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  1. Buzzing for tomorrow - I'd pay the price of the ticket just to see punk cut a promo and leave. Think there's any chance of autographs/photos if you hang about after?
  2. Punk, or many other guys for that matter, can't draw casual viewers to but PPV's because the WWE have went all in with John Cena and it's blown back in their face. I mean relying on Taker, The Rock, Stone Cold to draw a crowd - that's the big signal of a failing product. The sooner Bryan and Punk are at the very top of the pile, the better
  3. hello i have set up a home game on pokerstars check topic for details password/superally

  4. HHH v The Undertaker was one of the best matches I've ever seen.
  5. There was a massive uproar. But as your remember, the journalist that wrote the article stuck to his guns, and rightly so. I take my hat off to the people on here that did their research on the topic.
  6. It may have been slightly exaggerated but there was truth to that story.
  7. Words can't even describe how angry that makes me. To think that my relations fought for these fenian bastards makes me sick to my stomach.
  8. Masters of our own fucking downfall there, got to get weiss on soon
  9. See when you get possesed, you instantly become a jedi and can make full use of the force :D

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