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  1. Didn’t take long for this prediction to come to fruition. There will be plenty more but we cannot look to their fixtures for banana skins and expect anything, we must get 3 points at all costs 1 game at a time and the rest will take care of itself.
  2. I thought the same thing mate, if it reassures you any me and all my family who are booked up for Porto indy didn’t receive emails either
  3. Had a very poor game tonight, no doubt about it. He looked good last couple of games so I’m not writing him off as such.
  4. When’s the semi final draw troops is this straight after the game?
  5. I saw this mate and is given me the absolute fear. I’ve no idea the context with Slovakia in terms of their rap sheet of late so difficult to compare. Surely UEFA won’t buy this defence Porto are stating as well.....
  6. I’d hang fire booking until Porto’s disciplinary hearing has happened just in case....
  7. Fucking love the wee man. Every game he plays he is a serious goal threat and that’s invaluable to have in your team. Some people question the barometer of the st Johnstones and hamiltons of this world but I keep thinking back to Thursday when he made the Feyenoord defence look absolutely stupid. A complete class above. He’s going to break all our hearts when he leaves but let’s enjoy him while we can...
  8. They will 100000% drop points on the road I caught some of their game for my sins against Hamilton and they were absolutely red raw. At the tattie dome is a different story but we just need to keep grinding out win after win after win. And not another single dropped point at home
  9. I’ll greet if they close the full stadium. Booked up to take my old man on his first ever away European game, this was to be a really special trip for me 😩
  10. This really is an absolute fucking disgrace
  11. This really is the lowest of the low and I sincerely hope the wee cunt get what’s coming to him there’s zero excuse for that. We have had literally TWO WEEKS of stories about the line said to Scott Brown which was absolutely awful but this is even worse imo. I’m sure it will be double standards yet again however.
  12. Don’t think he’s going to start on Saturday but praying that he does, give him an hour then start again Thursday 😍
  13. Oh fuck really?! Thought the travel club was closer to 4,000 that’s not good news for the zero pointers like myself!!
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