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  1. toolongawake

    Ross McCrorie [Swansea]

    They obviously think the same as the majority of fans did, that we have a lot of very similar midfield players and would maybe look to let one go. They picked the wrong one right enough, but would be happy to loan them Rossiter.
  2. toolongawake

    Ravel Morrison

    This, 100%
  3. toolongawake

    We now have "4 quality forwards to work with"

    Good baiting👍
  4. toolongawake

    We now have "4 quality forwards to work with"

    Joe Dodoo's no at Blackburn never mind doing well!
  5. toolongawake

    Tenerife Training camp

    Gerrard: "I want to see him up close and personal this week. I won't keep him here just to be a squad player. Don't be surprised out you see him go out on loan again, but we do see a future for him here"
  6. toolongawake

    Glen Kamara

    Having never seen him play, I'm confident Kamara is better than Coulibaly.
  7. toolongawake

    Kamil Gribara

    Can't see it, absolutely no benefit to Liverpool to have him sitting on our bench.
  8. toolongawake

    Glen Kamara

    Sounds like a win win
  9. toolongawake

    Players Moving On

    Wouldn't be against bringing back Liam Kelly th.
  10. toolongawake

    Glen Kamara

    If there was any chance of a bosman then 100% worth a punt.
  11. toolongawake

    Allan McGregor

    No possibly about it.
  12. toolongawake

    Andy Halliday

    Either way he's got to be above Flanagan in the pecking order
  13. toolongawake

    Andy Halliday

    Halliday always has and always will give 100%, Pena never has and I doubt he's about to change.
  14. toolongawake

    Dave Bates

    To be fair that does sound like Arsenal's transfer policy