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  1. That was a disgraceful performance. Too many players looked like they thought by just turning up we would be handed the points & that attitude is shocking. The tactics also have to be questioned. 3 at the back wasn't working & should have been changed. Playing the long ball game is also crazy given we should have such an advantage by keeping it on the deck.
  2. It's not been a great performance & our defence has looked shaky. I think we could benefit from increasing the tempo a bit as we have looked a bit flat. On the positive side were in front & we know we have another couple of gears we can move up.
  3. Wasn't the performance we were all expecting however we got through in the end. Hopefully we will learn some lessons from today & see an improved performance in our next game.
  4. We started brightly enough but after the first 10 mins we have looked a bit flat & lost a really sloppy goal. Hopefully we'll kick in to action in the second half.
  5. Strong team although I'm a little surprised to see Goian & Bocanegra playing.
  6. Good 1st half. The players look in the mood for it today.
  7. Good performance & result. Hopefully this is a turning point for us & we go on a winning run.
  8. I'm happy enough with how we reacted to going behind. McCulloch has surprised me & I have to give him credit for his performance so far.
  9. Terrible performance so far. I know we are a man down but the way we have allowed them to dictate the game is shocking.
  10. It's always disappointing to drop points especially at home but the performance today was piss poor & we can't complain about getting a point from the game. Too many players never enough effort in to the game today & the midfield was non-existant in the second half. The majority of today's team need a kick up the arse & reminded that we have to earn the points as they wont just be handed to us. We have started the league campaign well so we cut them a little slack however looking at the 3 games we dropped points perhaps points to complacency.
  11. Not a great performance but we got the win & that's the most important thing.
  12. You cant read too much in to friendlies but it was a good performance & we should have won it by a couple more than we did. It was good to see McKay get a run out & I thought he was the MOTM & it looks like we've got ourselves a good deal with ths one.
  13. t's a disappointing result for us today & it was a poor performance in my opinion. We never really got control of the midfield & failed to take advantage of the chances we had. It was a bad day at the office & we wll hopefully see a positive reaction from the team. The result at rugby park means no real damage has been done but we should really be taking of any slip ups by Celtic especially in situations like today when we have a home game.
  14. Delighted with the weekend results. We are in a great position to win the title now.
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