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  1. Sure the 8 in a row and 9 in a row tops had it and both belters
  2. I'm no able to make it now so if anyone wants to fly out from Stansted on Thursday morning and back on Friday morning dm. Just need to pay name change
  3. Have a Dundee ticket. If anyone gets Hibs and can't make it happy to swap for Dundee
  4. This... plus Morelos goal chopped off and Flano failing to clear the ball properly for the 3rd. Do think we should've stuck with Worral and Halliday tonight though but we should've won that game and it was down to poor individual mistakes and bad luck rather than our game plan from the manager
  5. It's easier because there's less demand
  6. Obviously easier to get tickets for a game you need to fly to , not as many people looking to go. Although I doubt very much Vienna will be easy in December
  7. Same for me that..... must be due a league game soon surely
  8. Hateley against Aberdeen in 91 is the first one I can remember clearly. I can remember seeing us playing before that but that's the first one with a clear memory then the 92/93 champions league goals after that.
  9. This has probably been answered before but can't remember seeing it. Do people who take all non season ticket home games get preference over folk who just tick semi finals and cup finals? I don't understand how there's only 26k ticket for semis and finals... who wouldn't want to watch their team in these games??
  10. brazz1972

    What a trip

    Tremendous trip!! Anywhere I can watch the game again?
  11. First trip I've been on since 2008 and it's up there with the best. The bears were in great form.
  12. Sounds if it's gonna be a right strict entry for anyone thinking about chancing it....
  13. The spares must be from folk who applied with no intention of going to try get a TC point because I'm sure SLO said that they had all been taken. Hopefully they go to bears on the hunt for one.
  14. Last I seen from the SLO the allocation had been taken up by travel club members..... what's making people think there are spares?
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