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  1. They are shite but somehow manage to raise themselves against us and the scum. Hard fought 2-0 for us I reckon. I only seen the first half last night but we need to step it up as it was poor.
  2. they'll park the bus, 2-0 us with both goals coming after 60 minutes.
  3. Wonder how much we’ll get fined for that.....
  4. We’ll pummel them second half, think the manager would have said just to play with possession for the first half, fully expect the shots to start raining in rather than trying to walk it over the line
  5. Cunts trying to make some excitement in the game, they know we could fuck them over at any time. I’m watching on hesgoal and there’s no commentary, fucking bliss
  6. he's clearly wanting a reaction with that load of shite.
  7. Going to guess Fod might be gone soon.
  8. because he takes his new masters wage at all costs
  9. Morelos at the next old firm game before a balls even kicked.
  10. Would like to see back up for Morelos brought in/ brought through but I doubt it will happen this window.
  11. Compliance officer (a known scum fan) considering seeking extensive ban for Morelos throat slit gesture. fuck right off you absolute cunts.
  12. No one said um bongo you racist fuck, lay off the drink you embarrassment
  13. Scott brown was due a red card in that game at many points and the ref shat out issuing it.
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