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  1. Is that seated next to the one I bought mate? Might need two seated together now
  2. Looking for two tickets seated together, if anyone is selling?
  3. I think Heckingbottom Israely good tbh.
  4. Apparently Katic and Gerrard compared willies in the dressing room and Katic’s was bagger so Gerrard took the huff
  5. No doubt by January/February other teams will have worked him out and they’ll start sliding down the table.
  6. Apparently that Bas guy is a wheelchair user. Sounds like the Dutch @Boab tbh
  7. When Feyenoord fans come to Ibrox with bravado about how scary and amazing they are but as soon as they arrive they go silent and their players shite themselves, getting skelped on and off the pitch. The seethe afterwards is brilliant as well. All bark and no bite, wonderful stuff.
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