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  1. miracle


    Pro Evo 6 has Le Guens team in it. Maktar N'Diaye on the subs bench 🤪
  2. miracle


    This isn't necessarily retro just yet but I picked up an Xbox 360 for less than 20 quid cause the games are all about 50p now and I've never really bothered with 7th gen consoles. Long story short, our line-up in Fifa 2015 gives me the fear 🤪
  3. Second bottom of a group containing Kazakhstan and Cyprus...
  4. Scotland to get a flukey win tonight to give the tartan army false hope before they capitulate to the other diddy teams in the group. We've seen this movie before.
  5. His contract's been terminated mate.
  6. Joe Dodoo's contract terminated, paving the way for Kent to sign on the dotted line.
  7. Pedro Mendes recommended him.
  8. "He's entitled to go down there." says the co-commentator whenever a player doesn't take a swan dive at the slightest touch. Football as a war of attrition; you'll never see something like Maradona's 2nd goal against England in 86 while that mentality prevails.
  9. There's a reason the gaffer's achieved all he has in the game and you lot are making a living dishing out gammies to Russian sailors. Haud your wheest. 3-0 the Famous.
  10. Me too, it showed in Ojo's performance. Jones' pace could be a real asset against their makeshift back four.
  11. The gaffer said in the presser Ojo's got bone bruising and played through the pain barrier against Legia midweek. With that in mind Jones has to start.
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