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  1. *** The Nathan Oduwa Appreciation Thread ***

    He runs at defenders with a lot of pace and power, can see this lad being a fucking hero by the end of the season. He is going to absolutely torture some of the mediocre defenders in this league
  2. Ryan Sinnamon

    Think this is a decent move for the lad. If we have some guarantee that he will get a decent crack at first team football then he would have a better chance at developing over the season there than playing u-20's for us.
  3. Ugo Was A Big Influence

    Templeton only has himself to blame, he has had countless chances and has failed to deliver time and time again. I very much doubt he will get another contract here when his deal runs out (which I hope is after this season)!
  4. Agree about the striker, not sure if Waghorn is clinical enough for the center. I quite fancy the look of him as one of the wide forward positions... Probably in place of Templeton, as just don't see evidence over the last few years that he is good or consistent enough.
  5. Alan Stubbs

    Still think that clown Stubbs looks like ALF from the TV show back in the day!!
  6. Andy Halliday Press Conference

    I hope the lad gets a chance to smash in a late winner against the filth one day. His bluenose credentials are beyond reproach and is obviously over the moon to come back!
  7. Rangers To Train At Spurs

    Almost forgot he played for us, how could I forget his OH goal against the filth!!
  8. Wes Foderingham- Welcome to Rangers!

    Laura Merrin - enjoy!
  9. Rob Kiernan

    He is only 24, so going back 7 year is from 17 onwards. Surely can discount some of those years when he was probably playing youth / reserve football !!
  10. 15Th June 2015

    This is a very strange feeling, for years have had a dark cloud of negativity hanging over our heads with very little optimism to cling to for a brighter future. McCoist's utter and complete ineptitude as a manager and the off field shenanigans mad certain of that. However, today there feels like there is light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.... really feeling buzzing about this appointment and have a great feeling we are on to better times ahead.
  11. Colin Hendry

    I though that he was a particularly wasteful signing by us. At the twilight of his career and never really delivered.
  12. Q&a On Mark Warburton With Brentford Blogger

    I am going to be fucking gutted if we miss out and end up with McCall / McLeish etc... Need to get a nip on and get him signed up pronto
  13. Powerful Photo

    He put in a good shift today and his bluenose credentials are beyond reproach. However, that doesn't excuse the fact that he's past it and needs to leave in the summer. We need a fresh start and to build a squad with time on their side to bring us back to where we deserve to be.
  14. Nicky Law, Of Course

    I was badly hungover one day and was watching the news. Beckham was getting interviewed about some bullshit, lasted a couple minutes but counted him saying "ye know" 24 times at the end of sentences. It was weirding the fuck out of me out towards the end. Another was that old fat striker that played for Kilmarnock, Paul Wright saw him get interviewed and without fail every question he started his answer with, "ooooh defineetttllyy". Fucking get it sorted!!
  15. ***** The Official Hibernian Vs Rangers ****

    Loved quick shot there of Petrie's gutted face. Get it up u ya dirty rat!