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  1. They were gifted three points the tactics in the 1st half just not pushing the team up the park letting them play out as normal the midfield is non existent but that is down to injury to coulibally when he's absent there is no backbone . Can't start playing at a goal down too late . Candeias should have started the match not a 4 min cameo appearance
  2. A class player in his day and true gent of the game just sad news what else to say ... hoping for the best. thoughts are with Ray
  3. I Hate Halliday as much as i hated namouchi !!! Just get him OFF
  4. Because he was making them two wasters looking the dross players they are . no suprise taken off he was playing well its like mc coist all over again
  5. Has Waghorn aged twenty years watching that first half ?
  6. We are even shite in friendly's same old manager faviourites tav holt halliday producing same tired cant be arsed attitudes !!
  7. Not just their ability as midfielders but what odds would you get on eitheir of them to actually score at the bookies shows the reality problem we have .
  8. We have nothing to lose tomorrow and the players need to have that same mindset We are playing at Ibrox the players that normally cower away have no where to hide A team on an unbeaten run , what more incentive do they need to take them out . Want to see scott brown taken out and his skinhead growing hair rapidly And our midfield for one day to earn their payslip.
  9. I have to say that the midfield in all my time has to be one of the poorest ever We are like a ship sailing with a big hole in it.
  10. The only time i notice him is when he gets injured and has the trainer on ! Our misfield (not a spelling mistake) just get harry forrester on at least you know hes on the pitch .
  11. respect for the humble pie comment . lol first half you werent impressed - i was after the past weeks . The win was a statement of intent .
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