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  1. The government are happy to sit and watch this rise to a peak. The sooner it peaks h thy e sooner it starts to decline. If it flatlines fur a length of period with no real ending in site the economy will be even more fucked. collateral damage from now on in.
  2. jackunion


    Maybe your right. I’ll be intrigued to find out how he gets on after us. I look at jelavic. He ran amok up here but saw his time down south as a flop in comparison to what he done up here. (I’m aware of the age difference and the potential)
  3. jackunion


    What’s his level if it isn’t in the spfl/Europa league with us ? I don’t think he could cut it In the premiership, he definitely wouldn’t get a goal streak like he did in the first half of the season. He’s a confidence striker and if he’s no feeling it he won’t turn up. Can’t afford that in the premiership and a run of games from the bench he’s in a mood. he can do one though if he’s downed tools which it looks likely then fuck him
  4. German health minister jens sphan today recommends cancelling events more than 1k people.
  5. Are you even staunch if you don’t risk infection from virus ridden Europe to follow the Rangers then self isolate in your room for a fortnight ffs
  6. Comes closely ahead of seeing gheorghe hagi celebrate at ibrox tonight as well
  7. It seems like when they come onto discussing transfers he dances round the real reasons for some of them which where obviously motivated by cash.
  8. jackunion


    I believe Braga got fined for the treatment of the wolves fans due to an official complaint by the club on how there fans got treated. I hope there’s no repeat of it when we go over cause it will be chaos and we know how it will get played out. And can’t see our club backing us the way the wolves support was backed.
  9. Saw the big man at feyernoord. An Absolute unit
  10. according to sport options facebook page they are "looking for another aircraft" "update by the end of the day"
  11. is it gonna be worth hanging of for what flights sport options have to offer ? made an arse of this already today
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