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  1. brazz1972

    Earliest Rangers goal you can remember

    Hateley against Aberdeen in 91 is the first one I can remember clearly. I can remember seeing us playing before that but that's the first one with a clear memory then the 92/93 champions league goals after that.
  2. brazz1972

    Semi final allocation

    This has probably been answered before but can't remember seeing it. Do people who take all non season ticket home games get preference over folk who just tick semi finals and cup finals? I don't understand how there's only 26k ticket for semis and finals... who wouldn't want to watch their team in these games??
  3. brazz1972

    What a trip

    Tremendous trip!! Anywhere I can watch the game again?
  4. brazz1972

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    First trip I've been on since 2008 and it's up there with the best. The bears were in great form.
  5. brazz1972

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Sounds if it's gonna be a right strict entry for anyone thinking about chancing it....
  6. brazz1972

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    The spares must be from folk who applied with no intention of going to try get a TC point because I'm sure SLO said that they had all been taken. Hopefully they go to bears on the hunt for one.
  7. brazz1972

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Last I seen from the SLO the allocation had been taken up by travel club members..... what's making people think there are spares?
  8. brazz1972

    Valencia bus for game

    Will be 7 over there
  9. brazz1972

    Valencia bus for game

    There's a train from a place called Castellon de la plana after the game. 1 at 22:12 and 1 at 23:00. This isn't far from Villarreal so looks like the best option for getting up and down. Is only 8km from the stadium so should hopefully be able to get a taxi up there after the game and get train down to Valencia. I'd be up for going on a bus if there is one but only arrive Thur morning and home Fri morning so can't be arsed trying to organise folk onto a bus. Want to make the most of the day.
  10. brazz1972

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Anybody on the 07:40 from Stansted to Valencia on Thursday morning?
  11. brazz1972

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Got a ticket as well
  12. brazz1972

    Valencia bus for game

    Contacted a bus company saying I was looking at getting roughly 15 people from Villarreal back to Valencia city centre after the game. Had a few emails back and forth. Been in Spanish so bit broken English on the Google translate but reckons it would be €165 all in.
  13. brazz1972

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Just checked and I'm 1018 for Villarreal and 1344 for Vienna. I applied on Friday night so could be something to that to be fair. Hopefully sorted for tickets
  14. brazz1972

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Where's they figures coming from mate? Thought there would be loads more applied than that to be honest.
  15. brazz1972

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    Spent the whole day at the square last time we played them. Big carry out and there for the day. Was a couple of wee places around the square as well but from memory think they were tiny