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  1. mmrfc1873

    David Healy to sign by the weekend

    I like him as a person but as a footballer he's just ..... awful .
  2. Baffling, isn't it ? Far more better strikers out there than Kenny Miller for that amount of money. Like I said before, its incredible what a consistent year in football can do for you.
  3. Get him to fuck ! This has dragged on far too long, we could'v punted him and had a replacement in by now. What would possible make them splash that kind of cash on him anyway ? Because he scored against them once ? Are they just assuming he'll do that against every Turkish team every week because he done it against them once ? Thanks for the goals, Kenny. Now take your over-load of fake tan and get to fuck.
  4. mmrfc1873

    Rangers in for David Goodwillie

    Jim Baxter, Andy Goram, Paul "gazza" Gascoigne. The list goes on and on.
  5. A bit edgy about this game tbh, I game ad rather we didn't have at this time.
  6. Nah man 40 yard SCREAMER.
  7. mmrfc1873

    Rangers in for David Goodwillie

    Aye, fair point.
  8. mmrfc1873

    Rangers in for David Goodwillie

    Aye, what the fuck is the deal with them doing that ?