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  1. Fuck up papist
  2. Hashtags is much better than twitter
  3. Is the reply from Rangers in that article genuine? If so I'm ashamed. Are the Dublin loyal meant to put put a wink emoji on the banner so people will realise it's a joke England are referred to openly as the "auld enemy" where's the harm in that?
  4. Another gullible sheep. Plenty have invested along with King Retail is a very small percentage of our profit, you're just posting lies to make Ashley look like the bogeyman again. Pathetic. And even if the retail deal was crucial, King has failed to fix it, so he hasn't done his job properly and should chuck it. But you can just keep blaming Ashley for the next decade while king sits on his arse
  5. Hence why King thinks it's not worth the hassle, he's not a fan, even tho his backers would love him to be he isnt
  6. He's basically telling us he's not interested and isn't the man to take us forward and his cronies on here are still clutching at straws trying to convince themselves he is They'll be saying thats not the real King in that interview he's obviously been kidnapped as part of a Vatican plot and been replaced with a lookalike imposter
  7. There's an RSC in Cork too I think
  8. Top of the mornin OP, ti-tee ti-ta ti-tee ti-too! I have no issues with most people in the Republic. Met loads of Irish boys while on holiday etc and all of them have been great guys, most of them couldn't give a fuck about celtic, and most of them think it's hilarious that folk in Scotland actually sing about the IRA etc because most of them couldn't care less about a United Ireland, it's an obsession of fantasists in Scotland not most people in Ireland. I get a lot of looks when in irish bars on holiday because of my Rangers tops and tattoos but no one has ever started an argument or anything. Even someone with republican leanings would probably be taken in by the simply wonderful spectacle that is Rangers playing in Ibrox with the crowd in full voice. The fact OP feels that his accent would be a problem shows how the taig propaganda machine has worked. OP you would be welcomed with open arms to nearly every Rangers establishment, you'd probably get a number of drinks bought for you once people heard your accent and enquired about it, I know I'd see it as a bit of a novelty. Hope you make it to a game and hope you enjoy it. There are no "ropes" to be shown, learn some of our songs, get yourself into the WRC or Louden at least an hour before the game get a few pints then follow the crowd to the stadium, no one will give you any hassle at all you'll find a friendly atmosphere where most people treat each other like family. If you can manage it you should maybe try come over when there is a Founders Trail on where you will be able to learn some of the club's history, but even if you just come on a normal match day there will be plenty of people who will be more than happy to tell you our history. The WRC and the other Rangers pubs are places where you can strike up a conversation with anyone and be treated well so don't have any worries about that OP. Just don't bring a tricolour and leave your rosary beads in the fireplace.
  9. Nana Nana Goo Goo
  10. King was probably eating a korma while Caixinhas sitting across the table laughing at him while getting tore into an extra rare lamb vindaloo
  11. You love an ex taig. You'll do well on here
  12. This mite be an easy one for some older bears but who can tell me when and where this pic was taken, who we were playing and what is the significance of it. brilliant photo
  13. No one tried to arrest a member of the UBs for having a bottle in their possession you're just telling complete and utter lies now. And I don't see anyone backing up the polis. Just pointing out that the UBs don't do themselves any favours by acting as if they own whatever section they happen to be standing in to the point the polis and stewards aren't even allowed to speak to someone in the section without their being a rammy over it. Nice attempt at spin. Plenty of bears have been hassled and wrongly arrested. Plenty of bears have broken the rules and not been lifted because they didn't get 20 of their mates to start shouting rape because someone tried to take their chocolate milk
  14. What an outrage it is that they took a bottle from someone and it only happens to the UBs the bottle polis are singling them out Yes I've seen it happen plenty of times as I said it's happened to me. I just didn't go up in arms playing a victim because I knew I wasn't allowed the bottle In the first place. It's a petty rule but it's been a rule at ibrox for as long as I can remember and certainly longer than most UBs have been alive It's as tho yous actually want to be victimised and look for reasons to play the victim card.
  15. He had to leave before the final whistle to make it home in time for the lodge meeting
  16. The pic was taken by the guy who climbed up the floodlight and conducted the sash that's why you can't see the hedge
  17. Was the first one at Highbury I believe
  18. No ones mentioned the phantom polis of Highbury yet
  19. thot it was easy didn't think it was that easy
  20. How many UBs have been charged and or banned under the OBAF act?
  21. I've been searched numerous times going into ibrox and a few times they've found a bottle and confiscated it, twice they've found a half bottle of wine and should have probably ejected me but because I didn't act like a wee fanny and start arguing and just said "fair enough" when they took it they gave me no hassle at all. The UBs draw attention to themselves and then play the victim when they get the attention they're obviously crying out for. And they seem to think they have the right to stop police from arresting someone. And they also seem to think they are the only Rangers fans hassled by polis. They're living in a fantasy land where everyone out to get them.
  22. What's your opinion on Mo Johnston ?
  23. If anyone anywhere else in the stadium had a bottle and we're seen with it it would be confiscated. And if the person refused to give it up they'd be ejected and if they refused to leave they'd be arrested and if they started fighting with polis everyone would say they're an idiot. Because everyone knows you're not allowed bottles In the ground But UBs are just pyoor wee victims
  24. I didn't realise the offensive behaviour at football and other draconian government acts only applied the the UBs
  25. I didn't know Katie Hopkins was a Vanguard Bear Seriously though that's a fantastic article and every single point she makes hits the nail on the head.