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  1. Pedro has improved the defence but that wasn't hard after what we had before,but nothing else has improved much
  2. Aye, I watched the Killie game today, the scum seem to find space to pass into, they'll play in triangles till they see the chance to make a cutting pass, they also have players who can strike the ball, Pedro said he didn't watch the scum, maybe he'd learn something if he did.
  3. I honestly think Mendes had something to do with it, he'll be well thought of at Ibrox and his advice maybe played a part.
  4. Because no cut understands what he's talking about, he looks good, wears a nice suit and has a good looking wife, the board must have been dazzled.
  5. He was on the radio last week, he said at the time we were looking for a manager he was prepared to speak to the board about whether they wanted him as a stop gap or full time but he said they had made their mind up.
  6. Actually that could be the end of season table, except for Hamilton.
  7. We'll be ok when we have finished our pre season.........
  8. Maybe we need a big metronome at Ibrox that would keep the tempo going.
  9. Still a load of pish.
  10. Did he actually say that today mate ?
  11. Can we not find a Bull to throw him at ?
  12. That post is like a telegram mate
  13. It's hard to be successful in the SPFL it's a top league with top teams in it, I'm not surprised these guys can do the job in inferior leagues O'H excepted but he's a Tim.
  14. We should get SWS in to tell Pedro what to do, he's obviously clueless except for training games.
  15. He's got good hair though
  16. Pedro got the tactics spot on.....pish as usual.
  17. Can he transfer himself, that would be good
  18. We're the laughing stock of Scottish football at the moment, you can only play with folks expectations for so long.
  19. Only one set of fans going home happy.
  20. Is there a force field in front of that goal ?
  21. Tav delivers? To who....
  22. When haven't we ?
  23. Don't give a fuck about them
  24. Not playing well but I thought we could have had three first half, Keeper made a brilliant save and Miller could have doe better, and hats the two I can remember
  25. We should forget Walker.