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  1. Nail on the head mate. This squad don't know how lucky they are to be at Rangers, we would give our right arm to swap places with them, and put up a hell of a lot more fight.
  2. My favourite player last season when he was playing with real confidence. Hasn't hit the heights this year, whether that's down to him, coaching, or the lack of a decent centre half pairing or a covering midfielder or a combination of all of these i would give him another season.
  3. I've always found that sitting at an angle to the pitch like that plays havoc with perspective making it hard to judge the flight of the ball, who's nearest to it etc.
  4. Is he not on about £250k a week? Never going to happen.
  5. Should have had him when he was on a free in the close season.
  6. A fair few Scotland internationals have come through Auchenhowie since it was built; McGregor, Hutton, Adam, Ferguson, Burke, McCormack.. Scottish players just aren't that good anymore and the idea we can suddenly become the Ajax of the North because we have a training ground is fanciful to say the least.
  7. Badwillie.
  8. Oh I'd rather have Hemdani..
  9. As an aside it does seem a little strange that the genetics to be a top footballer in today's athletic game aren't shared so much between family members, take Pogba and Schneider's brothers who were released by Partick and Dundee Hibs respectively.
  10. Sandy & Nicky Clark
  11. I just backed and layed in the end so came away with about £35 which I'm happy enough with, beats doing a few hours overtime.
  12. Your Lampards and Gerrards of this world.
  13. I mostly arb on my gubbed accounts and bookies who are stingy with their offers. One that you can do for football is Over X goals before a game and when a goal goes in watch the lay odds plummet, assuming there's a goal of course. I also only do them at low odds to try to seem as muggish as possible.
  14. There's also bankofbets.com which has a free forum and free oddsmatcher; the problem being the odds only update every 15 minutes whereas OddsMonkey (paid) is up to the minute, handy if you bet on horses.
  15. @Jimbeamjunior