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  1. condolences to one of our own and to his family hope our club is represented at his funeral. RIP from CROSS KEYS RSC STEVENSTON
  2. born a bear die a bear WRTP
  3. Stopped goin to Scotland games after world cup play off with Australia at Hampden when every time the late great DAVIE COOPER was on the ball so called Scotland fans would just shout get into that Orange B#####d.STICK your TARTAN ARMY up your ARSE
  4. Just got my ticket cannot wait for this game stuck 20 quid on a bears win got us at 100/30
  5. big eck for me dont need to pay any comp and he knows how to manage with limited funds
  6. We will be champions of division so it should be down as number 55
  7. usual price is 12 quid for queens park games the GERS come callin its up to 20 POUNDS fuck right off
  8. Just off phone to ticket office ST renewals being sent out today 4 installment payments by debit card on 7th 31st august 28th sept and 26 th oct only taking cash or cheque payments for east fife game just now can pay by debit card from weds hopefuly prices 13 pound for ST holders
  9. The cross keys in stevenston is one of the oldest and largest supporters clubs in Britain and are running 3 full buses 2 peterhead away game i hope the support will continue throughout the full season WRTP.
  10. Could name it after moses and rename one of the streets close to ibrox after coop
  11. like the rest of team the day UTTER SHITE
  12. Dictating has nothing to do with what is happining to our club just now it is to do with keeping it ALIVE for god sake
  13. At least in the 80s we could win a trophy or 2 with ally GREAT PLAYER he was im not so sure.But as the great MARVIN keeps sayin KEEP BELEEVIN.
  14. What happened to our so called loyal support the day you get 200;000 goin to manchester for a euro final yet less than 18;000 can go to ibrox for a scottish cup tie against a SHITE dundee utd? HOPE YOUR ALL PROUD