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  1. But, but, did King not say they would take their time over the appointment? Would he not have known the appointment was imminent? Would he not have given a hint when he was asked, or is he just clueless? Is this what they call fake news ?
  2. He's unemployed. Bet he's saying that to all the clubs .....whore
  3. That I can believe
  4. Why were they booing him, is he English or something? A tartan tranny was asked on the radio and he said it was because they were on their way oot the competition....aye right.
  5. Neve saw the game but just heard that Chris Martin was bood when he came on. Can anyone tell me why ?
  6. Slovenia have been terrible and we made hard work of it, we deserve a win though
  7. Timothy shitting himself just in case Dave has found a spare £100 mil.
  8. Can't get my head round the fact that King doesn't want to be here and he has no interest in watching games, funny kind of Rangers man.
  9. Bet he's forgotten his chequebook again
  10. Do these English clubs actually watch Scottish football ? Waggy hasn't exactly set the grass on fire up here, he did well enough in the championship but he's still to hit the mark in the Premiership. Anyway they can have him for a couple of million
  11. My mother's dead but my granny is 512
  12. Sorry Bears, third place for me, I can't see us doing the sheep.
  13. Anyone know what the inaccuracies were in the blog ?
  14. He must own the club or the directors.
  15. Big Lee has been mentioned
  16. Forgive my ignorance I don't follow these things and have read the full thread but I presume Houston has wangled a full time position with the club while still being a board member of the fans group that hold the club to account ? Did this man have a job to leave ?
  17. The story says "said to be wearing" either they were or weren't, however if they were they deserve to get everything that's coming to them, scumbags. Cutting someone's face is not on.
  18. All good..........so far
  19. Pedro needs his own choice of players far too early to judge
  20. Olay, Olay, Olay,Olay...Pedro, well done
  21. My stream packed up and it went to the users log in, I noticed it had the Hamilton logo on it, cunt must be a Hamilton supporter and pulled the plug Its back now
  22. Fuckin stream packed up and I'm paying for it
  23. Well done Waggy made it scored it
  24. Penalty yassss
  25. Have to agree, none are clinical enough or fast enough