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  1. Who the hell is Sergi Kundik?
  2. Michal 'Kung Fu' Pazdan has only managed 18 games for Legia Warsaw this season so perhaps he's out of favour? He was brilliant at Euro 16.
  3. Moyes apparently wants him at Sunderland.
  4. Both Milan and Marseille played pish in the final, we could have taken either of them that night.
  5. We had no choice but to spend big that season, the entire squad needed rebuilt from the remnants of Walter's team who were mostly over the hill.
  6. Most of our team was Scottish, bought from other Scottish teams. Mostly of limited ability but determined and organised. We played to our strengths, rode our luck at times, but you could say the same about our 92-93 squad who were a bawhair from the Champions League final.
  7. Coaches get paid a fraction of what players do. If he can get a couple of more years playing at Championship/League 1 level before hanging up his boots we've no right to deny him that.
  8. That's exactly what happens. "That dug's had a shite!" someone shouts, and about 40 people descend on the Tote waving £20 notes about shouting Trap 4! Trap 4!. One thing that put me off it a wee bit is there's a very short turnaround time to get your bets in between races.
  9. Wouldn't fancy sitting in the row in front of them.
  10. Highlight of his Rangers career: the day we got told he was leaving.
  11. Bugger, I've pre-ordered all of next year's kits with Senderos 24 on the back.
  12. Diddy club in a non stop battle for survival. Glad to see the back of them.