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  1. ­čśé­čśé behave, so far out of or league!
  2. Good read, never knew Omar Bogle had been up here, has looked a decent player any time I've seen him.
  3. Don't see any reason not to start him vs St Mirren, home match against a team who lack the quality to try and expose his inexperience, Jack or Davis doubling up where necessary.
  4. Sutton calling Gerrard an embarrassment­čśé­čśé he's an absolute fandan
  5. He's just jealous nobody is discussing it in his.
  6. Agreed, incapable of a tackle between them.
  7. Neither CB capable of putting in even a half decent tackle there.
  8. Spot on, would like to see a greater goal return from our midfielders, but certainly seem to be more willing to take a shot than previously. Livi keeper did well yesterday keeping out Jacks deflected effort and the Kamara shot.
  9. Davie Weir is the exact comparison I was going to make. Makes up for the lack of pace with his positioning, main concern is that Goldson isn't the man to play beside him .
  10. Not remotely surprised, would rather it had been after the upcoming game though.
  11. Never seen that kind of a strike partnership between guys who never play together before, they seem incredibly close.
  12. European football is the attraction for signing £7m players, they wouldn't be happy if they were rested for big European games so they are fit to play vsMotherwell.
  13. Nothing going on IPTV for this today, stuck watching Chelsea
  14. toolongawake


    Fuck going bowling with Niko, he'd be in front of the pins heading the ball clear­čśé
  15. toolongawake


    Just terrific tonight, his anticipation is phenomenal at times
  16. That's why I cancelled it mate, IPTV far more reliable picture
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