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  1. Yea, McInnes was speaking for him (so he said) said he wanted a move south.
  2. Am bumping this just cause I like looking at it, makes an auld man happy.
  3. After saying that he wouldn't Ryan Jack will be joining Rangers.
  4. Is there any other club in Europe that has acted like this ? I was a teenager at the time, I watched it on TV but I don't remember as much fuss being made of it at the time,
  5. Not a good game to watch. MU took their chances but overall not a good game.
  6. Whit's this thread about ?
  7. Well said, for once 👍
  8. That's fucking brilliant, that film has been providing us with comedy gold for years
  9. Aye and I noticed on Friday's BBC news when they mentioned the previous one they omitted to say which club it was.
  10. You are right but IMO he wasn't actually doing it, he was surrounded by fans. If he was doing it then yes it's not the way for our manager to react to such a dismal season. It will be all over the media that he was doing it of course.
  11. Don't think Pedro was actually doing it, looked more like it was the Bears around him to me.
  12. He owns the country apparently
  13. I agree with the first part, not too sure about the second, we live in hope these days more than expectation.
  14. Wonder what Pedro has learned from that.
  15. Don't think it makes any difference on the iPad, no Adblock for it AFAIK.