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  1. Do it properly and get it in The Enclosure.
  2. All else aside I was expecting Lafferty was going to get a roasting from the fans but then again he hardly touched the ball apart from winning a couple of headers (!) and seemed to be playing at left back for most of the game they were that deep. Why were our fans applauding Jamie Walker as he was going off? He's not our player yet. Dare I say it, if we'd had a Forrester, O'Halloran or Mackay in the team/on the bench we might have sneaked it; there was far too much sideways passing with noone willing to drive into the box. As unpopular as they were, our options for pace and directness don't look good at all now they're gone.
  3. Not defending Ronaldo's actions but as a Rangers fan you must realise it's points dropped against the shitty little teams like Ross County or Dundee United that can cost you a title. We could pump Celtic in all four games but it won't matter a jot if we drop points to Kilmarnock, Partick Thistle, Motherwell, Hamilton...
  4. Every time he concedes I think to myself he could have done better there.
  5. Hateley red card vs Brugges
  6. I got the £25. Stuck it on over 6.5 goals :)
  7. I don't recall watching a more cohesive Rangers team in recent years than that last night. If that's losing then dressing room then carry on.
  8. MOTM for me
  9. By the time we get in the ground it'll be midway through the second half, they are an utter shambles.
  10. That was some performance. Credit to Pedro for pushing the players on even at 6-0 up. I liked his comments the other day about him not adapting to Scottish football; Scottish football will have to adapt to me: on that showing he's not wrong. Long may it continue.
  11. The tims seem to forget they were 24 hours from administration before The Bunnet stepped in to save them. Then again they were winning fuck all back then; #stripthethirdplaces doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
  12. My whole hoose is like that. STAUNCH.
  13. Didn't realise he was already 27, 28 in January. An honest trier, but it's safe to say we've seen the best of Martyn Waghorn.
  14. Why is he so unfit with a full preseason under his belt? I know he has only played sporadically under Pedro but the Mexican season can't be long finished and Herrera is in good shape so what's the deal?
  15. I almost thought the OP was trying to suggest Lafferty was one of us.