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  1. Tbh id rather give Citeh £££ and sign Dzeko over Lukaku, Benteke for the reported £32m could buy you Lacazette or for a £35M could buy you Benzema. More value outside the epl
  2. Only positive was our fans...team are full of imposters not a decent player among them.
  3. FMJ beats Pac, Pac beats Khan, Khan would give FMJ a harder fight than Pac would and Khan would school Brook as hes far too fast.
  4. What a load of cobblers!!! Ive been watching Sky Sports News for the last 2 mins and nothings come up about it... Edit: just say the bit at the bottom saying it
  5. Arsenal should have went for Falcao as usual tho they went for the cheaper option in Welbeck even though I think he will do well for them...Man U have over taken Arsenal imo, can see Man U finish second or third now
  6. Brilliant player and excellent signing imo, Bayern on paper have a great squad
  7. Whats the chances of them meeting in the EL? Hopefully they get the chance to embarass them again!
  8. Talk of Utd going bak in for Vidal with Hernandez and £34M going the other way. If they get Vidal and its a big if they will be a couple of cbs short of a title challenging side imo
  9. De Jong is a cert if they cant get any other big names in, I reckon the Blind deal is just about done aswell. Interestingly Balague also stated that another player based in Italy was due to come in, maybe Benatia?
  10. Crazy fee for a player (Di Maria) they hardly need, but as LvG said himself it will take around 3 months for his philosophy to take effect. As others have said this signing is not what they need, imo they should go for Ashley Willaims and Vlaar two solid defenders who are used to playing in the EPL and would improve their backline instantly. Still think they will finish higher than most people think...
  11. Hoping for a win. How depressing is it that im 'hoping' we beat a team like Clyde
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