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  1. Herrera ?

    Fuck off with this pish - he's played little more than 90 competitive minutes for us, instead of laughing at one of these (utterly pointless) YouTube compilation videos and saying 'Herrera is pish' how about we get behind him and learn a bit more about what he has to offer over the next few games?
  2. Rossiter

    Fair enough, that makes a bit more sense! I personally think Jack will retain his place but competition in there can only be a good thing so hopefully Rossiter comes on to a game
  3. Rossiter

    Why would Rossiter displace Jack?
  4. Is Pedro worse than Warburton?

    I genuinely don't think it's fair to judge him with all of warburton's useless hand me downs. I agree he's on thin ice but ruling him out as 'clueless' and 'a fraud'? I think that is way too soon for me.
  5. Is Pedro worse than Warburton?

    So many hysterical cunts it beggars belief. It's not been great of late, I'll give you that. But you won't get me properly judging until he at least has a few league games under his belt with what is essentially this full new team on the park.
  6. Niko dismissal today

    Some of the comments here are fucking idiotic and hysterical, not that it is a surprise right enough. Here we have a few seconds of a game, a boy has come in with his studs right up (knee high which bear in mind is the knee that kept kranjcar out for a season until recently) in a bounce game and he's quite rightly pissed off. We have no context as to what happened before it, simmer down man.
  7. Post an odd Rangers pic

    2 pricks mate
  8. Change of Formation

    Ah yes the good old 3-1-3-1-1-1, canny whack it!
  9. S.F.W

    Listen to yourself man, get some sleep
  10. MHEDIA

    Birthday caird pish
  11. Do you support another team as well as Rangers?

    I hate this 'second team' pish, aye I prefer certain teams over others but there's only one team for me
  12. S.F.W

    Fuck off with this pish, behave yourself
  13. S.F.W

    Is that you Ally?
  14. Time

    Like I said I agree with the sentiment of what you've said but you did say it was a knee jerk at 'fuck all' which it simply isn't. I'm all for giving him time and personally blame the players for Tuesday night.
  15. Time

    This 'fuck all' you claim people are knee jerking at is the worst result in our history - I agreed with the sentiment of what you said initially in the post but to be fair to those who are being extremely critical, it really wasn't fuck all at all.