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  1. http://cricfree.live/watchfeeds/index/19 Sound comes after a while
  2. No doubt they'll offer him decent wages and then loan him to whoever. Suits him as hes being paid more to play at the same shite team.
  3. Could have put it out for a corner. Cunt move and I'd be fuming if it happened against us.
  4. After his comments the other day, i can't see how SG would justify an appeal.
  5. Liked for both comments. Going to be some pelters for being the 1st brother to play in goals for the 1st team 😂😂😂 Fod's isn't good enough but he did serve us well.
  6. After SGs comments about performances and shirts. Can't see him being able to justify appealing the sending off. Liability up top and one at the back FFS and TBF shagger getting sent off for kicking out has been coming for a while.
  7. Ibrox all day, don't see many scored from that angle by anyone.
  8. Aye but with ours looking to be red next year...
  9. I'd disagree that Caniggia was a big signing, I mean FFS we got him from Dundee. Still baffled as to why he decided to go there in the 1st place. I know there was a disagreement with his former manager and joined Dundee because of an old team mate but FFS it was Dundee he went to. Not in anyway saying he wasn't a great player but we wouldn't have signed him if it wasn't for Dundee. Let's hope in a couple of years time there's another post about signings and I'm left saying the same about Kamara. 👍
  10. As has been said many times. Ronald be boer And the most underrated signing... Hemdani
  11. Wonder how he'll react next year when the stupid fuck tries to make us wear our away kit and then it back fires. DM: Mr referee I want them to wear thier away kit. Ref: You sure about that, really sure? DM: Yes they must wear thier away kit as they are away from home and they did it to us! Ref: Ok so you'll be playing in, what your away or 3rd strip then?
  12. Will have to start using numbers bigger than the kids they touch. One more treble on the cards for next week now??
  13. The longer it goes on and theres no real noise coming from them the more likely it is he will get the job. I mean FFs if the board knew he was only in for a few games when they hired him surely they would have been touching up his replacement ASAP so that they could announce it at the earliest opportunity and give that person as much time as possible to look at targets and draw up a list. Bit like how we knew SG was coming.
  14. Absolutely disagree with stuff like this. Along with professional players who can only use one foot. He has played as a FULL back for years (on the right granted) just because you are playing on the opposite side of the pitch doesn't mean you need to learn a new position. Any full back should be competent playing on either side. How do wingers manage to swap sides during a game???
  15. Can tackle, yes if he's not having to chase back. Can't pass for shite though. Better than he has been recently but should not be in the squad next year.
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