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  1. People saying you should support the national squad, just cause.... Fuck off. No Interest whatsoever, my club is Rangers, I will never cheer on some tarrier prick just cause they wear a t-shirt for the country I was born in. You want to support Scotland? Choose an Olympic sport or rugby, you might be happier
  2. is someone bringing the deeds?
  3. in what way?
  4. wouldn't suit the agenda.
  5. "couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery" springs to mind. they've pretty much fucked it up which says it all for them or they have done this intentionally to suit their agenda, so much for representing the fans. It has become, as many on here predicted, yet another unorganised spivvy group like the RST was.
  6. Capacity will be less than 50 of their pals no doubt.
  7. will pay for dave kings expenses.
  8. "Dave King would happily hand over the Ibrox reins to someone else if they could do as good a job in charge"
  9. the whole thing is a disgrace, hopefully its completely dissolved
  10. don't tell me people are actually waking up to the bullshit????
  11. Kenny wouldn't, he's still got at least another season in him.
  12. I thought he should have been sacked in his first presser for not showing us the deeds.
  13. Hope Garner shags his maw
  14. Sell him but use the dembele dollars formula; Tav=£1mil x"dembele_dollars"= £17mil.
  15. Well we'll find out when we see what Caixinha does with the squad he's inherited.
  16. he also inherited a team of shite that had to be let go, Aberdeen already had a squad in place. £3-£4 million is not enough to rebulid an entire squad and i've always said it says more about the rest of the teams in the SPL that we were sitting second having played so utterly shite.
  17. His biggest downfall was next to nil budget.
  18. So King answers "of course" to a question and that means "massive transfer boost"? Fuck me.......
  19. Here we go, another Halliday hounding. the guy might have struggled in some games under Warburtons management but he's a solid midfielder who IMO will prove a lot on here wrong about his abilities if he's given the chance under Pedro. He'll never be a flair player but will come good in the mould of Ferguson IMO.
  20. "Would you like to meet Mr King? He's the guy who promised there'd be money but he seems to have forgotten about that.." "ahhhh, non senor".
  21. Too busy drawing up his 20p a share offer......
  22. anyone know this wee prick in grey? On the DR website as "Rangers Fan assaulted" - nothing about it probably being a bheast that did it;
  23. Earned a decent wage and an will get even better pay off in court after king ballsed up on the process of getting rid of him.
  24. heard the phone in yesterday as well - no praise for Rangers, just about how Celtic had a bad day. Honestly never knew the scum were apparently now the greatest team in the world and it's impossible that a team could outplay them..............