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  1. julescotia

    Andrius Velicka - Video

    My memory aint what it used to be ... did him and Souness have a major falling out?
  2. julescotia

    Andrius Velicka - Video

    Probably not, but with the exception of Ian Black & MOH ... everybody gets one 😂 ..... if I can find the material. Just finished Hemdani & Jan Bartram ones. What can I say, I had a spare 1/2 hours .. done 3 vids, lol.
  3. julescotia

    Andrius Velicka - Video

    A video to rival the Jelavic one 😂
  4. julescotia

    Rangers Vs celtic - Video

    Strange .... working for me? Try it with https instead of www ......... https://vimeo.com/308907453
  5. julescotia

    Hearts Vs Rangers - Video

    Maybe I should amend the headline then, to include : **WARNING** contains disturbing images 😜
  6. julescotia

    Hearts Vs Rangers - Video

    Not from anywhere in particular (not a movie or anything) Just one of those sports motivational speeches from youtube.
  7. julescotia

    Rangers Vs Motherwell - Video

    Can only make videos of the Copland fans if the pics/vids exist ... unfortunately most of the clicking tends to be pointed towards BF1 these days. If you point out the whereabouts of some of them next time around, I'd be happy to include them bud 👍