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  1. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

  2. Thank You

    And mine
  3. Thank You

    I'll start putting a paypal link at the bottom now, just like ill phil
  4. Thank You

    Got ya, let me fix that ......
  5. Thank You

    I don't know what that means
  6. Thank You

    I've never been 1 to chase likes, or views, or subscribers etc etc. I've never been 1 to say .... "please like, please share, remember to subscribe" .... never have been, never will be. It's just a little "hobby" of mine, one that I'm glad others seem to also enjoy. That being said, it'd be kind of remiss of me not to say thank you for passing this milestone in my Youtube Channel .... so thanks bears. WATP!
  7. Any streams via DM?
  8. 2002-2003 Diadora NTL Away Shirt White

    £17 here http://www.shirtsofexcellence.co.uk/shop/shop.php?action=full&id=14551
  9. Rangers to play in Florida Cup January 2018

    The 2 stadiums we'll be playing in .....
  10. Desmond v Daly

    Shota reacts to Dermot being implicated in the paradise papers. SHOTA HAHA PARA.avi