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  1. Bronzy

    Steven Davis

    We would have got a lot more money for a start, and also he wouldn't be a rat cunt
  2. Bronzy

    Steven Davis

    Davis could have done what those players did, but he didn't because he's a selfish cunt
  3. Bronzy

    Steven Davis

    Maurice Edu, Carlos Bocanegra, Dorin Goian and Kirk Broadfoot probably didn't expect to either, but they didn't walk out of the club.
  4. Aye but I've never, ever, ever seen Candeias beat a man
  5. Bronzy

    Jordan Jones

    He'd be a good player to bring on near the end of games imo, his pace and close control would be very effective against tired legs.
  6. Bronzy

    Andy Halliday

    Here's how many games he's played in each position in his career: Defensive Midfield - 78 Left-Back - 38 Left Midfield - 28 Central Midfield - 22 Right Midfield - 11 Centre-Forward - 1 Middlesbrough must have been desperate playing him up front
  7. Bronzy

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

    It wasn't just one guy? That's even worse.
  8. Bronzy

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

    Aye, genuinely shocked me when I saw it. Thankfully the cunt who posted it has been banned.
  9. Bronzy

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

    I don't expect personal abuse of the manager and racial abuse of our players. Sorry if that's asking too much.
  10. Bronzy

    I Told You So

    Not mathematically x
  11. Bronzy

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

    It's risky, you never know what could be on the other end Could be a woman
  12. Bronzy

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

    What sexual orientation is shagging holes in the wall cause I'm whatever that is
  13. Bronzy

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

    Tbf I'm sure they thought they'd beat Kilmarnock and Livingston away as well, like how we expected to beat Dundee today. Sometimes results can surprise you
  14. Bronzy

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

    I was trying to find the right phrase for it as I had already used "racist abuse" earlier in the thread. Racist pish then
  15. Bronzy

    Two Poor Results In A Row...

    Forgot the league was won in December, with celtic only two points ahead of us.