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  1. julescotia

    Osijek Away

    Yes, theyll go through with ease ..... but losing 4 goals to a Faroes team is beyond embarrasing ... 5! on aggregate. Beamer 🤭
  2. julescotia

    Rangers Vs Bury - Video

    On my youtube page, I obviously get the scum commenting on it. .....Remove comment .... BAN ..... simples. Sometimes it can go a good few weeks without any, and sometomes its every game ..... but for bigger games they always rear their ugly heads and comment again ... Remove/BAN, Remove/BAN ... easy. This game .... A little friendly Vs Bury ..... I've had to ban 11 (ELEVEN) of them already, in 36 hours. This (to me) just proves they're rattled ... and I find it oh so fking pleasing. LET'S GO!
  3. julescotia

    Rangers Vs Bury - Video

  4. julescotia

    Mark Falco - Video

  5. Just seen this shared ... late notice I know, but a heads up for anyone interested. Wilsons Auctions 19 June at 15:02 · **Attention all Glasgow Rangers Fans** On Tues 26th June @ 5pm our Dalry branch will be auctioning off over 120 fantastic pieces of Rangers Memorabilia with Online Bidding Available. Lots include • Signed Shirts • Programmes • Signed Gloves • Quantity of signed pictures & paintings • Collectable Coins • Limited Edition Prints with certificates of authenticity • Toys, Glasses & much much more. This is a great chance to pick up a nice peice of Glasgow Rangers History, so don't miss out. Head across to the auction site for more info > https://bit.ly/2ll5bM9 https://www.wilsonsauctions.com/auctions/liquidations-disposals/AuctionEvent?saleCode=184912&location=Dalry More pics in here .... scroll down - https://www.facebook.com/wilsonsauctionsltd/ Good luck to anyone getting involved.
  6. julescotia

    Jason Cummings - Don't You Want Me (New Video)

    Good video @Falcon Punch
  7. julescotia

    League fixtures out this Friday

  8. julescotia

    League fixtures out this Friday

    1st Old Firm match at piggery on the weekend of September 1st (4th game) according to the Times 2nd OF match weekend of Dec 29th at Ibrox
  9. julescotia

    Basile Boli - Video

    A wee quicky
  10. julescotia

    Robert Prytz - Video

    You're right, it was Morton.