is pals with most if not all of the septic board so he’s clearly been scripted on how to approach this. People now need to target the so called “justice minister” of the snp for answers
  19. Just look on the bbc website, listen to Snydes phone in, read any MSM news feed - it’s all being buried. AGAIN.
  20. So why aren’t people claiming that they are holding off while the SFA do their investigation being told that no such thing exists?
  21. When broadcasters are giving into a shitey paedo club like them you know that the government must have a hand in closing down all avenues of reporting.
  22. Just means the press go back to “can’t discuss an ongoing case”. how these cunts can be so sick in playing their part to bury this is unbelievable.
  23. I recall when he was allowed back into the paedodome, the arse licking he administered about that club was monumental.
  24. Surprisingly silent on his twitter. Their all colluding to protect the paedos
  25. Defoe exudes class when he talks, plays as a complete professional and thankfully he has came up here to show that he is still capable of running riot when played up top. one of the best loans we’ve had in recent times.
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