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  1. We were The Rangers then, We are The Rangers Now and will be The Rangers forever. No amount of players wanting to walk away from my club will make me believe we will cease to exist, and those players who have chosen to walk away will not be part of what I am confident will be in time, one of the Greatest recoveries in not just British but European Football. The sleeping giant that is The Rangers, will one day rise back up from the ashes and become the force it once was and it's such a pity that some "Rangers Men" have chosen a dfferent destiny for themselves. We Are The People, always have been and always will be.
  2. He's never fit longer than 4 games anyway. If wanting/needing a 10 game a season player then Ness is your man.
  3. Leggat's a cunt
  4. April '93 I believe
  5. Shock - CSKA Moscow at home 1993, How the fuck did we not score? Awe - Sturm Graz at home 2000, De Boer masterclass. He was close to perfection that evening.
  6. Alan McLaren could have been a great player for us. Sadly injury robbed him of the chance. (I loved his benefit game vs Middlesbrough... great entertainment and getting to see Fowler in a Gers jersey). Am I imagining this, but did McLaren score from about 40 yards into the top corner vs Dundee Utd?
  7. League 1 or not... Huddersfield will want and probably get £4m + for Rhodes.
  8. Actually... my error, 2 and a half seasons
  9. We played 372 games over 3 seasons?
  10. With a bit of luck, it's sectarian.
  11. That's a totally different point to the one you tried in your previous post. As for over rating.... happens with every player, some over rate, some under rate... it happens.
  12. Fyvie looks a top talent.
  13. 62 appearances for us in 3 seasons..... so for this to be a correct portrayal of his career here, we played 372 games in that 3 year period. Aye, ok.... Sure, spent some time on the sidelines but still averaged over 20 games a season. Edit... unless you meant scored 1 in 6... which is factually correct
  14. Stand outside and give it laldy!!!! "I shall not, I shall not be moved"
  15. Time to open up a new financial section (Like the transfer rumours) as there is sooooo many different financial questions fans are asking outwith the tax case.