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  1. Considering King lost £20 mil you’d think he’d have something to say.
  2. We did survive though didn’t we, that’s what they can’t accept.
  3. EBT’s were legal, I believe it was the way the club operated them that was questionable, the fact that other clubs used them and were also found guilty of avoidance proves that HMRC just decided that all EBT’s were wrong whether operated rightly or wrongly.
  4. The timing of this does seem questionable, just when we are in an election mode and no Parliament sitting, questions should be asked at some point though, If the SNP Mp’s do care about anything to do with Scotland, they should be the first to be asking for answers and looking for those responsible. Of course that ain’t going to happen because they hate what our club stands for.
  5. Not a word mate....funny isn’t it. ? It’s on the online news channels but they don’t want to report it.
  6. She’s a fine one to be accusing others about being victims, ignorant tramp.
  7. It proves it was a debacle on a grand scale, it never needed to happen, it’s the supporters that had to bear the hurt and humiliation, kicked from pillar to post, that for me is the biggest sum total. 👍
  8. The bottom line seems to be that there was no reason for RFC Ltd to go into admin, the club should never have been booted out the league and the Scum’s titles are well and truly tainted. We might not gain anything financially but we have regained the moral high ground. We were targeted and given no quarter by a bunch of Civil Servants.
  9. Anyone think the lawyers will be busy at Hamdump tomorrow
  10. I’m sure once it sinks in there will be plenty of folk looking for recompense, I’d even say the debtors might have a claim aswell
  11. And if he does......straight back to the club
  12. Tax man does this all the time, how many times do we here of ordinary folk getting hit with wildly out of proportion tax demands, some get ruined and some come to an agreement. The thing is the cunts brought a great club to it’s knees when it could have been avoided if they hadn’t been grubbing around for money to cover the financial collapse
  13. The more it sinks in the angrier ye get ......ragin
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