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  1. How do you purchase these, interested in a polo or 2. P&P costs?
  2. Not sure why it's not working for some?? I made it 2 years ago, just thought I'd re-post it with it being his b'day.
  3. Happy birthday Jean-Claude
  4. 35. Niko Kranjcar is asked to leave the pitch after screaming at the referee. 0-0. #SJFClive
  5. Training top me thinks. No name or even a number on the back.
  6. Yip ... odd photo indeed. Was on twitter a few weeks back. Some guy was putting "tops logos" (like Admiral, McEwans etc etc for other teams) onto legends in their strips from bygone. Some of them just looked ..... odd.
  7. Signed
  8. RIP Wee Man :(
  9. There is also the question of the guy who got booked twice at Ibrox ... he then played in the 2nd leg??? Red neck, aye .... but
  10. Empire of the Sun - We Are The People