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  1. I reckon we'll go through, 2-0 Rangers. Jelavic and Naismith to get on the score sheet.
  2. Get to fuck off a Rangers forum ya fucking clown.
  3. You'd be better just taking an empty seat mate, one more singer and one less day tripper pay game.
  4. We need a few goals to boost both the team and the fans morale. Hopefully we will get them, but at the moment in time can't see at happening. Would start with Naisy and Jelavic upfront.
  5. The capo is needed, it keeps the section under control for display purposes and also for singing. Capo's are used throughout the world and now here, yes it will take time for people to understand why the role is in place and yes it may take time for people to get used to it but can you imagine what a rabble the section would be without a capo?
  6. No problem mate. See you next season!
  7. If you're renewing your season ticket then no. You will use your current smart card only round at the Broomloan end. If it is your first season ticket then will be sent one out.
  8. N'aing from Marseilie ! Danny Agger from Liverpool ! Hangaland from Fulham !
  9. purchased it today for 30 quid out of game . WTF is that free FM Journal all about ?? lol
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