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  1. Beggars Allocation Cut

    its shit for the away support I agree, But our hand has been forced here.
  2. Signings you look back on and feel infuriated

    Most of mcoists signings notably Kevin fuckin Kyle and Ian black, and even more since watching him recently moshni. looking back though that donkey Karl Svensson wound me up a lot, as well as another winger PLG signed at that time but can’t remember his name.
  3. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    The Point I was trying to make is that Halliday from what I see would put his mates before his team mates. I honestly think if there’s a chance off going into 50:50 with his mate to win a ball on the pitch he’d be more inclined not to hurt his pal than to get out the tackle with the ball at his feet
  4. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    Goodnight Andy
  5. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    😂 I’m not suggesting there’s a conspiracy here but everything I’ve mentioned is true, IMO Halliday would put his mate before his teammate.
  6. Our players hanging about with Scott Allan in Dubai..

    Stretch your memory back to the pumping we took at Hampden recently, Halliday got subbed and seemed to have aimed abuse in the direction of Jordan Rossiter sitting on the bench, Andy Halliday and Scott Allan are best mates. JR was a target that day for SA. Did anyone see Andy Halliday diving into the stramash and venting anger at the way his teammate got tackled ? EDIT: AH looked more upset with JR at Hampden for being a sub than he did at SA for the way his mate tackled his team mate
  7. *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    credit to JN for changing it,
  8. Dundee United

    thats what being a tarrier feeder club gets you. Delighted 🍾
  9. Dundee United

    Moshni really is shit
  10. Will the gaffer be based in scotland?

    not likely, his family didnt re-locate when he went to L.A
  11. An absolute shitshow in terms of football quality, thise 2 hearts players of African descent are howling. lennon showing his class again at the end. Can’t help himself the wee rat cunt
  12. Harry cochrane looks like a player
  13. Build My Gallows

    Was just about to post this. Singing it in strum Graz for what felt like the entire game. The Austrian fans didn’t even watch the game they watched us for the 90 min. it only works if the UB use the drum now cause everyone claps to fast and it dies out
  14. Sir Alex

    A true ranger, always speaks highly of us as an institution. It didn’t matter how many stars his team was filled with when they came to ibrox he still brought them round the stadium as a tour and spoke of how it felt to be part of Rangers. I heard recently from an interview from an ex player (can’t remember) that sir Alex was the first person into the away dressing room to celebrate our victory over Leeds Utd at ellend rd
  15. Major investment?

    Investment from what I hear is to be 25mill from king and 2 Scots based in the Far East. Anyone else heard this ?