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  1. Genuinely want to keep him here for as long as possible. That is until Liverpool come knocking.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/talksport.com/football/236575/football-transfers-most-expensive-fees-paid-teenagers-every-age-13-19-years-old/amp/
  3. The only way that works is if they are only including 16 year old Scottish players. Sterling went for about £5m at 15. Ojo went for £2m at 14.
  4. Simple maths really 50k season ticket holders, each can buy an extra 2 therefore 100k tickets. Plus the original ST holders equals 150k tickets. Clearly Paedodome is the largest all seater stadium in the world. Or maybe the current ST holders sold thier seats back because we got the Young Boys???
  5. Long article but decent article and can't seem to be able to select it all to paste. I get that lots of players get touted as "the next XXXX player" but the fact we let him go and he has now made his debut for Chelsea suggests we made a big mistake, considering Rossiter hasn't exactly gone to plan. Key Sentence I noticed was "Chelsea eventually won the race, completing the deal on his 16th birthday in June of that year as they paid what Goal understands to be a record fee for a player of his age." So just how much did we get for him because by my reckoning "Goal" must be incorrect. https://www.goal.com/en-ke/amp/news/billy-gilmour-inside-the-rise-of-chelsea-and-scotlands-new/1wjg5pl8jnznw17twvg3xbs7xq
  6. No it means we're 3 points behind after a home game going into the international break, instead of 3 points ahead, now having to take points off them away from home just to even up the score. FFS even during our 9INAR it wasn't acceptable to lose points to them cunts, home or away.
  7. Fuck off! Any game against them cunts is a must win, even if you are deluded as fuck. However today was a "should win with no bother" Yet the players didn't turn up, this was a shit day for us.
  8. Linesmen?? Actally got fuck all wrong today despite a couple of tight calls. The ref however...well we knew how that was going to go
  9. Probably down to the extreme interest rates in the late 80ss meaning the avg Joe couldn't afford to go as they were probably on thier arse and just about making the mortgage payments.
  10. Would laugh my tits off if the dumb fucker didn't realise and next week comes out with a story about Arsenal bidding again.
  11. So Teirneys had no pre season, been injured for fuck knows how long, still in pain but somehow will be fit to play in a couple of weeks. Aye OK. About as much chance of that happening as there is him going anywhere other than back to the physios table.
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