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  1. He's determined to show what he can offer ? I think we all know by now
  2. Genius and monkey heid on the same page, only at the piggery.
  3. They really are one fucked up club
  4. I presume he refers to a big spanner.
  5. It's the throw away society m8, if you're not part of us then you're not one of us, Barry was a great player for us although I don't like the fact that our enemies will associate his present actions with the past errors of the club. It will seem to all as though he's trying to dodge a tax bill, whether it's true or not.
  6. We need players who can strike the ball on target not either side, Waghorn can be a powerful player but he has no idea where the goal is.
  7. The club itself would say they are proudly Scottish (something the other lot don't) but they would not say they are a club with Protestant ethics, it is also proud of its Unionist ties.
  8. He took great pleasure in saying the word "unlawful" i.e. against the law, they weren't against the law at the time, they may have been run incorrectly but they weren't illegal.
  9. Quite right, the "reasonable" Tims don't care however the haters always have the loudest voice, I genuinely think most just want to get on with the football, they've had their day of Rangers bashing.
  10. He's working the system, no way he has no money, his wife will.
  11. They have to have a review after it's been called for, I doubt anything will change, I'm sure they don't want to open a can of worms.
  12. Pedro has a long way to go to get approval from me, he's taken us to the depths with the worst results in our history, nothing he says at present will change my opinion of him until he proves he's capable of winning on a regular basis. If only we could see into the future
  13. They claim 40/60k attendance, I'm sure they wouldn't notice kicking out 900 odd terrorists sympathisers from the ranks.
  14. Still no cohesion up front, a decent workout hopefully we can get it together by the time battle commences
  15. They've come over from that dump in the east end.