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  1. Went there myself nearly a decade ago, looks completely different on the inside though 😄 . (Thats no me in the pic though.) Think it was the same company built them both.
  2. Really hope we don't let him go after the loan. Tenner says he goes down there, gets played as a CB and is their best player by the end of the season. He then comes back up here and won't get a game because he's being shoe horned into being a CDM.
  3. Well there should change the name of the competition then as surely Liverpool must already have "protected" status seen as they haven't been champions for almost as long as i've been alive. Or maybe as we are a Big club, we'll get protected status???
  4. What gets me is that they are still able to sign players, when theres all the news about them harbouring paedos, which could be brought to light at any time. Personally i wouldn't want to be associated with any club that had that possibility of a past, as you'd be remembered as one of the players who played for Paedo FC when they were outed.
  5. I think they are now in danger of doing exactly that. Happy days. Money doesn't buy you quality and dare I say it.. thier best ever signing only cost 500k.
  6. Fuck me thats some memory. Spot on.
  7. As above, i'd go for somewhere in the Broomloan due to the better atmosphere providing the UB are there and not moved down to the Copland. (As they were for one game i was at while nursing a savage hangover, fucking fredders i was). At, at least crossbar height but the downside is that you need to hope we score all our goals in the 1st half 😄
  8. That doesn't sound like us at all, why is none of them injured??? (Touch wood, no one does get sidelined)
  9. That was the figure being banded around the other week. Even better business if he's on less, but then I suppose it all depends on how much his bonuses are. Could be getting £10k a week and a £10k appearance fee or it could be £20k a week and no appearance fee.
  10. Aye that was pointed out in my original post.
  11. 20k a week, 52 weeks a year = £1.04m a year on a 4 year contract = £4.16M + development fee of £300k means £4.46m
  12. Having a look at the site and...well its not as if they are ripping of any clubs or attempting to associate themselves 😄
  13. £4.5M invested in him (less any bonuses) over the 4 years, So should easily see that paid off either in him being an absolute steal for £300k or we should at least get our cash back when he goes back to England, just like lee bower wants. Here's to the former option and that he loves it in Glasgow and makes a huge impact.
  14. Good him highlighted and Livvi must be fredders about whatever release clause he had in his contract, as they could have got at least a £1M for him.
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