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  1. No, St Mirren at home in August he came on from the bench in sure.
  2. Hopefully gets the job permanently in the summer.
  3. Not watching it today, but how's Katic looking. Glad to see him back in the line up.
  4. The pass down the channel to Candeias for the first was superb.
  5. I genuinely think Gerrard didn't notice McKenna get sent off.
  6. Would like to think he would be loaded out to an SPL team next season, or at a decent level down south.
  7. Glad to see Flanagan isn't even in the squad, hopefully the last we've seen of him.
  8. Now there's a player I genuinely forgot had ever played with us 😂
  9. If Rossiter it's going to be going out on loan I don't think we'll see him playing.
  10. Joe Dodoo's no at Blackburn never mind doing well!
  11. Gerrard: "I want to see him up close and personal this week. I won't keep him here just to be a squad player. Don't be surprised out you see him go out on loan again, but we do see a future for him here"
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