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  1. There's the rub, he's our manager for better or worse, not much we can do about it, I would like to know what convinced the board that he was the right man, for instance does he have a reputation for finding good players, where is he going to find them ? Does he have any sort of reputation that good young players would be attracted too ? Its early days maybe he'll be just what we need but if he can't inspire the support, I doubt he'll inspire the players. We look forward to another season of rebuilding with all the risks that entails
  2. I can sort of see what you're saying but do you believe that any donkey that wears the shirt should be given our full support ? Is it not a bit like excusing the wallopers amongst our support just because they're Bears ?
  3. The only way to stop the rot is for King to go away, sell up to someone with loads of cash. But that's never going to happen anytime soon.
  4. It's all Peace and Love m8, Peace and Love.
  5. Always trot out the same things....we need to be more clinical.....I don't think some of them know the meaning of the word, especially Waghorn.
  6. He thought it was Broon. Silly ass.
  7. Rossiter
  8. Problem is does Pedro know them, has he a record of doing this previously, Warburton probably sold himself on the promise that he knew of plenty championship players that he could bring in at a good price, we got Garner & co.
  9. I doubt he's going to get a whole new squad, what he has is the mainstay of the squad, two or three decent players if he's lucky and can get them and don't forget we had decent players missing today.
  10. You're not wrong and can we be sure that whoever he brings in will be up to standard, will he be Warburton MK2, will he bring in third class players from foreign leagues? After all, the board want a manager who can bring class for peanuts.
  11. We live in hope not expectation
  12. He called broonaldo Scott
  13. We won't get investment, we are destined to be second or third for the foreseeable future.
  14. King doesn't care about fitba, he only likes court cases, it's the only thing he has any interest in winning.
  15. We are not as good as them but I expected a better fight, I expected the manager to at least put some fire in their belly, it wasn't all down to the players, Pedro would admit he got it all wrong first half. It was a cup game and form should not come into it.