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  1. It's a new one from them. I actually thought from their accounts that europe was worth 40m. Okay so they say EL is 8 to 10m, that's a 30m drop and again helps to level the playing field.
  2. Quite likely they bastards will score.....but I think cluj could get another.
  3. Coincidence that we get Kilmarnock and hibs first two games of the season after Aberdeen away last year?? Liewell will be bealing at us getting the 6 points.
  4. Need to keep the pressure on them. been excellent so far. Could be a battering on the cards
  5. Just would hate those bastards to get away with one if it's brutal.
  6. Im more worried about the weather tomorrow being a leveller and turning it into a shite turgid affair
  7. gruggs

    The gaffer

    Time enough yet for a nice Pringle cardigan
  8. Definitely need something else in the wide area. Too many unknowns (Jones, hastie and wether Murphy can get his level back)
  9. He's had a good game. Hopefully means Tav can get rested occasionally this year.
  10. You mean the DUP right??
  11. 10 men behind the ball / park the bus 🤷‍♂️
  12. Palace rejecting 40m for zaha, being "incensed" and wanting 80m EPL prices are just fucking mental. That's a ridiculous price for him. Even the 40m is.
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