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  1. Have a feeling the next bheast up at court this mcaferty scumbag will sing like a canary in the dock. I think he came forward by his own admission if I remember correctly.
  2. Cause when you go to confession that makes it awright
  3. I 2nd this I saw it as well clear as day haha
  4. jackunion

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    More importantly what where we singing ?
  5. jackunion

    Kyle Lafferty

    completely forgot about that one, what a day as well the lads in fancy dress in the flat behind the demolished stand haha I think most of the posters on here slagging laffertys first spell forget forget his goals because they got blind drunk celebrating the titles after those games haha
  6. jackunion

    Kyle Lafferty

    hes barely featured because el buffalo is better I just think the abuse on here is unwarranted,
  7. jackunion

    Kyle Lafferty

    3 goals in the first 10 minutes in 2 title winning games, scoring the first in both im not a huge fan of lafferty but the abuse hes getting in here is uncalled for considering hes barely featured and you cant say he never contributed during his first spell, he scored some important goals
  8. jackunion

    Kyle Lafferty

    Fs the guy has barely had a chance since joining this summer. The only thing he’s guilty of is he has simply not been as good as el buffalo other than that he tries like fuck and I don’t see much he has done wrong
  9. jackunion

    Settled team

    Ross McCrorie has to be in the starting 11 against the tougher teams/hammer throwers. The boys work goes unnoticed. besides that we haven’t lost a league game while he’s been involved from the start.
  10. jackunion

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Tommy Robinson’s fault apparently
  11. jackunion

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The fear 429CD3E1-0236-4D8D-AC36-15A866F4846C.MP4
  12. jackunion

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Tarriers weren’t interested in meeting them, apparently Airdrie boys took it to them at the pub just at st Enoch centre n gave them a right good skelp 😂
  13. jackunion

    Players that never really took to the fans?

    Rod Wallace to an extent not that I think he’s a cunt or that he’s done anything bad. i just wonder why he’s never bothered his arse considering how great a striker he was. I don’t hold anything against him but just find it strange he’s never been seen or heard of since he’s left.
  14. Is McGinn the relation to the tarrier Nial McGinn that just signed for villa and his fenian brother at st Mirren ?
  15. I agree, shit decision not to have this game in South America. But what an opportunity for likes of myself to sample this type of derby. I will be looking into possibly making this game if I can get a ticket.