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  1. Not to mention Villas Boas, who I still believe will deliver at Chelsea.
  2. watp72

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    1 shot at goal in the second half apparently, when really needing something.
  3. Why is he even hitting the penalty? Would have been well down the line I'd have thougt.
  4. Looking at the online map of seats left, could be a very low crowd.
  5. Such a shame that this kid is apparently made of glass. Potential to go to the very very top of the game but looks more likely that injuries will stop him progressing to those sort of heights. Not like it's serious injuries, just little niggly ones he can't seem to shake.
  6. watp72

    The Blue Order & Union Bears

    Was that the lad taken away at the start?
  7. watp72

    The Blue Order & Union Bears

    Fair enough. Was only wondering, as Ive sat amongst some (Chelsea game) and had a good view at other times and not a single member seemed to be hiding or trying not to be pictured/filmed. (Nothing to hide) I see the point though... easy targets and all that.
  8. watp72

    The Blue Order & Union Bears

    Ive been meaning to ask but, as nothing illegal is done, why are the faces blurred out?
  9. :-O. Did I just hear The Sash?
  10. Unlucky Wylde.... squaring it was easier option there though.