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  1. Devils advocate: we dropped a lot of stupid points to the likes of Dundee, St Johnstone, Hamilton under Pedro too. The big games don't win you the league, it's consitently putting the diddies to the sword home and away.
  2. I'm not suggesting signing any of them but a fair chunk of the Sheep squad who are in and about the first team are out of contract in the summer. I can't see too many of them wanting to stay if they get even a half decent offer from down south so McDickless could have quite a rebuilding job on his hands: Gary Mackay-Steven Andrew Considine Graeme Shinnie Mark Reynolds Tomas Cerny Miko Virtanen Greg Halford Frank Ross Ethan Ross
  3. The guy's an utter nob who hasn't been relevant for decades and given the repugnant subject matter of some of his prose he has a damn cheek criticising anyone else for their words.
  4. Introduce an extra ball when the game goes to extra-time.
  5. Sky Sports article says the penalty rules isn't coming into effect.
  6. He's taking the piss. celtic played the ball out to allow a Motherwell player to be treated and instead of playing the ball back to them Motherwell went up the park and scored.
  7. I turned it off when we got the penalty. If we can't win without a masonic conspiracy we don't deserve to win at all. Sickening.
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