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  1. I'll leave you to tear apart that wank BP9
  2. I suppose you could say Jim Duffy, but I don't think he ever played a game for them did he?
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if it was held at the scumdome with Shamrock Rovers being offered to train at Lennoxtown, manky cunts
  4. This is why I'm 50/50 on getting Shamrock Rovers in the EL, on the one hand the flights to Dublin are cheap as fuck, on the other hand it's going to be a fucking bloodbath
  5. The logic you're using to claim that Barton could have been a success could also be applied to Senderos.
  6. We could put in a clause that means we get first offer on him, could potentially avoid this situation occurring.
  7. Always make that point whenever they say that it was difficult to win back then
  8. I do often wonder why broadcasters seem so keen on hiring the dregs of society as pundits. Cunts like Sutton and Collymore would be better suited to a jail cell rather than a commentary box.
  9. He's a seasoned pro, fantastic player, would have been amazing if it wasn't for big bad Halliday...
  10. He's literally shaking his hand and looking down, are you retarded? I love the way you're trying to twist it so that your hero Barton doesn't look like a complete shitebag, it's tragic
  11. I've already provided my evidence, It's up to you to provide yours. I also wouldn't mind you providing evidence for your other claim that Halliday made mistakes that led directly to Celtic scoring. Unless of course, you're just a bullshitter that has something against Halliday. I know which one I believe.
  12. Show me a picture of Barton looking Brown in the eye then. Go on.