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  1. Loved quick shot there of Petrie's gutted face. Get it up u ya dirty rat!
  2. Need to get a grip on this. This is dreadful so far
  3. The bitterness is just dripping out of Andy Walker just now. Trying to drum up controversy out of nothing, was a great save by Bell and he got 2 hands on the ball. Get it up you, ya filthy prick !!
  4. Law back to being the invisible man again...
  5. They have reverted to type I'm afraid. A couple of decent performances and they think they've made it... foot off the gas and strolling around like a bunch of arseholes
  6. Templeton is pretty rubbish it has to be said. He has been a real disappointment, had high hopes when we signed him
  7. Fucking sick of all this shit. What an absolute joke our once great club has become. A series of crooks and vultures raping and pillaging our worth/assets, complete incompetents in the boardroom, fans utterly divided and staying away from games, an overpaid unsackable buffoon in the dugout and let's not forget the (also overpaid) dross we have for a squad. Wish they would all just all fuck off, not one single aspect of the club is heading in the right direction and I fear we will now never get back to where we deserve to be. Really difficult to see now where our way back is going to come from..
  8. This is another pathetic performance so far, normal service resumed after the weekend
  9. Is refreshing to see us play with such zest and purpose, many positives all across the park... Is really a sight for sore eyes after witnessing the dross we continually served up last season!!
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