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  1. Can't see anything other than a Gers win ! Going for 4-1 Windass, Morelos, Miller (2)
  2. Currently in february 2014 with Juventus and Doumbia has scored 53 goals in all comps ! Will post a picture of his end of season stats
  3. Our passing and ball retention is truly dreadful. What do this team do every training session ?
  4. How can we continue to have so many players behind the ball and not really get anywhere near the ball ?
  5. Is there anyway that i can change the settings so that when i click on a player i only see there attributes and not all the other clutter ?
  6. It baffles me that we can make st mirren look this good. Get it sorted Rangers.
  7. Like i said, the goal is coming. Time to get stuck right in to this mob and dont give them another sniff !
  8. haha true, he looks like a science teacher or something.
  9. Strikers should always take penalties, idiot.
  10. Wallace for Papac at half time please, Papac keeps persisting with the long ball and its not been happening. Other than that we still look good for the win
  11. Got a good feeling about Bedoya and Edu today. 2-0 gers
  12. What a fucking goal. Hats off to edu, absolutely fantastic performance
  13. Lets not sick back like we usually do, now its important to press high and play like we can do.
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