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  1. I seem to remember one season we had to play them 4 games in a row: League Cup, League, League Cup Replay, and playing a postponed League game. Or was that just a horrible, horrible nightmare?
  2. I can never get excited about a game vs Hamilton. Always turgid affairs.
  3. Sneaking through on a technicality after a 6-1 aggregate drubbing? What a red neck.
  4. Pochettino employed one of his sons as first team sports scientist and another plays for the U23s. Wonder if they got their jotters too?
  5. Back to mid table mediocrity for Spurs.
  6. Pochettino was told there was money to spend but he preferred to develop the squad he already had.
  7. Saddened to hear that about Queens Park. Throwing out their charter after 140 odd years. I had a quiet respect for the sport for the sake of sport outlook they had but evidently thats no more.
  8. Tam Cowen talks shite shocker. By his logic I should have switched to Partick when I was at Uni and the mhanks when I moved up here. Wanker. RTID.
  9. Don't forget Eboue Kouassi, an Ivory Coast citizen who had only made 10 senior appearances at Krasnodar and had no caps at either youth or senior level. Didn't the groin brigade have a banner along the lines of 'we welcome immigrants' once? Not if they play for Rangers it seems...
  10. Steven Pressley's been sacked by Carlisle Utd. With his turncoat past surely a stick-on for the Hibs job.
  11. The Establishment owed us a favour for Koki Mizuno. Nothing to see here.
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