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  1. Surely if they need to win its playing into our hands? We've shown already how easy it is to break through their backline, I'm confident we'll score. Lafferty really needs to step it up. He's actually done nothing of value the whole game. He needs to learn to play the simple ball and not have to take 40000 touches before doing so. I'd think Novo would come on before Beasley and I doubt it'd be at half time. Walter will give Lafferty 15/20 mins after what was hopefully words of encouragement/a good bollocking. Ahh sorry I meant our hands I also agree with what you just said regarding Lafferty.
  2. We have got them where we want them. Don't forget THEY NEED TO WIN today and with it still being 0-0 it's playing into their hands. They are going to have to start really going for it and with there vastly unexperienced and dodgy defence I feel we can get a couple of goals in this.
  3. Don't know how any bear could support they cunts
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