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  1. Fod

    foderingham - like most of the team - is not Rangers standard and he never will be. how anyone can class him a good keeper after the past greats that have graced the gloves at our club is beyond me. Too many people seem happy to accept Foderingham as a good standard to set ourselves at.
  2. When Halliday comes back

    this. anyone coming back needs to be offered another chance to prove themselves. It's some of the shite that stayed that need to be shot of Ibrox on a catapult.
  3. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    I like Murty and i'm glad we haven't got McInnes in his place but we need the next manager to be a long term investment with a proven background. If we can't find that now then agreed, keep Murty but if we can then Murty should be retained as Assistant manager to the first team to learn his trade from someone with credentials in order that he can (maybe) take over down the line with a it more experience under his belt. if the board keep Murty in place he just becomes their fall guy, i want the board to prove themselves by appointing the right man to take us forward.
  4. Murty Reaction

    The man must stay. Better than McInnes and he was the best the board could come up with.
  5. Junkies vs Rangers

    Alves is slower than aids.
  6. Derek McInnes

    "a source close to the talks..." i'm out.
  7. Derek McInnes

    honestly never seen this, can you provide a link?
  8. Derek McInnes

    Where did McInnes say yes? please dont say the press release we put out is what this is based on.
  9. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    he's doing this shite to appease his cattle molesting fans, still doesn't take away from the fact his team got fucked by us over 2 legs though.
  10. Derek McInnes

    everyone going on about McInnes being a shite bag - if the stories that DeBoer met the board in the summer for talks of taking the managers job but decided against it are true, is he a shitebag as well? As a Rangers fan would you want to get landed as manager of this squad, told you're expected to take first place in 2 years with ST money only each season? it's fucked McCoists legacy, a Rangers man would be a fool to become the fall guy for this board. The fact we are still going with Murty makes me think this "long list" isn't as long as they made out, in fact it's probably been a few names and some of them said "fuck that" when they heard about the financial constraints they'll operate under yet still bear the pressure of being our manager.
  11. What's their problem?

    Let's keep it factual here - I don't recall Ibrox being put up for sale so that's just a lot of shite, it's a fact there's no nomad though
  12. What's their problem?

    agreed mate but i think he used it too his own advantage, made out all the problems were SD's making when in reality, the way King tried to take over just caused a check mate from Ashley. Now they are out the way the problems that were quieter due to the mud slinging at SD (no investment, no NOMAD, no real 5 year plan other than a pamphlet) are now opening up and he just shuts down and offers fuck all.
  13. What's their problem?

    he used to hide behind the excuse of "ongoing issues with Ashley/SD mean i can't talk about that" Now that's gone he's running out of places to hide.
  14. What's their problem?

    "they hated the last lot." seemed to be enough for some.
  15. This year being a write off

    They are on the ropes but we're hardly equipped to sustain the season with a few injuries so it's 50/50 if we can continue to stay close. Can see more teams hungry to take the first win from them though and all these "7-0" drubbings the scum fans thought would happen all season are no where to be seen.
  16. December is a big month

    I didn't realise the season ends in December. It's a big month but we do it all again after this month and we need to keep it going. Murty could win every game, get removed and some stupid cunt come in and blow it all to bits.
  17. most shortlived website ever?
  18. Who’s 2nd on the list ?

    course there isn't. Imagine there was, does anyone think they'd be happy to wait until January to see how we fare over the next few weeks under someone else and not be certain of any transfer market business being handed to them?
  19. Who’s 2nd on the list ?

    Waiting on Santa Clause finishing his current contract on 26th December, then we get him on a free year long contract.
  20. This year being a write off

    We must be selling season tickets this week to pay for the new signings....
  21. This year being a write off

    Are people really still expecting players in at the January window?
  22. Vanguard Bears

    Aye we can smile back on it fondly as the board continue to ruin us
  23. Vanguard Bears

    Got to love a purported fans group hee-hawing at a time of the potential demise of our club due to the state we're in. Great stuff, so staunch, SO FUCKIN STAUNCH YOU CUNTS. love yer stickers tho.
  24. Mcleish

    Alex MCleish gave us Franny "Fox in the box" Jeffers. Always remember.
  25. Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    Not just now, Murty needs the backing