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  1. Why do they have to change things
  2. We had the 3 points in the bag, instead of going defensive we kept banging our heads trying to get more, might get away with it against other teams but Hivs are strong defensively, Gerrard should have closed shop when we were in the lead, that’s if we are capable of closing shop.
  3. I can only think he was booked for petulance, like no other players give the ref lip.
  4. Hivs are a strong defensive team, remind me of Walters sides, defend and take your chances, no use in us pretty passing around the park with nothing to show for it, when will Gerrard change his tatics
  5. Shite but we only have ourselves to blame, going nowhere with these tatics
  6. Sick of us doing all the good stuff then making passes to fresh air
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