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  1. I was hoping we could at least better our position compared to last season, the scum knew we were one game away from topping the league, I’m sure that’s why they have had a bit of a struggle, but that pressure is off now. Still plenty to play for we have to find our form soon
  2. But we’ve been struggling since the break a shadow of what we were, they still manage the wins, they were struggling at the weekend until they brought on their star man and got a respectable score line. It’s questionable wether Alfie would have made any difference for us or not. The whole team lost form.
  3. We are finding it hard to score atm, fair chance we could have a couple of draws, sheep, Killie even Hibs ? They’ll see what a struggling hearts can do and replicate, I don’t see the taigs dropping many. Lets hope I’m talking pish
  4. Maybe we should try parking the bus, that would confuse most of our opposition.
  5. Get the fire back in the belly Rangers, 1- 0 won’t cut it, a good convincing win.
  6. It’s not over until it’s over but it’s not promising, nothing in that performance last night gave me hope.
  7. I wonder if Hearts will give the scum the same fight as they gave us today, of course when you give them a gift and you leave the defence wide open ......
  8. Question has to be why were we outfought, it’s not like we weren’t expecting a fight, when you expect a fight you should be up for it.
  9. My thoughts exactly, Hearts were up for a battle, we need a big battling striker to either support Alfie or replace him if not playing, Defoe and Aribo are too lightweight up front.
  10. I think it’s safe to say The Meltdown will now end. But hopefully.............
  11. Honestly think he’ll say , we were all to blame, if he mentions missing players he can do one.
  12. Am I being too hard when I think another Kenny Miller, he’s capable but only in special conditions
  13. It’s sad but true but it shouldn’t be the case, Defoe is not a replacement especially in a game where the opposition is pulling there socks up and giving us a scrap
  14. Funny again that a player gets a contact and becomes anonymous
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