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  1. Fraser Wishart spoke to our friends the BBC (nice move btw) and basically administration means contracts are worthless and the players are fearing their futures. Quite a few of our top earners look likely to be released I would imagine.
  2. I'm getting right royally sick of Daly's ever-growing agenda against Rangers. That's at least 2 BBC Scotland employees who have a clear hatred of Rangers; him and Chris McLaughlin.
  3. agonising display. I know we often start slowly but this has been horrible. Sums up most of the problems at ibrox right now.
  4. I find it curious that when ex players criticise Rangers or players they're bitter old cocks who don't have a clue. But when they praise us they're intelligent true bears who have much of value to say.
  5. Completely agree with your team amd subs but would switch Miller for Boyd. dont think miller will be 100% fit again. he seeing a specialist next week so doubt he will be risked from start. just noticed i missed :novo: out . i would switch him for miller on the bench!! Both fair points, agree on them. Lafferty, unfortunately, is also unlikely to start.
  6. Completely agree with your team amd subs but would switch Miller for Boyd.
  7. This match has the potential for being one of the worst OF games in living memory. Blood and thunder sure, but there will be a real lack of quality. Not that I'll care if we win.
  8. I'd like to know why former Rangers TV presenter and current Sky host Alison Douglas has taken interest in the Boyd case, condemning him for his dive when she said absolutely nothing about McGeady doing the same thing a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Boyd did himself no favours with his dive among other things, but he actually played ok yesterday. His assist was solid and if it had been him on the end of it from a Naismith slide rule, we'd have praised Naisy. He's not getting the goals right now, and doesn't look terribly thrilled about things, but we have bigger problems with our team than Kris Boyd. I'm by no means a convert btw, I'd still prefer if we sold him, but on yesterday's display, he was not our worst offender and indeed contributed to our win.
  10. Killie V Rangers - Saturday.
  11. When a certain individual is not in the team oooooooohhhhhhh look what you're going to start That's why I'm away off soon. When I come back later it will be a 50 pager on Kris Boyd I'm no great fan of Boyd, but I'd start him tomorrow - the team matters more than how you or I feel about one player. He will score against Killie, he always does.
  12. McGregor, Whittaker, Papac, Weir, Mendes, Davis, McCulloch, Rothen, Novo, Miller, Naismith, Boyd, Thomson, Fleck, Little, Wilson, Alexander, Beasley. :mcgregor: :whittaker::weir::papac::ssmith: :davis::mendes::thomson::rothen: :boyd: :alexander::wilson::mcculloch::miller::novo::beasley: Boyd just about always scores against Killie, so that one seems a no-brainer. Naismith is flying high as a kite right now and has stamped his place on the first 11. Miller could probably go a rest - it's either him or Naismith and for the good of the team Naismith's superior form sees him start for me. And I don't really know why folk are playing a 4-3-3 with Rothen up top - we've watched him in 2 games and he's not a Giggs who will tear through the full back - he's far more subtle. Truly a left sided Beckham, and we should play to his strengths, not shoehorn him as some kind of high-velocity left winger.
  13. In Lafferty's absence, my team (and subs) are now: :mcgregor: :whittaker::bougherra::weir::papac: :davis::mendes::thomson::rothen: :novo: :alexander::mcculloch::ssmith::edu: (if fit) :boyd: :fleck::wylde: I agree on giving Miller a break before Stuttgart, good idea. And I think if we plan to use Rothen in the same match, which we should, he'll majorly feature on Saturday.
  14. Still can never fathom why you give us your prediction of the subs! well because boab subs are very inportant u idiot Nobody else posts them! More fool them. I agree that the subs are very important, so why not include them when predicting what the team might be? Couldn't agree more. Only a fool would think the bench is not important and not worth predicting. I rarely include them because I keep forgetting to, but I should remember.
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