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  1. Original poster is talking about who will be favourites for the title. You've also got to take into account the speculation about his future. If he's goes, it swings our way. If he stays and we lose Morelos and don't get that high calibre midfielder we want, it's back in their favour
  2. Think a lot will also depend on whether Edouard stays at the piggery too
  3. Jordan Jones also non-bibbed so I wouldn't look to much into that.
  4. He's our only fit CF, imagine Gerrard left him on and he'd gotten injured, place would be in uproar
  5. Hard when other league's are still playing competitive matches.
  6. Good read, never knew Omar Bogle had been up here, has looked a decent player any time I've seen him.
  7. Don't see any reason not to start him vs St Mirren, home match against a team who lack the quality to try and expose his inexperience, Jack or Davis doubling up where necessary.
  8. Sutton calling Gerrard an embarrassment­čśé­čśé he's an absolute fandan
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