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  1. Mine arrived. Normally a M but feels like I might have to go up to a L. Short on the arms too.
  2. whatcha gonna do when they come for you bad bhoys bad bhoys
  3. When are we to find out if this it true or not?
  4. with Boyd it was "alleged sectarian abuse"
  5. This may actually work in their favour. Do you think that it will kill the atmosphere if there is no back and forth?
  6. shop looks fucking brilliant from the outside!
  7. don't worry bears, we'll get into the game in the second half. the ground is trying, we wont be sliding all over the place and the manager will sort our positioning.
  8. I wish we could rid our support of people like you. Tragic.
  9. could be banned for the OF http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/competitions/premiership/scott-brown-could-face-old-firm-ban-for-kicking-player-s-face-1-4556272
  10. Does anyone know how soon the game goes up on rangersTV after the match? Not going to be able to watch it tonight but and want to know the score til I watch the full game
  11. Did we not have face painters as a creditor?
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