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  1. Bronzy


    Look at the letters on his jacket Jordan Jones Silly little man.
  2. Bronzy


    Jordan Jones' initials = JJ. Jonatan Johansson's (former Rangers player) initials = JJ. Jonatan Johansson is Finnish. idiot
  3. How could any football fan support that? The fact two Aberdeen players are in the starting lineup and their best option off the bench is a guy who is in his prime and yet plays in the MLS (any foreign player under 30 who chooses to go there is extremely average at best) says a lot.
  4. Bronzy


    I'm sure Morelos does as well. Your point?
  5. Don't be a shitebag goggers, just tag @Rangers_no1
  6. Clearly just a smokescreen so he doesn't get abuse off the sheep fans for the next two months He'll be joining Rangers
  7. That's called trapped wind numpty
  8. Gie you a jaw break yaaaassss
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