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  1. Ibrox Baby .... It's just different!
  2. Hi Jules,

    Always enjoy your videos . Check out Rammstein-Feuer Frei ( Bang bang), would be a perfect soundtrack for your work.

    Utility Man.

  3. Watch Till The End 😄
  4. Enjoy www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qm1-o7Drza0 www.vimeo.com/381956138
  5. Try now, damn UEFA. Was removed from YT & Dailymotion .. hopefully stays on vimeo, at least for a short while.
  6. Couldn't not do this one. Found a little bit of time here and there over the last week ... and finally got it done. Enjoy www.vimeo.com/362193987
  7. The last 4 years have been .... 12 Sept 16 Sept 9 Sept 23 Sept Going by that, I assume this year will be 14 Sept (vs Livvy) ... might be the 28th vs Aberdeen, but I think the 14th is your best bet.
  8. Hi guys, just a quick message to say that I won't be uploading any videos for the foreseeable future. I have always kept my private life, and that of my familys, exactly that - private. What I will say though, is that my wife hasn't been keeping great, that's why I've not made many videos this last couple of months or so. There has been some games recently I haven't even seen, let alone make a video of. And unfortunately the news we got this week wasn't what we were wanting, so this is just going to intensify. So all my time, effort and energy will be going towards caring for her for now. I know some of you like these videos, and are grateful for them, but I hope yous understand. Who knows, I might post one out of the blue, but they'll be rare for the foreseeable. Cheers Scott
  9. Trying to play catch up ... Enjoy
  10. Thanks for all the support guys, means a lot .... hopefully be on the mend soon. In the meantime, have a video ..... http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/323821-kilmarnock-vs-Rangers-video/
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