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  1. Rangers Lookalikes.

  2. Rangers Lookalikes.

  3. Rangers Lookalikes.

    You racist bastard.
  4. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    Realised someone would make that joke as soon as I posted it
  5. Semi Final Allocation (Rangers vs Motherwell)

    F1, no too bad I suppose.
  6. Under 20’s vs Alkmaar

    I will when you grow a pear and name the thyme and place.
  7. Millers Agent

  8. Millers Agent

    Yep, David Baldwin. Been his agent for years.
  9. Under 20’s vs Alkmaar

  10. Under 20’s vs Alkmaar

    Apologies if I'm being irrigating, just lettuce know and it won't be a dill-ema.
  11. Under 20’s vs Alkmaar

    Unfortunately I don't think he has a hoe in hell.
  12. Under 20’s vs Alkmaar

    Still bigger than Jason Holt
  13. 6 points, 7 goals - no Miller

    Stick yer Kenny Miller up yer arse
  14. 6 points, 7 goals - no Miller

    He's had the same amount of chances imo, it's just that he hasn't finished them.
  15. McInnes- is it now or never?

    We had to basically get rid of an entire squad and replace it in one summer though, McInnes has had to replace only a few. It takes time for a entirely new squad to gel.