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  1. Did I mention anything in my post about his suitability for the assistant role?
  2. Sorry just so I understand this - Barry Ferguson isn't a Rangers legend because he got pished on Scotland duty, did a poor managerial job at Clyde and argued with a Clyde fan? Away and play with the traffic
  3. It genuinely baffles me how any Rangers fan can hold Barry Ferguson in such contempt... completely and utterly bizarre, the man is the epitome of a modern day Rangers legend.
  4. Walkabout bar in Temple, London with the London Loyal - tremendous day
  5. I have it from an extremely good source that the whole Forest stuff is a load of shite
  6. I'm as pissed off as the next fan after that shambles tonight and I agree with a lot of the sentiment emanating from a lot of posters in this thread but some people calling Warburton a wanker etc? That's poor. Criticism all day long but abuse? Too far
  7. Used to post very regularly hence the higher post count than you but when pish like that gets spouted on a regular basis it doesn't half put you off!
  8. Precisely - the OP was an hour before kick off its always dead an hour before kick off and you're sitting there wondering where everyone is!!! Nugget
  9. The OP is a rocket - Peterhead in the league cup on a Tuesday night and 27k turnout? That's decent, pipe down and untwist your frillies son
  10. I think you mean the Wong place, mate
  11. ????
  12. Don't need him as a defensive midfielder due to what we brought in and that was clearly his best position. It's a no from me
  13. Thought that was the sensational signing ya dobber
  14. Lazy bastard could have at least learned the language ffs
  15. I was in a Beijing hotel last night and when I told the manager I was from Scotland he just said 'Gwasgo Wainjas?' Top quality