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  1. So let me check here. Pumped them at theirs (albeit 1-0) Should have drawn, possibly even won the last match with 10 men All over them here. In the last 3 games is the tide starting to turn? And have we started to find a more settled approach from the early part of the season?
  2. Glen kamara is asking brown for his ticket to get back in the ground
  3. Time to send on Alfredo and really noise up brown!
  4. Sneaky wee rat brown trying to niggle Arfield there
  5. Tierney is such a diving wee shitebag Yet them lot and the media portray him as some old fashioned tough as nails character
  6. That is true. They've gone two up. So hold the back 4. What do we do? Aye full backs crack on and leave us man for man. Tuck in you ejiots and make it a solid 4. What id give for Sasa just now
  7. Why is tav so high up the pitch. Hold the back 4 now.
  8. Morelos looks in "one of those" moods tonight. We need to keep an eye on him
  9. Won't be hearing sutton mention that anytime soon though......
  10. Queue the rattlers (and sutton) claiming conspiracy
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