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  1. It was posted through the door with forged 'signed for' confirmation on the tracker. Ideal. Don't have to wait a day to go pick it up
  2. Mines has arrived today. Not home yet to see it though
  3. There was a guy in the queue beside me returning an internet purchase. He had his order conformation with him and didn't seem a problem
  4. Laverty starts for game time/match fitness, morelos comes on gets booked and misses Dundee Hamilton. Makes sense
  5. Must be the anti-catholic agenda in Scotland at work again. Candeias sent off for being catholic
  6. :mcgregor: :whittaker: :wilson: :papac: :ssmith: :mcculloch: :edu: :davis: :novo: :boyd: :beasley: mcculloch is woeful but with thompson doubtful and mendes injured he will probably be included. pace from novo and beasley would hopefully give boyd the service required but this lineup is doubtful anyways. same old same old, actual line up likely to include rothen on RIGHT WING!!!!! naismith on left, shot shy miller up front with boyd. novo left on bench again despite being only player who gives a f*** when he is out there. never thought id say it but we miss barrys leadership
  7. queens are no mugs and always a big show against the spl sides would like to see alexander whittaker bougherra wilson smith davis thomson mendes novo boyd fleck the surface at palmerston isnt as bad as you would expect. could be a good open game
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