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  1. It stops the club bleeding cash and keeps folk in a job, once income starts rolling in they should be able to handle it.
  2. Such class. I love my club 👍
  3. Owing to the origins of my club, which was established to lift our Irish forbears out of poverty we ascribe to it the virtues of Mother Theresa. This is a complete fabrication. During their first 4/5 years they never paid one penny to charity.
  4. With UEFA now saying that they’re lifting the ban on televised 3pm ko’s so that behind closed doors games can be played and televised how would it affect ST holders, clubs would have to refund them surely
  5. Seemingly the Belgium’s are now asking for approval, it’s a clusterfuck
  6. Him and his club have got nothing to loose though have they ?
  7. We should offer to let them have the league but not allow them to claim the title
  8. Can’t see this being truly over until there’s a vaccine, how these eejits can think we can get back to normal in 3/4 months seems crazy
  9. I know where you’re coming from mate but if a solution has to be found and this season is null &void with no titles being awarded then the only solution is to fall back on the previous season for CL and euro places. Scum must not be allowed to claim 9 titles, end off
  10. English on the radio asked what he’s hearing...he said ....called as is, no relegation
  11. Micky Stewart on Sportsound taking the scummy view that King should be steering the club through the crisis and shouldn’t be leaving at this time, (almost implying he’s deserting the club) this after King has explained he has to isolate and look after his business in SA.
  12. Null and void for me and we start again next season, however UFA will want CL next season how does the SFA decide who gets the spot, I presume it will be them but not as champions, no fuckin way.
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