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  1. Bronzy

    Al Kalines

    Some cunt on FF fell for it and made a thread as well
  2. Bronzy

    Trouble in Thessaloniki

    Looks like a shite white rapper in that photo
  3. Bronzy

    Trouble in Thessaloniki

    Greeks are too hairy
  4. Bronzy

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

  5. Bronzy

    Trouble in Thessaloniki

  6. Bronzy

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    Gave up by the time I got to the KFC in Springburn sadly
  7. Bronzy


    I'd pap him
  8. Bronzy

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    Cheers for reminding me that I've got nae pals
  9. Bronzy

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    If you PM me that video I'll give you all my rep for a month straight
  10. Bronzy

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    Haven’t seen Dickson speculate on transfers before, I think he must have a bit of insight into this one. It also would be very unlike him to comment like this without a certain degree of confidence in what he's saying, considering he doesn't usually comment on transfer speculation. He's London-based, interestingly enough.
  11. Bronzy

    50,817 Capacity?

    Is Jake Cooper decent?
  12. Bronzy

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    Go out, shag a prostitute, come back to the complaints desk and tell those Wizz Air cunts exactly what you did to her.
  13. Bronzy

    Single adults attending with children

    Ever heard of durex ya mad shagging bastard
  14. Bronzy

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    Think he looks decent, never played professionally until last season but the Blackpool manager thinks he is far too good for League One.
  15. Bronzy

    Travelling to Skopje thread

    I'm walking to Skopje just going past maryhill tesco at the moment