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  1. Bronzy

    Livingston v Rangers

    Still looking, can pick up from anywhere
  2. Bronzy

    Who’s the player?

    Aye but after we became Sevco doesn't count Hearts and Hibs is only a big game for homosexuals like yourself x
  3. Bronzy

    Barasic at the end

    Club have confirmed that he's got the bad aids
  4. Looks like a Liverpool 4-3-3 with the three up front all being able to play as strikers
  5. Bronzy

    Defoe's Wages

    Who gives a fuck?
  6. Bronzy

    Cowdenbeath v Rangers

    PM'd you
  7. Bronzy

    Who’s the player?

    I mind having this argument about Cummings with TMB when he first signed, I argued that he hadn't scored in any particularly big games, TMB claimed that cup games against Aberdeen etc counted as big games. He went on to do fuck all for us, and he still hasn't scored any goals in big games. Yaaassss victory
  8. Bronzy


    ID10 on FF: "Mind we were linked with the lad Skov Olsen (?) Well Gerrard, Scoulding & Allen went to Denmark today to apparently ‘work on a deal’ Bit of 2+2 = 48 but I’m throwing it out there for Saturday night thoughts......"
  9. Bronzy

    Alexa Knows

    Fuck up Mary
  10. Bronzy

    Who’s the player?

    It was Barjonas imo
  11. Bronzy


  12. Bronzy


  13. Bronzy

    Livingston v Rangers

    Still looking for one
  14. Bronzy


    No brainier.
  15. Bronzy


    Tbf I would as well
  16. Bronzy


    Shite post Andrew.
  17. Bronzy

    Cowdenbeath v Rangers

    Looking for one for the rescheduled game if anyone can't make it
  18. Bronzy

    Who’s the player?

    Windass or Cummings probably Could also be Alves though
  19. Bronzy

    Domain issues

    Still can't access the site through my own internet, having to use my mobile data Cushy fucking fix it now ya lazy bastard
  20. Bronzy

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Love bumping these to see if people have changed their opinions @ForeverAndEver and @BridgeIsBlue, good lads
  21. Bronzy


  22. Bronzy

    Matt O’Reilly

    Prefer his brother Baba
  23. Bronzy

    Any Fife bears on that can help?

    PM @Jeffrey, he's a bowling bastard PM @gogers for taxi prices