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  1. Wummin’s fitba is good for a laugh right enough, so in that way it’s entertaining
  2. As an aside, I heard the Hagg on radio Scotland this morning saying she doesn’t read books So that’s her excuse for editing three names drivel.
  3. I see a pattern here.....love, hate, love........hopefully Am I right in thinking they have upped his wages after saying they wouldn’t do that ?
  4. What’s a technical director? Something to do with computers and stuff ? Is wee Lenny needing some help ?
  5. Kennedy said....What we want is for players to be hungry The famines over pal.
  6. To be honest mate, I always thought that was the rule, you can move from side to side but you can’t leave the line till the ball is kicked, keepers are doing it all the time though.
  7. Confusing about the lack of added time, I presume that ref had to get back to make her man’s dinner.
  8. Always thought they would have trouble signing players with TLB in charge, their only hope is getting foreign players who are unaware of his reputation (and the clubs)
  9. There will be some red faces in the Scottish media, Tam Cowan and co were still saying he would eventually sign for them at the weekend.
  10. I’ve never had a thumb, just a “like”
  11. Don’t know who you are mate or who you work for,but no, I wouldn’t because you are a Bear and we are talking about a lowlife piece of shit.
  12. Personally no, because he means nothing to me, but if I was a friend or family member, yes
  13. I’d hope they wouldn’t be stupid enough to name their employer There is a difference when something is posted anonymously and posting something publicly with your work details included.
  14. Unless you are a family member or friend reading it or hearing it of course.
  15. Who the fuck gives a shit about this, we will have to beat the cunts no matter who they sign. In Lenny we trust.........to make a cunt of it.
  16. They’re wummin mate no cunt knows what they’re thinking
  17. I just saw that game as a typical Killie performance, trying to play tight at the back, let the opposition make the play and hope for a chance on the break, maybe SC will miss the plastic pitch also. It’s early days for him and time will tell.
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