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  1. Yes, it's the Rangers way
  2. A deid man seldom walks And he very rarely talks
  3. Do you or does anyone else know of any kind of interesting gifts weve ever given to any Clubs? I know of a few Interesting ones we've been given but haven't heard of any we've gifted
  4. funnily enough my young mates cousin was touched up by a "ghost" at a tour of the piggery...well i suppose its not that funny
  5. if i was the spirit of a legendary football player id definitely spend my afterlife photobombing old dears and bumping into tour guides
  6. Obviously not but at least the board have a new manager, coach, director of football and a tranny shagger to blame
  7. Would prefer a Guard of Odor with our players blinding them and their fans with febreeze before the game
  8. Agreed but he's our best striker so I'd rather get rid of Waghorn or Garner and bring 2 new strikers than get rid of Miller and keep one of them
  9. Can't see why anyone is against this. He is the best player on our team at the moment. And while I'd like a complete clear out and new players I know that's never going to happen, so if there's one player I'd keep its our best one Miller So realistically if you want Miller gone then you're saying there's players you'd keep over Miller then name then because I can't think of one. Garner doesn't score enough goals and Waghorn is shit and shouldn't play for us again imo
  10. I'd be focusing on making myself a player of Rangers standard but our players don't seem to care
  11. It's always "aye ill need to get to Paradise soon haven't been in years" it's as if they're talking about going to Disney World not as football game less than an hour away
  12. Too early to judge him but he got it wrong yesterday We need a clear out because most of our players are just simply not good enough for the level we are at. And I definitely do not like to see the Rangers manager with a huge grin on his face cuddling the celtic manager after we've just been pumped I understand they are professionals and have to at least be civil to one another and might even be friends, but the pats on the back and the big smiles can be exchanged in the tunnel after the game.
  13. What I see in this thread is a lot of folk who clearly aren't that bothered at the fact that celtic battered us yesterday and look likely to batter us next week and likely to continue to batter us for years to come along with winning 10 in a row. A large part of our support are happy to either bury their heads in the sand pretending everything's fine or else spend all day pointing the finger and blaming everyone else apart from those who deserve it. David Murray, Charles Green, Craig Whyte, the Easdales, Ashley Warburton, the SFA etc etc - all of them played a part in getting us to this low point as a Club, but they are not the reason that we are still in this situation - the current board are. They have had ample time and opportunities to invest, to dig in and start the fight to win leagues again, but they haven't done so and seem unwilling to do so and King shows nothing but apathy towards the Club. Was SDMs fault we got shafted in the first place and selling us to Whyte who was a shyster, which led to CG and his lies, which led to Ashley being able to financially rape us, which led to King's takeover promising to fix our Club - which he hasn't. The only difference between King and the rest of them is that King was smart enough to get some fans and we'll known people on his side, then rewarded them for it which makes it so they will never criticise King which ensures he can stay in charge while doing the bare minimum. Some folk are more happy being on the winning side of a boardroom war than they are at having Rangers be a winning side Folk need to wake up and before the walls start caving in around us. That is unless they are happy to watch us struggle vs teams like Aberdeen and Motherwell and getting pimped off the tims 4 or 5 times a season. They've cruised this season, will likely qualify for the CL giving thing them more millions, they're at them point that they can just sit and watch what we do and just make sure they're putting more money into their squad than we do which wouldn't be difficult. The scary thing is all they would need to do is take 10 - 15 million and invest it next transfer windows and they could end up miles ahead of us forever. Knowing that our fans are living In and eternal state of complacent ignorance
  14. There are literally thousands of great football players with winning attitudes across the globe yet some still obsess over a bunch of turncoat judas bastards who showed no love or respect to the Club that made them famous. Saying they know what Rangers means is just nonsense considering they proved already that they don't have the attitude befitting our great Club