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  1. I'm sure it was pittodrie he was puntingballs into the press box trying to hit fat Gerry
  2. I'v never been supportive of any boycotts.
  3. It's a bad state of affairs mate, but boycotting is not the answer. Until someone else takes over we have no option, it's just the way it is. its a bad situation to be in and boycotting Will only make things worse.
  4. I'm not a season ticket holder (due to work commitments it's pointless ) I previously sat in GE corner for 10+ years and spent a fortune over the years so like think my opinion still counts. But cutting of our only serious cash flow would put us In serious trouble, trouble we can't afford to be in when it comes to getting back to where we should be. You are of course entitled to decide where you put your hard earned cash but have a serious think about possible consequences by instigating a boycott.
  5. Not good for those on a banning order. fly bastards
  6. All good shouts but Quarry bar gets my vote, get in early
  7. Sad news this morning
  8. Apparently squandered millions as well, guaranteed off to China for few years to earn back the money's he's spent on gambling.
  9. Push slice/slice started to creep in just in time for season starting 🤷🏼‍♂️ just as I start to get satisfied with tempo and ball connection as well. Frustrating AF
  10. If there was ever a thread to use shifty eyes then this is it
  11. Edu goal vs tarriers. A steward was unaware that whilst trying to shut the gate to stop loads of fans piling out onto the pitch with the players nearby, my foot/ankle was jammed and proceeded to slam the gate as hard as possible thus fuckin up my ankle. trying to tell a steward your in pain because he's jamming your foot whilst completely overcome with joy is difficult. And completely forgot all about it till I was limping back to the bus.
  12. It was mentioned on talksport the morning he was presented as manager that the Forrest chairman was quoted as saying "he had been chasing MW for a very long time" and the fact he was appointed at another club made things difficult. I Think this fuckin rat engineered his way out our club a lot longer than we think. you could see his mood change at the pressers almost overnight and that he was fed up. Glad he's gone though.
  13. Forrest aren't far from relegation. Priority in those situations is to win ugly and stop leaking goals. All attributes that MW & DW know absolutely fuck all about 😂
  14. I'm not disagreeing with the fact they may not be fit for purpose. but we have no other option. It's laughable that you read on here nearly every day that people think we can just get rid of our board and get a new one in.
  15. "The board must go" aye cause it's that easy people that think boardrooms have revolving doors on them and staff can come and go like managers and players need to fucking wake up