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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Ooft. Embarrassing. Be lucky to get into 5 figures.
  2. Windass Again

    Bears are perfectly within their rights to point out if someones had a shiter, which he did yesterday. However, imo, I'm just glad he's turned it around from being 1 good game in 4, into 1 bad game in 4. Long may that continue, I could live with that.
  3. Rangers Media v Hamilton highlights

    Heard there were some Chinese scouts over looking at @gogzy Wouldn't sell for anything under £8
  4. Rangers YouTube - Hamilton review

  5. Rangers YouTube - Hamilton review

    I've always thought you to be a decent chap
  6. Josh Windass Video - Don't Take Me Home

    Good video though. More the merrier imo
  7. Ayr Utd Vs Rangers - Video