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  1. Hearts had their measure, just didn’t have the class to see it through Honestly didn’t think the scum dominated the game, would have liked too see how it would have panned out if they didn’t get that penalty
  2. Could be worse, the scum could be convincing winners, that they ain’t
  3. Listen to the cunts on the telly, you’d think the scum were a Scottish team playing a bunch of foreigners
  4. Hearts actually having the best of it at the moment, hope it lasts
  5. You’d think that lot couldn’t get any lower but they have. A cynical attempt to bury bad news. All the media will be reporting tomorrow is their treble treble
  6. Depending on the circumstances.This incident must make some players wonder why they would consider coming to play for our club. Players harassed in airports and supermarkets and now attacked while on holiday. Scotland is a shithole under the SNP, they are causing the hate and division
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