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  1. -------McGregor------- ----Goian----Perry---- McMillan--------Whitty ---Edu-------McKay---- -------Davis---------- Aluko------------Wylde -------Jelavic-------- 4-3-3 with Davis in the hole supporting the forwards
  2. I have to agree with many of my fellow posters. Any formation that doesn't include McCulloch and Broadfoot will be a bonus. We are just not at that stage yet. McMillan in at RB with Whitty going to the left. Bocanegra going to LB an dPerry coming at CB. These will work. TBH I think the most important part of our line-up is centred on the midfield rather than our defence. We need to get it right in the middle
  3. What? It is obvious that they have very decent players but they don't have the same team ethic and spirit as Rangers and that is where they fail IMO That also doesn't mean that Rangers fans can't admire guys like Izaguirre, Commons (last season), Kayal and Hooper as players just because they play for Celtic. I don't get that logic? What is this place turning into?? Those 4 on top of their game would be great additions to any squad. Only a fool would say otherwise With regards that annoying song. They can keep it
  4. In what way do fans wish we were more like Celtic? With regards to the UEFA cup final I have to agree. It's probably the only Euro final I will see us play in a long time and we played it too safe
  5. Agree mate. I also hate how certain "fans" feel that ALL Rangers fans should be from a certain "stock" in terms of their politics, attitude etc. and if you meet this criteria you are not a true Gers fan. I think you'll know what I'm talking about. For example, my drink of choice is the black stuff, Guinness. In some peeps eyes, I should be sent to the tower because it's very unRangers-like and I have had examples of Gers fans giving me grief about it. It's a drink FFS. It reminds me of the McCarthy witch hunts from the 50's
  6. Please remind what the Great Escape and the Dambusters have got to do with Rangers Football Clubs heritage?
  7. He and Walter must be the only ones that think they can!
  8. I think we are basing this on thre premise that they will return wihtout an injury. Just want to get back to chatting about our team. Not tax, the Government, the media etc.
  9. We cannot play Edu and McCulloch in the same team at Ibrox! We need to be positive. I think he is injured anyway
  10. Naisy out. Wylde out. Lafferty injured? Wallace injured? Who will start? Here's my XI for what it's worth. ----------McGregor-------- ----Goian----Bocanegra---- Whittaker------------Papac -------Davis---Edu-------- --Bedoya-----------McKay-- ------------Fleck--------- -----------Jelavic--------
  11. Not this again. Can we not just have footie songs?
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