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  1. cheeky lol
  2. if your thinking about buying one of my canvases you will automatically enter into my big competition some of my newest work
  3. i really like it!
  4. Lorney could you make me a cambuslang volunteers sig just with any picture maybe the colour party or something. iM sure ul know the score if ur the same person I think u are :) cheers

  5. to brechin yah noob
  6. about 2 hours from glasgow( cambuslang )
  7. i designed most of the stuff on there buddie! im part of there design team
  8. Will have them back up soon
  9. ur kidden?? i was working so i couldnt go, which i was gutted about do u know the reason y not??
  10. any one have a good photo of the player having the minute silence?
  11. :papac: sasa is the man! hes as cool as it gets but boca
  12. doesnt say adidas or have the brand logo any where!!
  13. really good players seen him a few times with the under 19's
  14. super sasa
  15. aye think it was