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  1. Once again the bears faithfull's proud name has been put under a cloud.I don't seem to have seen nothing on the media fronts regarding Manchester City Council's responsibility in this debacle. They knew thousands of bears would be travelling to their city without tickets and in foresight had the sense and the hospitality to erect a giant screen for those fans. Imo what they didn't do was have a contingency plan if something was to go wrong with the big screen. Imo what did MCC and police expect when thousnds of bears travelled to manchester,having been invited to watch in what was no doubt gers biggest cup final since the last euro final,on a giant screen. I've never heard of any major city who erected a giant screen for travelling supporters on the day of a major euro/world cup final who never had tickets and the screen failed to work. Imo MCC should be taking their share of the blame of what happened in Manchester that night. The whole things stinks on MCC front!!! The bears who have received in what i believe to be quite excessive jail terms and their families have my condolences,as they have when you look at the big picture,been made scapegoats out of. Fuck MCC and Fuck Manchester police.In the media they were leading us to believe they wre total innocent's in this story. Only those of us with savvy in these kind of incidents know the real truth.
  2. Absolute brilliance!From the word go to the final whistle they worked really hard for each other,IMHO the best performance i've seen this season. Good to see Kirk Broadfoot back again and Beasley is now showing the potential. More of the same for the rest of the season and we'll be hard to peg back by anyone. The team also showed they can play attractive football that would be good enough in any countries top flight. An absolute joy to watch. And yet again back to where we belong as champions at the top of the league
  3. That would be my starting 11,taking account of injuries. Injuries are never good especially with our trimmed squad but it's good to see wattie giving the youngsters a chance.
  4. Slaughtered. By the so called minnows.Time to leave. We need a miracle if we're to get into Europa Cup let alone next phase.Very diasapointing!!!!!!!!!!!!! x 10
  5. Mon the Gers.Should be 2-1 up.Need to make amends for the penalty miss. I don't fuckin believe it.We're throwin it away now.1-2.
  6. If we can just manage to keep our ball retention like we did for almost the last 15 mins of today's match from the start of the 90 mins to the final whistle i't will go a long way in us making it 2Iar and maybe getting us in last 16 of CL. Sometimes it pains me so much to watch" the long ball to the lonely striker tactic"fail time and time again. It just make's it so much easier for whoever we're playing like"oh it's rangers prepare for the long high balls head them clear to our midfield then attack,nae prob"it's just so predictable and frustrating to watch. That last match with killie being the worst example. Well done the make shift side done us proud today. samaras ur a ur a
  7. We showed some real character just when we really needed to. What were they saying about Kenny Miller. Cellick GIRFUY. Maybe not a vintage team playing a vintage performance. Got a very valuable 3 pts mind.Within a point of the tims now. What we don't need is any more daft results against teams in the lower 6 and against the top6 for that matter.Is there any news on Boydy?Did they take him off as a precaution?I hope so as certainly what with long term injuries,Edu and Broadfoot,and the other injured players and the suspensions as we know haven't helped as was showed with those 3 goaless draws.The quicker we have all our 1st team players back the better. Anyway time to celebrate another old firm victory.How many is it now all comps?Can anyone remind me plz?And heres to the next one.Buzzing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rangers Domestic League and Cup Champs 08/09.
  8. It's going to be a very long last 15 mins.We are playing so deep.I'm so nervous i can hardly wactch.I so hope we can hang in there. We really need the 3 pts not a draw. Cmmmooooooonnnnnnn tthhheeeeee ggeeeeeeeerrrrrrssssssss
  9. Great attitude to have before the first Champions League game at ibrox for just short of 2 years. The team will be buzzing when they come out the tunnel to hear you moaning about how much you don't want to be there. The team should be buzzing in every game..... thats the problem Best post i've read so far the night supercooper. No matter who we play against and in what league or cup our aim and attitude should be the same. Do or die 110% effort win lose or draw The fans would always know that with that kind of spirit the team would never have let them down. And would always follow with pride. May the legends of Rangers past be within the Rangers present the morrow night.
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