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  1. The only thing that I can predict about the game is the level of absolute carnage on this forum if we lose. Is mohsni back? That would make a prediction easier
  2. Bet 4- £17.53 on Over 1.5 goals in Schalke vs Leverkusen tonight Returns £21.43
  3. Started a fun looking wee challenge I seen on a Fb page the other day, basically start with £10 and just put 1 bet on a day with rubbish odds that's a 'certainty' to come in then just keep betting all the winnings the next day so it rolls on. Basically after 20 days it'll be up around 500 bucks. Looks like something a bit different. Bet 1 and 2 came in so bet 3 today was £14.70 -Draw no bet shamrock rovers (1-0 up after 15mins) -Helmond sport clean sheet -NO (Already conceded) Hopefully be sitting here in a couple of weeks celebrating
  4. Alright cheers for the input. What exactly are the good brands? I've heard of Callaway and Cleveland but don't know any others?
  5. Anyone here know if 'Cougar' is a decent make of clubs? Just started playing golf regular and found a pretty cheap set of them but dunno if they're good or not?
  6. English treble today Liverpool Spurs Man Utd @3.89 Any guesses on which team it is that lets me down? Guaranteed one as usual
  7. luckily i've read that thread 2 out of the first 3 came in now. Olympic gold and taquin du seuil both came in with forresters folly losing. Looking like a decent day so far anyway
  8. Put 17 races on today, not a clue about horse racing so putting all my faith (and money) on the selections of an apparent 'pro' but he does seem to make good profit almost every day so here's hoping. First race came in already a wee bit ago so looking promising!
  9. France vs Belarus Bulgaria vs Armenia Home double at just under evens for tomorrow
  10. Fluminese/Gremio double @6.32 on Bet365 tonight. Figueirense Vs Fluminese: Fluminese 2nd in the league and won 6/10 away games this season up against the bottom placed team who've won just 2 out of 10 home games. Palmeiras Vs Gremio: Gremio 3rd in the league with 5 wins from their 10 away matches against palmeiras in 17th/20 in the league and only 3 wins from 10 home matches. Stuck £5 on so looking at a £26 return
  11. Haven't looked through all this thread so dunno if it's been mentioned but Middlesborough player Andy Halliday is a big Gers fan and has been tweeting saying he knows 3 signings that will be made today and they're good signings too. And that 2/3 Of the players Dunnys mentioned are ones he knows about so would appear to be true. So excited now!
  12. A Fiver on Basel/Spartak/Gladbach paying out 30 bucks on Ladbrokes. Spartak game 10mins in
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