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  1. I like him as a person but as a footballer he's just ..... awful .
  2. Baffling, isn't it ? Far more better strikers out there than Kenny Miller for that amount of money. Like I said before, its incredible what a consistent year in football can do for you.
  3. Get him to fuck ! This has dragged on far too long, we could'v punted him and had a replacement in by now. What would possible make them splash that kind of cash on him anyway ? Because he scored against them once ? Are they just assuming he'll do that against every Turkish team every week because he done it against them once ? Thanks for the goals, Kenny. Now take your over-load of fake tan and get to fuck.
  4. Jim Baxter, Andy Goram, Paul "gazza" Gascoigne. The list goes on and on.
  5. A bit edgy about this game tbh, I game ad rather we didn't have at this time.
  6. Aye, what the fuck is the deal with them doing that ?
  7. Same His fail's never fail to make me laugh either.
  8. He is getting on a bit to be fair. Their Italians, nothing they do surprises me.
  9. He wont go to Florence, I said it before, I doubt they were ever even interested in him.
  10. I know, Hamilton will feel ashamed.
  11. Stokes was mouthing off and acting the big man towards the Ref and Lennon took the huff after Billy Reid's GIRUY .
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