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  1. My girlfriend is Polish and tells me most of the people she knows turned their back on going to the football now because of the violence. Literally a person will die for every football game played each week in Poland. Puts the Offensive Behaviour act in perspective. They watch volleyball instead and it's enormously popular there.
  2. They've got a speshul relationship with Panathinaikos don't you know, they share the same crest. I'd prefer they ended up in Warsaw if that was possible.
  3. What's the point of moving the game to Friday if they're not taking tickets?
  4. That's more than half the stadium and more than the whole population of the town!
  5. It does take longer to fly from Mexico to Europe than Europe to Mexico due to the rotation of the Earth. They also had a connection at Amsterdam I believe, so they probably needed a good kip by the time they touched down in Glasgow.
  6. Killen made a few sub appearances as I recall, never recaptured his form for Edinbugh Celtic Hibs while he was there, and what did ever happen to Forester's flashing charges?
  7. I'm glad to hear it to be honest. Trying to sleep in this heat is murder. Just have a look at the state of my sheets this morning:
  8. I've met the guy numerous times and he seems like a decent bloke to me.
  9. There's a huge markup on these tops, I don't think £12 for production is unrealistic at all. It does mention NET profit so you're probably looking £10-15 a top with overheads.
  10. Reminds me of when we signed Alec Cleland; Dundee United wouldn't sell unless we took Gary Bollan too!
  11. Maybe he can coax Lampard out of retirement
  12. No doubt he's higher up in that he sits on the board and will have the sort of input you say but whether he starts picking the team and signing players Pedro doesn't want is another matter.
  13. Difficult so say without knowing his remit. My impression was the DOF would manage day to day footballing affairs and the overall infrastructure at the club to allow Pedro to concentrate on the first team. Pedro doesn't seem like the type who would tolerate being undermined.
  14. Aiden 'Aids' McGeady