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  1. Hahahaha struggling no to burst out laughing on the train with this thundercunt
  2. In our famous night in Florence which seen us reach the UEFA Cup final which Rangers player seen red in extra time ?
  3. Livi will obviously try and make this a battle, hopefully we show our class and get a convincing win, that said I don’t care as long as we get 3 points.
  4. Crazy, can argue that the 3 defeats we’ve had should all have been avoided.
  5. Special night, never felt the way about anyone the way I feel about Morelos
  6. What admin we up to about 203 ? These cunts despise the fact there’s a real challenge to the unwashed.
  7. Looked through the disaster which was this forum pre-Gerrard, it’s astonishing to think how down and low we were too now us being confident of a result against Porto, really shows how far we’ve came under Stevie G. Him and all the staff deserve all the credit. Anyway 1-0 the famous.
  8. Aye after reading this I’ve came to realisation I’ve made a right tit of this 😂
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