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  1. OP's a dobber.
  2. Is Joe Miller suffering from senile dementia?
  3. Of course they won't believe any of this, they won't believe it when we win 55 either.
  4. I had one of those Pong games, first ones made, it was about the size of a tablet with two knobs so you had to sit real close to your opponent sharing the box, ok if you were playing a bird but not so good if it was your hairy arsed pal
  5. That was probably my fault m8, I posted a link to it
  6. I recon they'll bring in more in the summer when the English transfers start, unfortunately Brenda will have had a look at what we have and buy accordingly
  7. This was how we used to get our fitba scores http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/230963-the-pink-evening-times-and-green-citizen
  8. Exactly, there are plenty other prominent Bears (eg Souness) who could make statements like this but our chairman should be above it, he'll fuck off back to SA and leave others to face the music
  9. And that's exactly what they and the scummy press will hit us with.
  10. Maybe because he's giving them a big stick to beat us with if it all goes wrong again this season, there are no guarantees. The time for these comments is when we've proved ourselves on the park and regained our title.
  11. Good point but I can't see us being overtaken on that one, no title for 6 years, there would be blood.
  12. Making statements like that are all very well and appeal to the Bears but he'll be crucified in the taig ridden press. We should be doing our talking on the park, I suppose he'll go and hide in SA if it all goes tits up again this season.
  13. No Surrender.
  14. I meant on the park m8, another season like the last one and it all means nothing, Pedro has a big job on his hands and has no excuses, the board have done their job and backed him, I'm happy that we seem to be heading in the right direction but only time will tell.
  15. I'll thank Mr King when we accomplish something.
  16. Are you Chinese? We read from left to right in this country
  17. I'll be happier when we actually start winning games and beat the Tims, that's all that matters to me.
  18. Good news, over to you Pedro get that team scoring goals and winning games and we'll be even happier Bears.
  19. Going to be as confusing as fuck with all these new faces, considering we don't have their names on the shirts, I was just getting used to the last lot
  20. https://stv.tv/sport/football/1391756-sfa-chief-wrong-to-say-we-need-strong-rangers-says-boyd/ GIRUY Boyd, we're comming for you manky cunts
  21. https://stv.tv/sport/football/1391756-sfa-chief-wrong-to-say-we-need-strong-rangers-says-boyd/ FTP
  22. I see Terry Butcher compares Jonny Hayes to Davy Cooper
  23. Thanks, I sort of thought the DoF reported to the board on how well the manager and squad were performing amongst other things, giving the board opinions to the board on players Pedro may want to bring in, which in the pecking order would place him above Pedro.
  24. He could end up like Mr T. Burns.
  25. So is Allen officially Pedro's boss ?