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  1. Think it's been merged with the thread for the game at the piggery.
  2. You had yer phone nicked mate?
  3. As usual the sun talking shite then.
  4. Didn't know Nicky Law was still training with us
  5. ffs fellas, it was started by a fake account, look through the guys tweets
  6. Isn't that what you get after you've had a wank?
  7. Has Jamie Milligan stolen your phone?
  8. Fuck sake
  9. If we do go for some Mexicans, I would like to suggest Jurgen Damm. Has German citizenship so no issues would occur with regards to a work permit and would be a much more effective option than McKay.
  10. Khalid Aucho
  11. Don't post again mate
  12. Absolutely not. Milngavie Waitrose loyal.
  13. Should have stabbed the cunt then blamed it on overexuberance.