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  1. Scottish football doesn't need Rangers.
  2. Rugby final at the Brendanbau tonight. Trust that everyone will be one their best behaviour.
  3. I wasn't talking about tops per se, but the scarves, tammies, flags, badges etc that are sold outside Ibrox are all unofficial and we all buy them without blinking an eye.
  4. Dundee vs Paisley. Battle of the shiteholes. Score draw.
  5. These tops are howling but sure we've all owned unofficial club merchandise at one point or another so banning folk for wearing it would be pretty counterproductive.
  6. Some people with blue-tinted glasses on here. Yes the football was good in the Championship but we were flat once we got promotion. Endless sideways passing with no cutting edge. As for giving him more money this a guy who signed players almost exclusively from his daughters agency or his mates from his Watford youth coach days. We've still got Joe Dodoo and Lee Hodson on the books!
  7. Nigel Spackman co-commentating on BT Sport 3, there's a blast from the past.
  8. Rob Kiernan likes this. Kranjcar to come back for one last bite at the cherry.
  9. I thought Ferdinand was a Liverpool fan?
  10. I've heard things are one the rocks with his new wife; she spends twice as much on shoes as Heather Mills.
  11. I met him in the queue for The Two Towers. Talks like Renier Wolfcastle. I remember being struck by a Dutchman taking his kids to see a movie in English having brought them up in Spain. That was the most exciting part of the day, the movie just left me with an extremely numb arse .
  12. So was Basile Boli. He even scored the winning goal in the final. What a disappointing signing that turned out to be.
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