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  1. Wallace should be nowhere near Rangers for ending Murty Rangers career and attempting to end Beermans, if this cum thing goes ahead and we’re having a tough time against experienced lower league cocks he’ll hang the kids out to dry to shag his own arse
  2. A couple of seasons before, according to this random Turkish website anyway https://www.macanilari.com/getir.php?fid=199519966039&cmd=esnek_arama&cmd_deger=0_-_0_-_0_-_Vikingur Gota_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_yok_-_0_-_0_-_yok_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0_-_0
  3. How do you feel about the fact your club covered up child abuse?
  4. Connah's Quay Nomads would be good, always fancied a trip to North Wales.
  5. Bronzy


    Never ever beat a man imo
  6. Of course I'd rather have that, but ultimately this match was a useful chance for Gerrard to give some of the benchwarmers an opportunity to prove themselves. They failed, lesson learned I suppose.
  7. Boyata is one of their best players, good one We also didn't have McGregor and played a backup RB at LB. Big difference between having a couple of key players missing and having half a team missing like we had today.
  8. I don't think it's ok, but I can't understand why some people are so pissed off, I don't know what they were expecting tbh
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