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  1. Lorney could you make me a cambuslang volunteers sig just with any picture maybe the colour party or something. iM sure ul know the score if ur the same person I think u are :) cheers

  2. new xbox so thought id start from a fresh, MrsBroxiBEAR
  3. please follow me on twitter @britishcolour

  4. Hey, thanks for the sig :)

  5. japan are pritty good! great passers!! will be a good game. i cant believe the amount of supporters that have turned up every game
  6. the nigerians have more balls than half the guys on heer... some of them are beasts
  7. love the womans world cup!! the nigerians were giving it to germany yestarday
  8. ill get it again on saturday or sunday :)

  9. the one we did was good, not going to lie :P was wondering the myself, youre just crazy

  10. yep, think i might, i need to get photoshop again :P

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