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  1. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Lies - for all of Police Scotland looking in - there is no alcohol consumed whatsoever by Rangers fans on any buses to any games.
  2. Beggars Allocation Cut

    what the fuck are peopl emoaning about here - A. We cut opposition tickets B. They will most likely do the same to us when we play at their grounds and there's fuck all can be done about it. we can't have it both ways and if you want the board to reverse the decision on A then you're basically agreeing that Hibs can do what the fuck they want against us at their ground
  3. Beggars Allocation Cut

    It's a shite idea, if your not at the game your watching where you can have a few beers during the game, not watching with a rotten pie and flat cola
  4. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Glad to see this announced but the club should also back returning most of our allocation for away games, starve the other shite in our league of our fans money till the cunts are dead.
  5. How do you get to Ibrox on match day?

    boogie my way there.
  6. Feel good factor coming back?

    Too many false dawns the last years, and this looks like it'll be the same way. Fuck optimism, just halt these bastards in their pursuit of 10iar and get a new board installed or they'll be overtaking us on titles over the years to come
  7. Davie Weir meets Simon Ferry

    what happened to the legal action they were taking against the club?
  8. Heart & Hand

    Personally think Ferguson carried him in games. Without Ferguson he was caught out.
  9. It's still all about the Rangers

    unsurprising but the cunts can do what they like in Glasgow, been that way for years.
  10. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    everything about FF is bizarre as fuck but it just shows he has ties to someone on there as well.
  11. You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    not a thing on any news channels about the cunts bouncing on top of police vans etc.
  12. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Aye cos he has such a great management expertise........
  13. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Gerrard will do fuck all about it, get used to it.
  14. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Him and Miller will be at hibs next season.
  15. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Bench warming prick, good to see his careers hit the shitters
  16. A long club statement coming according to SLO

    Whilst I agree the restrictions are a joke, the club should be taking legal counsel regarding challenging the decision on the potential loss of earnings through footfall dropping due to the travel restrictions, not getting fans to do their bidding like they did when trying to remove the last board, its embarrassing.
  17. Arteta

    All the best to him but he won't improve on wenger. Why people are laughing at this yet think our appointment of Gerrard is sensible is fucking mental. We have more to lose than arsenal.
  18. Players you didn't/don't rate but everybody else seemed to?

    Buffell Danny Wilson in his first spell (Weir kept him right in games)
  19. can people stop trying to justify his signing by saying "as long as we stop them winning". He will not be the reason we stop them winning. he's a fucking rat mercenary who will get no cheer from me in his 2 years.
  20. Where's Murty gone?

  21. Back to business

    This. Gerrards name is not enough for me, i want to see results and i want to see this board get a fucking spine about them.
  22. Papac and Hemdani
  23. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Kill yerself. With pride.
  24. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    I'd rather you and the rest eh the haundwringers fucked off a cliff ya fucking mincer.
  25. Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    He can fuck off, here to pick up a retirement fund after he turned his back on us. Fucking rat.