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  1. julescotia

    Europa League Draw Simulator

    Have fun I got .... Sevilla Genk D.Zagreb Rangers Hopefully a little easier for real tomorrow ...... https://draw.inker.fun/#/el/gs/2018
  2. julescotia

    NK Maribor Vs Rangers - Video

    Can't wait to see it myself .... without being blowing my own trumpet too much .... Nailed It! 😂
  3. julescotia

    NK Maribor Vs Rangers - Video

    Yea, my brothers wedding .... was the best man.
  4. julescotia

    Rangers Vs Wigan - Video

    Sorry, had to delete video because of copyright claim from Rangers themselves. @gwr12gru @
  5. julescotia

    Osijek Away

    Yes, theyll go through with ease ..... but losing 4 goals to a Faroes team is beyond embarrasing ... 5! on aggregate. Beamer 🤭