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  1. Did you not watch the game last night??? We've shown this year and last that we can compete against CL teams. Plus finish 3rd and we end up in the Europa anyway. Otherwise we may find that we can't (Scotland) qualify for places at the big table.
  2. Bet he was glad there was plastic balls before plastic pitches.
  3. Aye and every other game of football... More than one ball and it would get confusing.
  4. its all about supply and demand. They want to come and see us, we want to go and see us play at their shit holes. They should reduce the costs but they wont as we outstrip the supply therefore easily allowing them to raise the price. Man city as already stated can't fill their ground if at full price therefore need to reduce it to get more people through the door and would take the same amount if it cost £20 a ticket as they would if they charged £40 and only half filled the ground but the atmosphere would only be half as good. We sell out most games therefore getting charged £40 for the europa is the going rate that the club can charge.
  5. Defoe hattrick before the hour, Tavs with a penalty and Morelos to come on and bang one (or two) in.
  6. I'm no googling it but is there not a Seria C2?? So not a comparison by a long shot.
  7. I think its because of the mentality of the opposition. Domestically 90%of the games are going to be against 9/10 behind the ball for most of the game, so effectively a boring 90 min attack v defence training session for us. Where we don't need to take that ONE chance as we know there will be many chances to score. Domestically we need to be more clinical. European games the teams are better quality and will attack therefore the players will have to be up for it as that ONE chance might be the only one we get and its a more enjoyable game for the players.
  8. Doesn't matter thier result on European nights, as they are likely to drop points at the weekend filling a game. We don't need 2 Champions league places, so when we win the league, I'd be more than happy for them to fester and continue to struggle to get out of the group stage. We just need that win, we don't need them and we don't need thier help. Unless of course the 1st champions League spot is straight into the group's, then they better pull the finger out.
  9. Genuinely want to keep him here for as long as possible. That is until Liverpool come knocking.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/talksport.com/football/236575/football-transfers-most-expensive-fees-paid-teenagers-every-age-13-19-years-old/amp/
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