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  1. Saw the big man at feyernoord. An Absolute unit
  2. according to sport options facebook page they are "looking for another aircraft" "update by the end of the day"
  3. is it gonna be worth hanging of for what flights sport options have to offer ? made an arse of this already today
  4. This section was mixed support but mostly all bears.
  5. No fucks given by the bears last night took up a section of the home support next to our away section.
  6. 👍🏻 Cheers mate, fully aware of the risk loads of other telling me the same. I have a ticket but not decided on whether I’ll use it or not. Part of me thinks it’s stupid risk to take but travelling all that way and not getting in to the game will leave me scunnered.
  7. Anyone else got tickets for the home end ? 😬
  8. 2 of them on the bbc question time panel so no sure if they made it.
  9. Noticed away tickets are available on tickets selling sites. Risky though 😬
  10. Loved it, it made me a fan of the game. I went to my first game not knowing much if anything about it and still enjoyed it although the experience was way more enjoyable when I learned more about the game. I went to a game with around 9 other British lads and all said they enjoyed it and stayed till the end. At least 1 or 2 of them now are more interested and will watch it as a fan now. I’d probably agree with seeing much more on the tv but the large screens in most stadiums I have been no longer make that an issue. Even if you can’t see the large screens from your seat smaller TVs and screens are placed everywhere in the stadium.
  11. Id tend to agree that the old school venues should be kept. But can’t help get lost in the scale and design of these new indoor stadiums. Have you been to any ? The colts stadium from the outside doesn’t look like much compared to what it’s like inside. id like to visit lambeau field. Heinz field was impressive for an outside stadium.
  12. Decent game on TNF. Body clock is shot to fuck, just got back from 2 month trip in the states. Caught 2 Indiana colts games and Tennessee Titans game vs the bucs on Sunday as well as a pacers game and the usyk fight in Chicago. colts stadium was impressive still not as good as the AT&T stadium though.
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