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  1. I love that people are already thinking that the new players are the greatest we've ever had before a ball is kicked.... Ffs, let's wait and see, or can you not all remember last season?
  2. Dave King is there purely for a pay off at the end of the day.
  3. Did a fans group not make Charles green an honorary member?
  4. An absolute roaster.
  5. yoo sum guy
  6. This i am happy about, With Ashley out the way the club can start to trade again and convert the interest free loans to shares (although there would always be a fear that Ashley could buy through a hedge fund and get a substantial stake again). Excellent news
  7. Excatly mate, lets them save face to lie and make out that Ashleys losing out and the boycott has got rid of him when handing their cash over to Ashley for year old stock though.
  8. fantasist? your second sentence just agreed with my points you idiot - Ashley is making a profit and he's getting bpoycotters to buy what they said they woudn't.
  9. can't even argue with my points because you know i'm right regarding Ashley still getting his cut otherwise you'd show me where i'm wrong. Aye, bet you siad that when Whyte came in, then when Green took over, then when king appeared with his £30 million............. just put your head back in the sand.
  10. Show me where i said i did? The usual imbeciles appear not to be able to seperate a point in fact to "he's peyoor pro-ashley by de way". I'm simply stating that Ashley is still controlling this in his favour - because the club is getting more money doesn't mean they have got rid of him at all. He's clearing stock, he's making money and IMO - we'll probably sign with him next year with amended terms where he gets more percentage back from a new kit deal. He has most likely negotiated so that no new top comes out this years os he can clear his stock out. does that sound like a man who has been defeated in business? To go about like we have got rid of him is ridiculous.
  11. really, could have swore it was; that he was making an extortionate profit. he's making less but still a profit. Is he still getting a good deal out of this?
  12. is ashley clearing his stock that boycotters refused to buy? is he still making profit? answer those questions.
  13. that's not what i'm saying at all, you should maybe think before posting shite. Unlike some (you) i'm not about to start setting out the bunting just because Dave "there's 30 million" King says all is rosy. I'd prefer to wait and see given how much we've been shafted over the last few years. and like it or not, this deal is still in Ashleys favour, he clears stock he has and gets paid. King will now need to prove that this is the final pay off.
  14. having shares is fuck all to do with retail . as i've said, i hope that we're getting out of it all but i'll wait and see rather than believe whats in the rhags. Also await more detail from King on the deal....................
  15. you've seen the contract then? I'd prefer to wait and see what happens at the end of this year given this year is still seeing Ashley get his money and we don't know how much more we get. How do you know that there isn't something to say that we are obliged to go with SD unless a better deal is in place? Ashley is not gone, people need to realise that.
  16. Is Ashley getting the boycotters to buy his wares - yes. Is he clearing the inventory that he has from last season - yes Is he still making a profit - yes is there a part of the contrcat that states we can leave without penalty at the end of this year given this is a new contract that has been created? - don't know. How much in our favour is the new contract compoared to the last - don't know. Will the contract decrease in our favour if renewed and new strips released? - don't know. When will we get the money from this new contract - don't know........
  17. head in the sand loyal having a field day, how about we get a fans group that are purported to represent the fans to ask the board how much we get now compared to the last deal, if SD have first refusal of a new deal given they are in place and this is a rolling contract and if there will be termination fees to end the deal at the end of this year on the contract.
  18. Be surprised if SD don't have first dibs, could be a rolling contract year on year with a notice of termination period. Hope I'm wrong but knew it wouldn't be as great as made out
  19. And there we have it - no new kit this season. So basically Ashley wants rid of the backlog of 16/7 shirts so agrees a knock down deal to clear out inventory. The deal is renegotiated yearly so he ramps it back up in SD favour again next year, just not as much as he did before. This isn't a win, Ashley's still controlling the game.
  20. Starve Mike Ashley of funds? he wasn't making a loss by the boycotts and i can't see that its affected his total income to make him take notice. IMO he told King to fuck off for the way he went about things and Kings probably went back proper this time.
  21. hopefully, and i've said previously that King should have been amicable about this at the start instead of pointing fingers at ashley from the outset, i'm just not convinced that the amicable route is how Kings done this, be good to get an outline of how the deal was structured.
  22. i'll save my excitement just now; Kings previous comments; “The question is, can we leave something in it for them when it’s still largely in favour of the club and I don’t think that’s impossible. “I think it can be done. I’m optimistic for pre-season. So what exactly has swayed Ashley to this? he wouldn't give it up for fuck all.
  23. always mate. Even if we're not in Europe they'd try and blame it on us.
  24. if they think there might be "problems" at this game then they should really look at why that is, in particular the bheasts reputation as a travelling support in Europe - countless sectarian and pro-terrorism banners, fighting in the streets, getting steaming, pishing in the streets and singing terrorist songs as well as numerous fines from UEFA for being a fucking disgrace.
  25. The club has never won a game in European competition. i'm liking our odds here.