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  1. The manager is getting some amount of stick and being honest I think whilst some of it is definitely warranted our under 18s should be beating that shower of utter dross with Ray Charles in the dugout as manager. The players are to blame tonight it was fucking abysmal
  2. Cardoso and Jack quite clear upgrades, Niko played very well, Rossiter back those are my positives but the lack of shots, chances and general penetration is a real concern although granted it's early days. Waghorn is hopeless but then again what's new.
  3. Foderingham Tavernier Bates Cardoso Wallace Jack Pena Kranjcar Candeias Herrera Dalcio
  4. Should realistically be sticking a few goals past this mob and killing the tie. 4-0 to the teddies
  5. We should beat Limassol on paper but undoubtedly not a straightforward tie - a good test for us
  6. Morning troops - probably in the thread already but does anyone know where to watch the draw live?
  7. Did I mention anything in my post about his suitability for the assistant role?
  8. Sorry just so I understand this - Barry Ferguson isn't a Rangers legend because he got pished on Scotland duty, did a poor managerial job at Clyde and argued with a Clyde fan? Away and play with the traffic
  9. It genuinely baffles me how any Rangers fan can hold Barry Ferguson in such contempt... completely and utterly bizarre, the man is the epitome of a modern day Rangers legend.
  10. I have it from an extremely good source that the whole Forest stuff is a load of shite
  11. 100% agree. There's fighting the good fight and there's complete and utter cowardice. Women and children? Get a fucking grip
  12. Nicky Clark showed enough in 25 minutes to knock on the door for a starting place. Give him a chance please
  13. Just purchased a PS4 on eBay, fucking buzzing to get it!! Is there much difference between FIFA 14 for PS4 V PS3?
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