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  1. Never liked Guess Who tbh, more of a Mouse Trap man myself.
  2. Honestly man it's like 20 fuckin questions with these "ITK" cunts
  3. Taverqueer or Rosshitter, maybe even Posh Windarse.
  4. Ah, Wallace, Taverqueer or Rosshitter then.
  5. He's gay?
  6. If it's true, Foderingham imo. Think that may be a reason why Alnwick started against Watford.
  7. Yes.
  8. No he's Frank Harrison
  9. you want little boys with your mouth
  10. Reported.
  11. Lord Nimmo Smith
  12. It's called Rangersmedia no Stalkersmedia mate
  13. Why you butting into my conversations ya stalking weirdo
  14. Reported for abuse.