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  1. Bronzy

    Calendar Function

    @Redwhiteandblue is no doubt delighted with this new feature, assuming his carer knows how to download it.
  2. Bronzy

    State of this

    Wasn't it Hyndman's maw?
  3. Bronzy

    State of this

    @ForeverAndEver x
  4. Bronzy

    State of this

    I'd prefer to see how it looks on your bedroom floor x
  5. Bronzy

    **Official Good Guys v Catholic Mob

    A good 8/10 imo
  6. I do it bareback usually tbh
  7. Bronzy

    Tav’s Rangers Stats

    In hindsight, Warburton seems to be good at buying players on the cheap and selling them on for a bigger profit (Waghorn, Windass, Tavernier, Foderingham). While he would probably be a very good Director of Football, it's just a shame that he's utterly shite at the managerial side of things.
  8. Bronzy

    Playing out from the back

    I'll give you a big hoof x
  9. Bronzy

    Strange shirt last night

    Apparently due to the fact you aren't allowed a back of the shirt sponsor or something in UEFA competitions we needed new shirts quickly. We should have actually been wearing our home kit but Hummel could give us the away kit quicker (for whatever reason).
  10. Bronzy

    Joe Worrall.

  11. Bronzy

    Joe Worrall.

    He blocked me on Twitter because I asked him if he fancied a shag :(
  12. Bronzy

    Red bull Vs red bull

    Energy drinks are for cunts
  13. Bronzy


    @gsa's favourite player
  14. Bronzy

    They really are obsessed

    I still die laughing whenever I remember @BlueMe calling her Sweettartanpishflaps