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  1. Think to get the most out of him we need him behind the striker with free roam, I remember his pass for Arfeild’s goal against livi, was a peach. Was the only player looking to play a pass forward.
  2. Knew it was going to happen, will always be the league they never won. No cunt can’t tell us otherwise. Just need to get the finger out and win the 55 next year and get it right fucking up them.
  3. This is whole lot of confusing for me, so if I renew my season tickets does that automatically give you a membership or do you need to get that on top of a renewal ?
  4. What does all this mean regarding away games ? Find it easier getting tickets through Twitter and word of mouth than through the club ? Honestly gave up on the CCCS as was getting more through other avenues
  5. I'm hopeful, gut feeling tells me this will be brushed aside though. They're a shower of sleekit bastards.
  6. Regardless of what happens now, Dundee, the Spfl and a few others have a fuck lot to answer too. Wonder what UEFA’s thoughts on all this are.
  7. Don’t really want to read through this as I’ve missed a lot, but am I correct in saying the reason Dundee had asked for their vote to be reconsidered was reconstruction being dangled in front of them ?
  8. Just a shame that Sutton couldn't have predicted Thomsons penalty landing on Ayr beach
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