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  1. miracle


    There's CFW for Vita too and the SD2Vita which allows you to use an SD card in the game card slot, they're not expensive.
  2. miracle


    Are you referring to the N64? The Vita will run 40% of N64 games flawlessly, some others with glitches, some others not at all. The emulator updates itself every day so it seems like it's a work in progress. Who knows.
  3. miracle


    I downloaded a 200GB image from Arcadepunks for the PS Vita and it's the absolute business and there's enough room left for my Amiga emulator and N64, great device for portable retrogaming; if you'd have told 10 year old me I'd have a whole arcade and my all home computers/consoles in my pocket I would have been jumping for joy.
  4. Missed the game, when I saw the scoreline I thought they must have played the U20s... wow.. back down to Earth with a bump.
  5. I know from experience in clothing distribution that we have had major manufacturers refuse to supply us anymore because we no longer fit their 'brand profile' so this does happen. Ultimately it's down to Castore to decide if they want to do business with MA/SD but in my opinion it would be foolhardy of them to do so.
  6. They're trying to build a prestige brand, that's their USP. Groceries like you mentioned are everyday items are everyday items but if you want to sell a t-shirt for £60 it better feel like a prestige purchase which it won't do from one of MA's dumps. Besides, given the 50,000 sales we've seen today alone suggest they don't need to deal with the toad.
  7. I wasn't talking about groceries. Tesco sell those F&F clothes and you would ridicule anyone wearing them so Levi wouldn't want their jeans stocked next to it. It's the same with Castore not wanting to be stocked next to Donnay and Gola.
  8. That's not how brands deal with retailers. Levi Jeans could supply Tesco and sell their jeans everywhere but they don't because they want to be a prestige brand, not Tesco Jeans.
  9. I've just done a search for Castore on the Sports Direct website and SD has no Castore gear.
  10. I've not been in a Sports Direct in years, do Castore think they fit their brand profile? Can you buy their stuff there?
  11. His name is trending on Twitter; folk are loving it...
  12. Bizarrely William Shatner is sending them congratulations on twitter..
  13. Fair play to them, they won it on the pitch.
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