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  1. Is McGinn the relation to the tarrier Nial McGinn that just signed for villa and his fenian brother at st Mirren ?
  2. I agree, shit decision not to have this game in South America. But what an opportunity for likes of myself to sample this type of derby. I will be looking into possibly making this game if I can get a ticket.
  3. jackunion

    Big Jock Knew

    rancid shower of horrible fenian bastards those bastards sicken me, how the fuck can you walk into that stadium to support a team guilty and rife in child abuse
  4. jackunion

    Morelos indiscipline

    It was clearly an intentional tactic by Gerrard to have lafferty starting today as he will be required to start in the next game and tell el buffalo to pick up a booking and have him out against Dundee rather than a bigger opposition.
  5. jackunion

    Scum Thinking of Patching Ibrox Tickets

    Coming from a club whose supporters have a history of bottling kids on more than one occasion
  6. jackunion

    Lying brand

    The coaching at the SOS academy although pricey is pretty high standard tbf
  7. jackunion

    The Rangers FC

  8. jackunion

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    Don’t know why, especially after all the goals he scored for us. but the one thing that sticks in my mind when Boyds name is mentioned is the game we won the league at Easter rd. his face tripping him cause he didn’t start or feature in the game. Even when fans where celebrating and singing his name from the stands he couldn’t bring himself to enjoy the moment. I’m sure he fucked to Middlesbrough after that game as well
  9. is this hit the tip of the iceberg or is there more to come of this ? Will the mcafferty case bring out more of the bheasts sordid deeds ?
  10. jackunion

    I think we need to cash in on Tav and Or Morelos

    In the first half ? Im sure Halliday took that corner mate
  11. jackunion

    GoFundMe - John McGall - Hampden Accident

    Saw the aftermath of this incident and heard the collision as it happened. I couldn’t work out what happened, I knew it was related to the bus driving past but he was well on the pavement and not anywhere near the road to get knocked over. From what I saw though the bus driver accelerated way to fast considering the build up of fans in that area. Donation made get well soon
  12. jackunion

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    As mentioned if your flight leaves on time you should be fine. and also depends on the airport traffic and size. I Reckon krakow shouldn’t give you problems. Iv made connecting flights in around 45 min in some large U.S airports. gd luck.
  13. jackunion

    Europa Tickets

    Anyone any idea when tickets for Spartak Moscow are available ? Would love to take my son to this game. Can’t make Villareal or I’d have bought the package.
  14. jackunion

    Bears in with the home end on Sunday

    You hear stories of this happening a lot back in the day when we started to take more control over ticketing and less tv coverage. I could never imagine doing it now but also couldn’t imagine not being able to see the game if it wasn’t the televised like nowadays.