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  1. He had previously been at Cowdenbeath and St. Mirren as assistant to Danny Lennon and he was part of the backroom staff of the Mexico national team during the 2014 World Cup. He was brought in to assist Cathro but I think it was Levein who actually brought him in.
  2. Something like that, aye
  3. Barry Ferguson was world-class for us and yet spent his entire career in England at middling Premier League clubs. Judging one of our players on how they may or may not perform in England is totally pointless.
  4. Didn’t you previously post that you had brain cancer? Not going to say what I really want to say...
  5. What a moron, been on the forum since 2008 as well.
  6. What’s that supposed to mean?
  7. From what I’ve read MacPhee is a very decent coach, wouldn’t be surprised if Sunday was a tight one.
  8. Got a reaction though so it worked lol
  9. My dad passed away last year, cheers.
  10. celtic play Hearts on the 18th of December whereas we don’t play anyone that midweek (our match against St. Johnstone that levels the games played hasn’t been arranged yet and probably won’t be played until the end of January).
  11. Unlike you I’m sober and orderly giruy imo
  12. Mine said -2/-3 at around midnight while I was sitting in my hotel room. All I know for sure is that it was fucking freezing the whole time I was there.
  13. Why would the disabled section be Row L Bloody idiot.
  14. I don’t really drink tbf, also I like getting the Citylink bus as it means I can sleep on the trip back which is difficult to do on a supporters bus (I’m not a member of any RSC either). Booked a hotel in Dingwall for the night, it was around £20 which I thought was fair enough to get a decent kip. Boring Bastard Loyal
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