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  1. toolongawake

    Squad rotation next few weeks

    I fancy we'd rest who we needed to against Livi then play more or less the same team against Rapid and Hearts
  2. toolongawake

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Can't tell but feel were going to see three at the back for this.
  3. toolongawake


    Bring in a better striker than Morelos and Lafferty you mean ?
  4. toolongawake


    Is it a season long loan? Fully expect him to be gone by January th.
  5. toolongawake


    Is it just because of the shite we've had between the sticks since, or has he come back twice the keeper he was before?
  6. toolongawake

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    I'd rather give Middleton a run out, too big a game to throw Wallace into, Flanagan is a far better defender.
  7. toolongawake

    *** The Official Rangers Fc vs UFA Match Thread ***

    We've been by far the better team, hopefully score another early in the second half. Kent needs to go on the outside more often, him and Flanagan are a terrible combination on that side, far too one dimensional with both of them constantly cutting inside.
  8. toolongawake

    injury update on Jack and Coulibaly

    Agreed, I reckon he'll play and then drop out at the weekend.
  9. toolongawake

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Osijek thread***

    We really are short of defensive cover looking at that bench.
  10. toolongawake

    Harry Forrester gone

    That's what he wants you to think 😂
  11. toolongawake

    Harry Forrester gone

    Our very own Andy Halliday.
  12. toolongawake

    ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Martin's injured, who would you play, Cardoso?
  13. toolongawake

    Jason Cummings

    What are you banging on about? It's like trying to understand Pedro's pressers.
  14. toolongawake

    Murty’s record since being officially appointed

    These two upcoming Old Firm matches are where he's going to be judged.
  15. toolongawake

    Jamie Murphy - thoughts so far?

    It really was a fantastic pass, he was much improved yesterday, hopefully he can keep it up.